Index of Fun with Words

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Looking for a word or phrase to have fun with?  Locate it in this list, then go to the associated page and do Ctrl + F, then key in the word to locate it on that page.  This index includes all the key words (over 2,400) in the Fun with Words sections shown in the menu on the left here, including one word oxymora but NOT two word oxymora nor antioxymora (because of the quantity).

NOTE:  If you are interested in finding humor about a particular occupation or type of person, check out the Index by Occupation.

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A  —    aback-30;  abasement-27;  abbreviate-11;  abbreviation-11;  abdication-07;  ability-01;  abandon-40;  abort-27;  above it all-38;  absentmindedly-40;  absolve-27;  abstract-01, 26;  abundance-20;  acronym-11;  act-35, 36;  act of war-42;  action-32;  adamant-20;  adder-25;  address-25;  admired-22;  admission-20;  admitting-02;  adult-07;  adultery-01;  adverb-11;  adverse-20;  advice-22;  affront-30;  afoot-25;  after-25, 30;  after dark-03;  afterlife-24;  aftermath-28;  against the grain-03;  agent-27;  aghast-18;  ahead-25, 30;  air force-42;  airplane-43;  airshow-24;  akimbo-18;  alarm clock-03, 43;  alimony-24;  alphabet soup-03;  alphabet-20;  AM radio-03, 43;  ambidextrous-28;  ambulance-02;  ambulatory-02;  amends-24, 38;  amity-35;  ample-05;  anagram-11;  analogy-11;  analyst-09;  anarchy-07;  anatomic-27;  anemic-26;  anesthetic-27;  angelic-26;  animal crackers-4143;  animosity-35;  annals-24;  annoys-39;  antelope-08, 20, 32;  antibiotics-02;  antic-32;  antidote-27;  antiquated-26;  antiseptic-08;  anxious-36;  apartment-01, 04;  apathetic-24;  apparent-36;  appealing-38;  appendix-02;  apprehensive-04;  archer-16;  armed to the teeth-01;  armful-32;  arms-35;  army-01, 42;  army cooks-19;  army infantry-42;  aroma-39;  around-39;  arresting-38;  arsenal-06, 42;  artery-06;  artful-04;  article-06, 32, 35;  artifact-05;  artifice-01;  artificial-01, 05;  asking for trouble-03;  asphalt-23;  aspiration-06;  aspire-23;  assail-20;  assassinated-01;  assorts-20;  assume-36;  astronomic-32;  at large-03;  ate-39;  atheist-07;  athletic supporter-37;  atomic-27;  atrophy-20;  attendee-16;  attitude-32;  auditor-25;  auditorium-06;  autocrat-08;  autoeroticism-01;  automating-20, 41;  automobile-43;  autonomy-08;  autopsy-07;  average-21;  avocation-36;  awful-36, 39.

B  —    babbled-40;  babies-19;  bachelor-07;  back down-25;  back front-30;  back up-03;  backup-25;  backfire-25;  backside-33;  backwater-25;  baited breath-40;  balderdash-06;  ball bearing-43;  ballad-23, 22;  band-27;  bandage-21;  banister-32;  banker-09, 07;  barbell-20;  barber-09, 16, 32;  bare-39;  barbershop-41;  barely-38, 39, 40;  barfly-10;  bargain-07, 22;  barked-40;  barking-20;  baron-39;  barrage-22;  barrel-19;  barren-39;  bartender-20;  basement-27;  bashful-24;  basically-40;  basket making-37;  bathroom-43;  battery-19;  beans-19;  bear-39;  beaver-16;  become-28;  bedevil-23;  bedlam-20;  bedrock-41;  before-30;  begin-22;  begone-23;  behalf-24;  behead-18;  behind one's back-03;  belittle-28;  bellhop-41;  belly button-03;  bellowed-40;  belly button-03;  berth-39;  best man-06;  big-24;  bigamist-28;  bigot-28;  bigheaded-01;  bill-36;  billing-32;  bin-25;  birddog-30;  birth-39;  bishop-08, 19;  bison-08;  bisque-25;  bitch-01;  bite down-03;  bite your tongue-03;  bittersweet-33;  bladder-16;  blankly-40;  blaze-35;  blew-39;  blinds-30;  blockage-21;  blue-39;  bluntly-40;  board-39;  board feet-43;  board meeting-38;  body-19;  bolt-36;  bombard-06;  bondage-21;  bonus-35;  bookend-41;  bore-07;  bored-39;  boring-38;  bother-10;  bouncer-09;  bound-36;  bout-25;  bower-25;  bowl-19;  box-19;  boxing ring-37;  boycott-28;  branches-01;  brand new-03;  brandish-20;  brassiere-01;  brat-32;  bravest-23;  bread roll-41;  break into song-03;  breakage-21;  breakdown-25, 30;  breakfast-22, 30;  breakup-25;  breathtaking-04;  breed-32;  brevity-32;  bridal-39;  bridegroom-33;  bridle-39;  brief-32;  briefly-23, 40;  briefs-38;  bristled-40;  broker-16;  brooms-19;  brothel-06;  brothers-35;  brute-32;  budding genius-38;  building-01, 24;  bull-36;  bulldoze-20;  bumpkin-20;  bums-19;  bundle-19;  bureaucracy-07;  bureaucratic-24;  bureaucrats-19;  burn down-03;  burn up-03;  butcher-16;  butler-16;  butterfly-01, 41;  button-20;  buttress-25;  bye bye-03.

C  —    cake walk-03;  called out-40;  campaign-32;  can-36;  candid-20;  canister-32;  canner-25;  cannibal-07;  canny-01;  can't can-30;  cantaloupe-32;  canteen-20;  canter-25;  canyon-20, 41;  capable-10;  caper-32;  capital letters-38;  capture-32;  car dealers-19;  car load-19;  card-07;  cardinals-19;  cardiologist-09;  career-25;  caregiver-01;  careless-04;  caress-25;  caretaker-01;  cargo-01;  carhop-41;  carnation-20;  carpenter-09;  carpet-20;  carping-19, 20;  carport-20;  carrot-22;  case-19;  cash-01;  cast-19;  castle-32;  castaway-20;  castrate-20, 41;  casualty-42, 25;  cat-19, 32;  catalog-25;  catchers-37;  catfish-30, 41;  catwalk-24;  cause-39;  caution-01;  cave-32;  cavern-32;  caws-39;  cease-01;  ceiling-39;  cell phone-03, 43;  cents-39;  cereal-39;  chainsaw-4143;  chalk-32;  champagne-32;  chance-39;  change-38;  chants-39;  chaperones-19;  charade-32;  charity-32;  charm-35;  cheating-32;  check-01, 32;  chef-07;  chess set-4143;  chestnut-20;  chicken-07, 19;  chief-27;  childhood-20;  choice-03;  chop up-03;  chopstick-41, 43;  church-07;  church music-01;  churches-19;  circumstance-06;  citation-36;  claimed-40;  clarification-32;  class-38;  classic-05;  clause-39;  claws-39;  cleave-36;  climb-39;  clime-39;  clip-36;  clipper-32;  clockwise-20;  closet-19;  clowns-19;  coalition-06;  coarse-39;  cockpit-28;  codification-32;  coffee-25;  coffer-25;  cogent-08;  coincide-06;  cold-02;  collect your thoughts-03;  collection-19;  colon-05;  colonist-05;  comeback-33;  committee-04, 07;  committed-02;  company-19;  complement-39;  complex-19, 38;  compliment-39;  concession-25;  concourse-08;  concrete-38;  conduction-25;  conductor-09;  confessional-25;  confident-05;  confidential-05;  confound-25;  confront-08;  confrontation-28;  confusion-25;  congress-25;  comprehend-01;  comprehensive-01;  consciousness-07;  considerable-04;  constitution-25;  contestant-25;  continent-27;  contraband-27;  contractor-09, 25;  contravene-26;  confidential-05;  considerable-04;  contentious-05;  convent-05;  conventional-05;  converse-20;  convoke-25;  cook-01;  cool-36;  copulation-32;  cornice-23;  coroner-04;  counterfeit-26;  counterman-08;  counterproductively-40;  countertop-27;  counts-19;  course-39;  courteous-35;  cowardly-04;  cowards-19;  cowboy-33;  cowling-06;  crack of dawn-03;  cracked-40;  cracker-16;  creature-32;  cross-eyed-02;  crosstalk-41;  crowd-19;  crower-16;  crows-19;  cruelties-23;  cryptically-40;  cup-01, 19;  cupboard-01, 43;  cupid-22;  cured ham-03, 43;  curfew-28;  curious-02;  current affairs-38;  curser-39;  cursing-22;  cursor-39;  curt-35;  curtailment-23;  cuss-07;  custom-36;  customer-24;  cut in two-03;  cynical-32;  cynics-07.

D  —   ;  dam-39;  damn-39;  damnation-20, 41;  dampest-20;  darkly-40;  dash-19;  daybreak-03;  days-39;  days are numbered-03;  daze-39;  dead giveaway-03;  dead reckoning-38;  dead serious-38;  dead space-30;  deadly-04;  dear-39;  death-07;  debriefed-13;  debunked-13;  decadent-08;  deceased-01;  deception-32;  decimated-05;  deck-19;  decreased-13;  dedication-32;  deer-32, 39;  default-13;  defender-13;  defile-13;  definitions-11;  deity-32;  delay-13;  delegation-32;  delete-26;  deliberation-13;  delighted-13;  delivered-13;  demeaned-13;  demolish-26;  demonstrate-10;  demote-24;  demotion-13;  denizen-32;  denomination-27;  denote-13, 24, 27;  dentist-09;  denuded-13;  departed-13;  department-04;  departmentally-20;  depot-10;  depress-13;  deranged-13;  descent-08;  desert-35;  deserved-13;  dessert-35, 38;  detailing-13;  detective-24;  detention-32;  detergent-23;  determination-13;  determine-22;  device-08;  devoted-13;  dew-39;  diamond ring-41;  dicey-38;  dictionary-07, 11;  dietician-06;  dignify-03, 38;  death-07;  diner-16;  dinner-06, 16;  diplomacy-06;  diplomat-07, 09;  directed-40;  disappointed-14;  disbanded-14;  discarded-14;  discharged-14;  disclosed-14;  disconcerted-14;  discounted-14;  discouraged-14;  discover-08;  discovery-22;  discredited-14;  discreet-26;  discriminating-14;  discuss-05;  discussed-14;  disenchanted-14;  disfigured-14;  dish it out-Job Jokes;  dishes-01;  dishwasher-01, 43;  disillusioned-14;  disintegrated-14;  disinterested-14;  disjointed-14;  dislodged-14;  dismantled-14;  dismayed-14;  dismembered-14;  dismissed-14;  disorderly-14;  disoriented-14;  dispatch-27;  dispatched-14;  displayed-14;  disposed-14;  disrupt-26;  dissected-14;  dissolved-14;  distilled-14;  distorted-14;  distracted-14;  distressed-14;  distrusted-14;  divergent-20;  division-19;  doff-25;  doggedly-40;  doggone-28;  dogma-20, 41;  dogmatic-06;  dog-sledding-24;  dogwood-25;  domestic-04;  domination-32;  don't do-30;  doodoo-39;  doorbell-4143;  dote-27;  double take-03;  doubtful-04;  doughnut-20;  down up-30;  downfall-25;  download-06;  downright-25;  downspout-20;  downtrodden-18;  draftsman-09;  draw-38;  draw blood-02;  drawers-24;  drawing board-43;  drill-38;  drive-in movie-07;  drive-through-30;  driveways-01;  drove-19;  drums-19;  dual-39;  due-27, 39;  duel-39;  dumfounded-28;  dust-07, 36;  dyslexic-11, 02.

E  —    early-05;  earnest-18, 23;  earring-03, 04;  eat your hat-03;  echo-18;  egg on your face-03;  eggplant-20;  eight-39;  either-35;  election-32;  electrician-09;  elephants-24;  elevator-43;  eleven-18;  elope-06;  embedded-05;  emcees-19;  emergency-02;  encrypted-04;  endanger-23;  endear-23;  ending-32;  engraver-09;  enlightenment-06;  entertaining-28;  enthrall-36;  entrails-04;  escalator-24;  escape-06;  esoteric-07, 43;  esthetic-27;  evacuataion center-43;  evaporated-01;  even-01, 35;  evenhanded-04;  evening-18, 30;  everyone-33;  example-05;  exception-25;  excite-25;  excrement-25;  expert-08;  explain-08;  explore-25;  expressed-06, 40;  expression-04, 07;  extend-25;  exterminate-24;  extinct-25;  extraordinary-24, 33;  extravaganza-28;  extremely-28;  eyedropper-23.

F  —    face-01;  fact-35;  faction-32;  factory-06;  fairy-06, 39;  falsehood-20;  fame-32;  fancy-27;  farfetched-28;  farms-35;  farsighted-02;  farther-01;  fast-30, 35, 36 01;  fastidious-28;  fat chance-03;  fatally-23;  father-23;  faux-39;  faze-39;  feast-35;  feat-39;  feature-32;  feckless-28;  fed up-03;  feet-39;  feet smell-03;  ferry-39;  fever-02;  few lots-30;  field-38;  fiend-35;  fill in-03;  fill out-03;  finance-07;  finger-16;  fireman-01;  firewater-33;  first aid-02;  fists-19;  fix up-30;  fix-36;  flabbergasted-07;  flagrant-22;  flashlight-07, 19, 43;  flatly-40;  flats-01;  flattery-01;  flatulent-05;  fleet-19;  float an idea-03;  flower-10;  flush-19;  fly-01;  flying-35;  foe-39;  fondue-06;  foot-30;  football-19, 37, 41;  forbid-20;  forego-28;  foreground-20;  foreman-09;  forest-06;  forget-25;  forgive-25;  formality-25;  fort-42;  forthwith-28;  fortress-42;  fortune teller-07;  foul-39;  fouling-37;  founder-25, 36;  foundry-06;  fountain-32;  foursome-39;  fowl-39;  fraction-25;  frank-40;  frantic-32;  fraternity-19;  free gift-03;  free of charge-03;  friend-35;  friendship-28;  frill-32;  from to-30;  frozen-01;  fruit-32;  fruitless-01, 40;  fulfill-28;  fullback-37;  fun-32;  funeral-01;  funny-32;  furious-05, 10;  furlong-20;  furthermore-28  future-38.

G  —    gaff-39;  gaffe-39;  gaiety-32;  gallant-23;  gallop-28;  game-37;  garage sale-03;  garbage-03;  gastric-06;  gastronomic-32;  gays-19, 39;  gaze-39;  general-42;  generally-23;  generation-32;  gent-27;  germinate-06;  germination-32;  getaway-25;  ghastly-18;  ghost-35;  gift-32;  gigantic-22;  gimmick-32;  gin-25;  gingerly-40;  gist-01;  give in-30;  give off-25;  giveaway-25;  giving-27;  glee club-03, 43;  glib-35;  glut-19, 32;  go-30;  goatee-06;  God speed-03;  god-32;  go-getter-01;  going around in circles-03;  good figure-38;  goods-24, 36;  gory-32;  gossip-07;  gout-25;  government-07;  governmental-24;  grade-27>, 36;  graphite-06;  grave-38;  gravely-40;  graveyard shift-03;  gravity-04;  greeting-32;  grimace-20;  grocers-16;  gross-19;  gruesome-18;  gullible-35;  guns-19;  gut-32.

H  —    habits-05;  hack it-38;  had-39;  hail-39;  hair-39;  hale-39;  halfback-37;  half-baked-01;  half-heartedly-40;  haltingly-40;  hammerhead-30;  hammers-16, 19;  hamper-19;  hand saw-43;  handful-19;  handicap-36;  handily-04;  hands-01;  handshake-22;  handsome-28;  hangnail-20;  hanging-07;  hangover-07;  hapless-24;  horseback-28;  harbor-32;  hard hat-30;  hard knocks-30;  hard to beat-03;  hardened criminal-03;  hardly-04, 30, 25;  hare-39;  harm-05 35;  harmful-32;  harmony-05;  hatred-22;  headache-07;  headlines-20;  headquarters-07;  heals-39;  hear-25;  heard-30, 39;  hearing-01;  heart attack-02;  heartlessly-40;  heath-25;  heathen-22;  heave-25;  heaven-10;  heels-35, 39;  height-18;  heirloom-07;  hell-25;  helpers-19;  herd-39;  herd mentality-38;  here-35;  hereafter-25, 28;  heretofore-18;  heroin-39;  heroine-39;  herring-25;  hex-32;  hides-39;  high-handed-03;  high-rise-01;  higher-25;  highway-30;  hijack-18;  hill-19;  hinder-10;  hindsight-04, 06;  hiss-32;  hissing-25;  horseback-28;  history-18;  hoarse-39;  hockey puck-37;  hole-35, 39;  holy-24;  homo sapiens-24;  honeymoon-07;  horse-39;  horseback-28;  horseplay-37;  hospital-02;  hospitality-02;  host-19, 35;  hostage-01;  hostile-01;  hostility-06;  hot water-37;  hour-39;  house-32;  houseboat-33;  how-18;  how come do-03;  how do you do-03;  howitzer-18;  human race-41;  humanitarian-01;  humdrum-20;  humbug-20;  humerus-39;  hummingbird-18;  humorous-39;  hunch-07;  hunting-37;  hypocondriac-07;  hysterical-36.

I  —    idle-39;  idol-39;  ignorance-04;  ill humor-03;  ill-advised-02;  ill-gotten-02, 28;  illiterate-08;  illusion-26;  illustrate-26;  imitation-32;  immune-27;  impact-21;  impair-21, 25;  impale-21, 25;  impart-21;  impeach-06;  impeached-04;  impend-21;  implies-21;  implode-21;  implore-21;  implied-40;  imply-10;  import-21;  important-04;  improper-21;  improve-27;  improver-21;  impunity-21, 22;  in front-30;  in out-30;  in the end-03;  inane-26;  inception-25;  incite-25;  income-25;  incontinent-08, 27;  incorporate-36;  increment-25;  indentured-04;  indisposed-24;  individual-04;  inertia-07;  inexpensive-24;  infancy-27;  infantry-01;  infraction-06, 25;  ingrown-25;  in-house-25;  injury-08;  ink-05;  inkling-05, 24;  in-law-25;  inlay-25;  inning-25, 37;  input-30;  insect-27;  instinct-25;  intake-25;  intend-25;  intent-08, 40;  interest-04;  internist-09;  interrupt-18;  interstates-01;  invalid-24;  invaluable-25;  invent-08;  inventory-04;  inversely-04;  iron-01;  ironwood-33.

J  —    jar-19;  joint venture-03;  jump start-03;  jump to conclusions-03;  jury-07;  just the ticket-38  justice-23.


K  —    keep-32;  kernel-07;  kettle-19;  key-38;  kick the bucket-03;  kickstand-33;  kidding-01;  kidding around-38;  kidnapping-01, 41;  kilter-24;  kindergarten-01;  kindred-28;  kisses-19;  kitchen sink-41, 43;  kitty litter-4143;  knead-39;  kneed-39;  knew-39;  knight-39;  know-how-33;  knows-39;  kook-01.

L  —    lady-32;  largely-04;  largesse-28;  lately-04;  lateral-37;  lather-16;  latitude-32;  laughter-24, 35;  lavatory-20, 43;  lawyer(s)-07, 19;  lax-05;  laxative-05;  lay people-01;  layer-16;  layoff-25;  lay-up-33;  lays-39;  laze-35, 39;  lazy Susan-01;  leadership-22;  leak-32;  lean-04, 39;  leap to conclusions-38;  left hander-01, 30;  left right-30;  left-36;  leftover-30;  legend-23;  leis-39;  lemondrop-41;  less-27;  letter bombs-07;  letters-38;  levity-32;  librarian-19;  license-36;  licking-04;  lie-38;  lied-40;  lien-39;  lies beyond-03;  life-07;  lightheaded-07, 01;  lighthouse-41;  lights out-03;  lightweight-33;  likely-04;  lime-05;  limitation-32;  limply-40;  liposuction-06;  lipstick-01, 41;  liquidated-01;  lisp-11;  list-19;  listening-30;  listless-05, 40;  literally-04;  literate-10;  litigation-32;  litter-19;  livid-36;  living room-30;  loaf-19, 38;  loan-39;  lobster-06;  local-32;  location-32;  locomotive-07; ;  lone-39;  long-30;  longevity-28;  longshoreman-09;  loose ground-03;  lose your temper-03;  loser-25;  lot-19;  lots-38;  lottery-07;  lovely-04;  low means-30;  lowball-25;  lowdown-01;  lower-16;  lukewarm-18;  lustrate-27;  lying-35;  lymph-07.

M  —    mad-36;  made-39;  magic-32;  maid-39;  mail-39;  maize-39;  major-42, 30, 39;  make ends meet-03;  male-39;  malediction-23, 22;  malefactor-23;  malemute-22, 41;  malice-23;  mall-39;  manage-21;  manager-22;  man-child-33;  mandate-22, 28;  manger-16;  manicurist-05, 07;  manner-39;  manor-39;  man's best friend-03;  manslaughter-22;  march-32;  mare-05;  marine-42;  mass-19;  massacres-23, 41;  massive-01;  mater-25;  mathematicians-19;  matrimony-01;  matrix-25;  matron-25;  mattress-25;  maul-39;  manual-18;  mayhem-18;  maximum-08;  maze-39;  mean-36, 39;  meanly-40;  meanwhile-20;  meat-39;  measure-19;  medal-39;  meddle-39;  medic-42;  medication-32;  medium-38;  meet-39;  men-35;  menswear-23;  mess-19, 38;  message-21;  metal-39;  meteorologist-19;  mettle-39;  microphone-43;  midwife-06;  mien-39;  milestone-18;  millionaires-19;  mimic-32;  miner-09;  minimum-08;  minister-08, 32;  minor-30;  mischief-27;  mischievous-26;  miscreant-26;  misery-06;  misgive-25;  misgiving-27;  miss-32;  missed-39;  missiles-42;  missing link-38;  mist-39;  mistake-25;  mistress-08;  mitigation-32;  mixed blessings-03;  mobility-32;  mock-32;  modification-32;  molest-10;  molestation-23;  moll-39;  moment of truth-03;  money-32;  monopoly-33;  monosyllabic-11;  monsoon-18;  mood-39;  mooed-39;  mope-32;  morning-39;  morticians-19;  mosquito-07;  mother-10;  motive-24;  motorcycle-43;  mound-19;  mountain-32;  mourning-39;  mouse-32;  moving experience-03;  much less-30;  mummy-25;  murderers-19;  mushroom-24;  musical chairs-4143;  musicians-19;  mustache-23;  mythological-33.

N  —   ;  name-32;  napkin-20;  national-32;  naval-39, 42;  navel-39;  navy-42;  nearer-01;  nearly-28;  nearsighted-02;  neck and neck-03;  necktie-03;  need-32, 39;  needless to say-03;  neighborhood-20;  neighboring-05;  neither-35;  net income-38;  nevertheless-28;  newsprint-22;  night-39;  nightfall-01;  nightlight-33;  nightmare-05, 20;  no strings attached-03;  nobility-01, 32;  noise-39;  nomination-27, 32;  nonchalant-26;  none-35;  nonplus-08, 27;  non-stop-01;  normal-07;  nose-39;  noses run-03;  noses-19;  notable-22;  note-27;  noted-40;  noteworthy-38;  noticed-23;  novel-11, 38, 39;  novice-23;  nowadays-28;  nowhere-23, 28;  number-11, 16, 19, 06.

O  —    oar-39;  oblivious-35;  oblong-28;  observe-08;  obvious-35;  occupation-04;  odd-30, 32;  odds-01;  odds and ends-03;  off on-30, 36;  offal-39;  offend-25;  offense-18;  offhandedly-40;  officer-22, 16;  offing-28;  offset-25;  offspring-24;  offsprings-20;  old cars-19;  one-35, 32;  on-end-27;  onlooker-28;  only-10;  onomatopoeia-11;  onset-25;  onus-35;  open-35, 40;  operation-02;  operator-02;  ophthalmology-02;  opposite-11;  optimist-07, 09;  ordered-40;  ore-39;  organic-01;  organize-04;  orient-01;  ort-27;  others-35;  otherwise-20;  our-39;  ours-35;  out in-30;  out of whack-03;  outcome-25;  outgrown-25;  outhouse-25;  outing-25;  outlaw-25;  outlay-25;  outlying-25;  outrageous-28;  outs-37;  outside-30;  outstanding-01, 25, 28;  outtake-25;  ovation-06;  over under-30;  overcome-25;  overhaul-28;  overjoyed-01;  oversight-36;  overtake-25.

P  —    pacification-32;  pack-19;  packed-39;  pact-39;  pageant-23;  pail-32;  pair-25, 39;  paitent-38, -40;  pajama-18;  pale-25;  paleontologist-09;  palette-06;  palindrome-11;  palmists-19;  pan-19;  panache-23;  pandemonium-06;  panther-16;  panties-01;  pants-24;  paper-01;  par-05;  parable-23, 32;  parade-32;  parchment-04;  pardon-20;  pare-39;  oarish-39;  parkways-01;  parole-20;  part-01;  partakes-05;  particle-35, 32;  parting-32;  partly-05;  party-01, 19;  pastoral-20, 41, 22;  patch-27;  patently-38;  pathetic-24;  pathologist-09;  patience-39;  patient-02, 39;  patrimony-01;  patron-25;  patronize-36;  pawnshop-4143;  peace-39;  peak-32;  pear-39;  peasant-22;  peck-15, 19;  pedals-39;  pedantries-19;  peddles-39;  peeped-40;  peer-16, 32;  pen-35;  penchant-20;  pending-32;  penknife-33;  pensive-24;  peptide-20;  period-11;  periodically-04;  perish-39;  personality-01;  peruse-36;  pessimist-07;  pest-35;  pester-16;  pet-35;  pet peeve-03;  petroleum-07;  petulant-06;  phase-39;  phonetic-11;  phrase-11;  phraseology-11;  piece-39;  pigeon-23;  pile-19;  pill-32;  pillage-21;  pinch-19;  pinnacle-32;  pipe dreams-Job Jokes;  pit-36;  plaintiff-20;  plant-4143;  plaster-16;  play-01;  playwright-38;  plethora-19;  pliers-16;  plot-19, 38;  plumber-09;  plus-27;  poetry-05;  poker player-19;  pointless-01;  pole vault-37;  poles apart-38;  politician-07;  pollution-32;  poop deck-42;  pooper-scooper-16;  pop ups-37;  popery-39;  population-32;  porthole-42;  portly-42;  pose-38;  postage-21;  posthumously-28;  postpone-08;  pot-19;  potpourri-39;  pound-19;  pout-35;  practice-36;  practicing-02;  practicing what you preach-03;  prayer-16;  preacher-32;  preaching-10;  preamble-08;  precarious-02;  precaution-01;  precocious-28;  predate-06;  predestination-07;  prediction-08;  predisposed-01;  preeminence-04;  preempt-18;  preface-10;  prefix-08;  prelate-23;  premeditated-24;  preoccupied-06;  preparation-32;  prepared-08;  preposterous-24;  present-10;  presently-36, 40;  preservation-32;  preserve-08;  president-32;  pretender-05;  pretension-08;  pretext-08;  prevaricate-28;  priceless-01;  pride-32;  priests-19;  primitive-06;  principal-39;  principle-39;  private-42, 39, 40;  prize fighters-19;  procession-25;  procrastinate-28;  procure-08;  producer-09;  production-25;  professed-40;  professional-25;  profit-39;  profound-25;  profusion-25;  progress-25;  prolong-08;  promptly-04;  pronographers-19;  pronoun-11;  pronouncement-23, 22;  property-01;  prophet-39;  pros-39;  prose-39;  prosecute-23;  prostate-22;  prostitution-25;  protestant-25;  protraction-08;  protractor-25;  proud-32;  prove-27;  proverb-11;  provoke-25;  prudent-06;  psychoanalyst-09, 19;  pull strings-03;  pulpit-06;  pun-32;  pungent-20;  puppy-25;  purse-19;  put-down-25;  put-off-25;  put-on-25;  put-up-25;  putter-16.

Q  —    Quakers-19;  quarterback-19, 20, 37, 41;  quicksand-01;  quota-19.

R  —    racism-06;  radioactive-04;  raft-19;  rage-32;  rail-32;  rain-39;  ramification-06;  rampage-20;  rampant-22;  rampart-20;  range-19;  ranger-10;  rapid-20;  rapture-32;  rarely-01;  rarity-32;  rash-19;  rash judgment-02, 38;  rational-32;  rave-32;  react-15;  read-39;  readjust-22;  ream-19;  rearing-01;  rebelled-08;  rebellion-28;  rebuff-15;  rebutted-15;  recall-15;  recant-15;  recapitulate-15;  reception-32;  recite-01;  reckless-28;  recollection-15;  recording-15;  recounted-40;  recovery-02;  recreation-15;  red-39;  redeem-15;  redoubt-15;  redraw-10;  redundancy-18;  refined-15;  reflection-40;  refreain-36;  refrigerate-18, 43;  register-01;  rehearsal-15;  reign-35, 39;  rein-39;  reinforce-22;  relegation-32;  relentless-07;  relied-15;  religion-07;  relish-40;  remarkable-15;  remember-15;  remiss-15;  remote-24;  removed-15;  rent-36;  repair-15;  repast-08;  repeal-15;  repenting-15;  reporter-15;  repose-15;  repossessed-15;  represent-24;  repulsed-02;  research-15;  reservation-04, 32, 40;  reserved-15;  resident-32;  resign-15;  responsible-04;  rest room-03;  restart-23;  resting-10;  restitution-06;  restive-05;  restless-04;  restoration-06, 20;  restore-10;  restroom-43;  retailing-15;  retaliation-18;  retention-32;  retire-15;  retorted-40;  retreat-15;  retrograde-27;  retrospect-26;  revamp-15;  revealing-15;  reverberation-11;  reverse-15;  revolting-42;  revolutionary-01;  reward-15;  rib-38;  ride-32;  right-39;  right under-30;  right-winger-30;  ring finger-03;  rite-39;  roadblock-33;  roadrunner-30;  rock-36;  roomers-39;  rooster-16;  rootcap-33;  rose-39;  roughage-21;  roughly-40;  round-19, 37, 39;  rows-39;  rude-39;  rued-39;  rulers-19;  rumors-39;  run-19,  37, 32;  rundown-25;  runners-19;  runoff-25;  run-on-25;  run-up-25;  rush-19;  rush hour-03;  rustic-04;  ruthless-18.

S  —    sack-19;  sadism-06;  safe-37;  safecracker-20;  safety first-37;  sagacity-23;  sagely-40;  sailors-19;  sandal-06, 32;  sane-32;  saw-30;  sayings-19;  scalpel-02;  scan-25;  scandal-32;  scant-25;  scarcity-23;  scatterbrained-03;  scene-39, 38;  scene of battle-42;  scent-39;  scheme unravel-03;  school-19;  scold-25;  scope-32;  score-19;  scratch-01;  screen-36;  screw up-38;  sea-19;  sealing-39;  seashell-22;  seashore-33;  second-39;  secret-38, 07;  secretary-09;  sect-2739;  seed-36;  seen-39;  sees-30;  seesaw-18;  seething-20;  selection-32;  semiconductor-08, 01, 38;  seminary-06;  semi-professional-38;  Semite-06;  sentence-04;  separation-32;  serial-39;  seven-35;  sex-3239;  shadows-19;  shady-32;  shampoo-18;  shamrock-20;  sharply-40;  shear-25;  shear luck-38;  sheath-25;  sheave-25;  sheepishly-40;  shell-25;  shiftless-05;  shin-25, 07;  shindig-41;  shipment-01;  ships-19;  shock-32;  shoe-32;  short stop-37;  short-30;  shortcoming-28;  shortly-28;  shot-25;  shot back-40;  shout-25;  shower-10, 19;  shrinkage-21;  shut-in-25;  shutout-25;  sick-32;  sick jokes-03;  side-27;  sideline-37, 38;  sight-32, 39;  sightsee-18;  sightseers-19;  simulation-32;  singer-10;  sinister-32;  sinking-23;  sinks in-03;  sister-18;  sit-30;  sit down-25, 03;  sit out-25;  sit up-03;  sit-in-25;  sit-up-25;  site-39;  sitting-01;  skin tight-03;  skinny dipping-37;  skinny-24;  skipper-32;  slacks-24;  slang-11;  slaughter-24, 35;  sleep-07;  sleepwalk-33;  slew-19;  sliced bread-43;  slim chance-03;  sling mud-03;  slippery-06;  slobs-19;  slow-01;  slow/fast-30;  slow down-03;  slow up-03;  slowly fix-30;  slug-19;  slugfest-06;  slumber-06, 07;  small-minded-01; , 41;  smarting-18;  snapped-40;  snorted-40;  soapstone-33;  soar-39;  soft shoe-30;  soft touch-30;  softly-30, 25;  solder-10, 42;  soldiers-16;  solely-04;  solitude-08;  solution-32;  solve-27;  sore-39;  sound asleep-03;  soundly-04;  spanking-01;  sparking-20;  sparrow-23;  speakers-01, 19;  special-30;  speculated-40;  speechwriting-33;  spell trouble-03;  spellbinding-11;  spillage-21;  spin-25;  spinster-05;  spoke tirelessly-40;  spokesman-05;  spout-25, 35;  spray-19;  sprinters-19;  square off-37;  squash-37;  stack-19;  stage-32;  stage an attack-42;  stage coach-38;  stagger-16;  stalemate-04, 24;  stand-01, 30, 27;  stands-01;  stand-in-25;  standoff-25;  standout-25;  staple-35;  starch-32;  starting-32;  startle-25;  stationary-39;  stationery-39;  statistics-07;  stay-35;  stereotype-06;  stew-32;  steward-06;  stick-07;  stick your neck out-03;  still kicking-03;  still shaking-30;  stilling-32;  stimulation-32;  stockade-20;  stocking-38;  stop-30;  stopgap-28;  stopple-25;  stopwatch-04, 18;  store-36;  story-32;  stoves-19;  straight face-40;  strange-32;  stranger-16;  stray-35;  streetwalker-30;  stretch the truth-03;  stretcher-02;  strike-37;  strike a happy medium-03;  string along-38;  string-19;  strokes-02;  stuff-38;  subconscious-20;  subdue-06, 27;  sublime-05;  submerge-08;  subside-27;  substantial-18;  substitute-26;  subterfuge-26;  subtraction-05, 27;  suburban-05;  suburbia-07;  suitable-04;  suitcase-19, 24;  suite-39;  summary-11;  summer-06;  sundown-01;  sunshade-33;  superintend-08;  superstitions-28;  supervisor-08;  surgery-02;  surplus-28;  swallow your pride-03;  swear-16;  swear-01;  sweep-19;  sweet-39;  sweetbread-01;  sweetmeat-01;  swiftly-40;  swimmers-19;  swimmingly-02;  swingers-38;  sword-35;  syndication-32;  syntax-11.

T  —    tact-07;  tactical-05;  tadpole-20;  tail-39;  tailor-38;  tailspin-28;  take on-25;  takeoff-25;  takeout-30;  tale-39;  talk turkey-03;  talk-32;  tall tale-03;  tangent-20;  tape-35;  tavern-32;  taxidermist-09;  taxonomy-06;  teacher-19, 32;  tech-32;  teed off-37;  teenager-07;  telephone-43;  television-43;  teller-09;  temper-03, 36;  temptation-05;  tender-05;  terminal-02;  terminate-24;  termination-32;  tern-39;  terrible-32;  terrific-36;  testicle-06;  textile-06;  thane-32;  theater of war-42;  therapists-22;  there-35;  therefore-25;  thesaurus-11;  thin ice-37;  think-36;  thinking-20;  thoughtful-04;  thoughtlessly-40;  threat-35;  thrift-32;  throne-39;  throwback-37;  throwing up-37;  thrown-39;  timber-39;  timbre-39;  tired-04;  title-35;  titled-22;  titter-16;  tittle-35;  toad-39;  toed-39;  toenail-30;  toilet-43;  tomboy-28;  tomorrow-07;  tongue in cheek-03;  tooth and nail-38;  toothbrush-02;  top-27;  topical-28;  tornado-07;  touchdown-37;  towed-39;  tower-10;  towing-10;  tracked-39;  tract-39;  traction-05, 27;  tragic-32;  traitor-04;  transmitted-08;  transparent-04, 40;  trash-32;  treat-02, 35;  treaty-25;  tree bark-41;  tree leaves-41;  trick-32;  trickle-06;  tricky-25;  trigger-16;  triple-06;  tripped-36;  triumph-18;  triumphant-20;  trivia-08;  trophies-19;  trousers-24;  truck driver-08;  trunk-19;  trussed-39;  trust-39;  truth-07;  tugboat-01, 43;  tuners-01;  turn-39;  turn up-25;  turned down-30;  turned up-30;  turndown-25;  tutu-39;  TV set-03, 43;  twelve-18;  two-39;  two way street-03;  two-faced-03;  typewrite-33.

U  —    udder-16;  ulterior-24;  umlaut-11;  unarmed-17;  unbalanced-17;  unbecoming-17;  uncanny-01;  unclear-17;  uncommitted-17;  uncooked-24, 26;  uncounted-17, 26;  under oath-01;  under the weather-03;  underdogs-28;  undergo-25;  underhanded-04;  underlie-25;  underneath-18;  understand-08, 25, 27, 28, 30;  understood-26;  undertake-25;  undertaker-01;  underwater-01;  undoing-17;  unearthly-17;  uneasiness-17;  uneasy-02;  uneaten-17, 26;  unfairly-17;  unfinished-26;  unfolding-17;  unfounded-08, 17;  unionize-22;  unique-25;  unison-08;  unit-10;  universe-08;  unless-27;  unlit-26;  unpainted-26;  unpeeled-36;  unquestionably-17;  unrest-08, 17;  unruly-26;  unsaid-17;  unsavory-17;  unseemly-17;  unsold-26;  unsound-17;  unsung-17;  untenable-17;  untold-17;  untoward-05;  unwashed-26;  unwitting-17;  unwritten-17, 26;  upheld-40;  upholstered-28;  upright-25;  uprise-25;  upschooled-28;  upset-28;  upstanding-01, 28;  upstart-28;  urban-05;  use-39;  useless-22;  usher-16;  utmost-28;  uttered-40;  utterly-04.

V  —    vacuum cleaner-01, 43;  vain-39;  valuable-25;  vandals-19;  vane-39;  vassal-32;  vegetables-01;  vegetarian-01, 43;  vein-39;  veneration-32;  venison-32;  verb-11;  verbatim-11;  verbose-11;  verification-32;  vial-39;  vice-39;  vice-president-09;  vile-39;  vindication-32;  violator-10;  violin-03, 19;  virtual-04;  virtuoso-06;  vise-39;  visitor-25;  vocation-32;  voice-32;  volume-19;  volunteer-07.

WXYZ  —    waist-39;  waiter-16;  waiver-39;  walk around-30;  walk-37;  walk on water-38;  wanton-20;  warden-20;  wardrobe-04;  ware-39;  warmly-40;  warrant-20;  waste-39;  watch-30, 43;  waver-39;  weak-39;  weakling-28;  wealth-19, 07;  wear-39;  weather-03;  weathered-36;  week-39;  weekday-33;  weeknight-22;  welcome-28;  well done-01;  wheel spoke-41;  wheels-19, 35;  white lie-41;  whole-35, 39;  wholesome-33;  wick-05;  wicked-05, 06, 38;  willingly-40;  wind up-36;  window-18;  wise guy-03;  wise man-03;  within-25;  without-25;  without question-03;  witness-04;  woefully-40;  women-35;  wonderful-24;  wood-39;  woodwork-41;  word-11, 35;  work-30;  worthless-01;  wreckage-21;  wright-32, 39;  wrist-01;  wristwatch-41;  write-39;  write down-03;  write up-03;  yews-39;  yokel-32;  yours-35;  zipper-16