Index of Words and Phrases

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Looking for a word or phrase to have fun with?  Locate it in this list, then go to the associated page and use the Find command under Edit (or do Ctrl + F) to locate it on that page.  This index includes all the key words (over 2,400) in the A Barrel Full of Words sections shown in the menu on the left here, including one word oxymora but NOT two word oxymora nor antioxymora (because of the quantity).

NOTE:  If you are interested in finding humor about a particular occupation or type of person, check out the Index by Occupation.

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A  —    aback-30;  abasement-27;  abbreviate-11;  abbreviation-11;  abdication-07;  ability-01;  abandon-40;  abort-27;  above it all-38;  absentmindedly-40;  absolve-27;  abstract-01, 26;  abundance-20;  acronym-11;  act-35, 36;  act of war-42;  action-32;  actor-31;  adamant-20;  adder-25;  address-25;  admired-22;  admission-20;  admitting-02;  adult-07;  adultery-01;  adverb-11;  adverse-20;  advice-22;  affront-30;  afoot-25;  after-25, 30;  after dark-03;  afterlife-24;  aftermath-28;  against the grain-03;  agent-27;  aghast-18;  ahead-25, 30;  air force-42;  airplane-43;  airshow-24;  akimbo-18;  alarm clock-03, 43;  alimony-24;  alphabet soup-03;  alphabet-20;  AM radio-03, 43;  ambidextrous-28;  ambulance-02;  ambulatory-02;  amends-24, 38;  amity-35;  ample-05;  anagram-11;  analogy-11;  analyst-09;  anarchy-07;  anatomic-27;  anemic-26;  anesthetic-27;  angelic-26;  animal crackers-4143;  animosity-35;  annals-24;  annoys-39;  antelope-08, 20, 32;  antibiotics-02;  antic-32;  antidote-27;  antiquated-26;  antiseptic-08;  anxious-36;  apartment-01, 04;  apathetic-24;  apparent-36;  appealing-38;  appendix-02;  apprehensive-04;  arch-31;  archer-16;  armed to the teeth-01;  armful-32;  arms-35;  army-01, 42;  army cooks-19;  army infantry-42;  aroma-39;  around-39;  arresting-38;  arsenal-06, 42;  artery-06;  artful-04;  article-06, 32, 35;  artifact-05;  artifice-01;  artificial-01, 05;  asking for trouble-03;  asphalt-23;  aspiration-06;  aspire-23;  assail-20;  assassinated-01;  assorts-20;  assume-36;  astronomic-32;  at large-03;  ate-39;  atheist-07;  athletic supporter-37;  atomic-27;  atrophy-20;  attendee-16;  attitude-32;  auditor-25;  auditorium-06;  autocrat-08;  autoeroticism-01;  automating-20, 41;  automobile-43;  autonomy-08;  autopsy-07;  average-21;  avocation-36;  awful-36, 39.

B  —    babbled-40;  babies-19;  bachelor-07;  back down-25;  back front-30;  back up-03;  backup-25;  backfire-25;  backside-33;  backwater-25;  baited breath-40;  balderdash-06;  ball-31;  ball bearing-43;  ballad-23, 22;  band-27;  bandage-21;  banister-32;  banker-09, 07;  barbell-20;  barber-09, 16, 32;  bare-39;  barbershop-41;  barely-38, 39, 40;  barfly-10;  bargain-07, 22;  barked-40;  barking-20;  baron-39;  barrage-22;  barrel-19;  barren-39;  bartender-20;  basement-27;  bashful-24;  basically-40;  basket making-37;  bathroom-43;  battery-19, 31;  beans-19;  bear-39;  beaver-16;  become-28;  bedevil-23;  bedlam-20;  bedrock-41;  before-30;  begin-22;  begone-23;  behalf-24;  behead-18;  behind one's back-03;  belittle-28;  bellhop-41;  belly button-03;  belted-31;  bellowed-40;  belly button-03;  berth-39;  best man-06;  big-24;  bigamist-28;  bigot-28;  bigheaded-01;  bill-36;  billing-32;  bin-25;  birddog-30;  birth-39;  bishop-08, 19;  bison-08;  bisque-25;  bitch-01;  bite down-03;  bite your tongue-03;  bittersweet-33;  bladder-16;  blankly-40;  blaze-35;  blew-39;  blinds-30;  block-31;  blockage-21;  blooming-31;  blue-39;  bluntly-40;  board-39;  board feet-43;  board meeting-38;  body-19;  bolt-36;  bombard-06;  bond-31;  bondage-21, 31;  bonus-35;  book-31;  bookend-41;  bore-07;  bored-39;  boring-38;  bother-10;  bouncer-09;  bound-31, 36;  bout-25;  bower-25;  bowl-19;  box-19;  boxing ring-37;  boxing-31;  boycott-28;  branches-01;  brand new-03;  brandish-20;  brassiere-01;  brat-32;  bravest-23;  bread roll-41;  break into song-03;  breakage-21;  breakdown-25, 30;  breakfast-22, 30;  breakup-25;  breathtaking-04;  breed-32;  brevity-32;  bridal-39;  bridegroom-33;  bridle-39;  brief-32;  briefly-23, 40;  briefs-38;  bristled-40;  broker-16, 31;  brooms-19;  brothel-06;  brothers-35;  brute-32;  budding-31;  budding genius-38;  building-01, 24;  bull-36;  bulldoze-20;  bumpkin-20;  bums-19;  bundle-19;  bureaucracy-07;  bureaucratic-24;  bureaucrats-19;  burn down-03;  burn up-03;  bust-31;  butcher-16;  butler-16;  butterfly-01, 41;  button-20;  buttress-25;  bye bye-03.

C  —    cake walk-03;  called out-40;  campaign-32;  can-36;  candid-20;  canister-32;  canner-25;  cannibal-07;  canny-01;  can't can-30;  cantaloupe-32;  canteen-20;  canter-25;  canyon-20, 41;  capable-10;  caper-32;  capital letters-38;  capture-32;  car dealers-19;  car load-19;  card-07;  cardinals-19;  cardiologist-09;  career-25;  caregiver-01;  careless-04;  caress-25;  caretaker-01;  cargo-01;  carhop-41;  carnation-20;  carpenter-09;  carpet-20;  carping-19, 20;  carport-20;  carrot-22;  case-19;  cash-01;  cast-19;  castle-32;  castaway-20;  castrate-20, 41;  casualty-42, 25;  cat-19, 32;  catalog-25;  catchers-37;  catfish-30, 41;  catwalk-24;  cause-39;  caution-01;  cave-32;  cavern-32;  caws-39;  cease-01;  ceiling-39;  cell phone-03, 43;  cents-39;  cereal-39;  chainsaw-4143;  chalk-32;  champagne-32;  chance-39;  change-38;  chants-39;  chaperones-19;  charade-32;  charged-31;  charity-32;  charm-35;  cheating-32;  check-01, 32;  chef-07;  chess set-4143;  chestnut-20;  chicken-07, 19;  chief-27;  childhood-20;  chisel-31;  choice-03;  chop up-03;  chopstick-41, 43;  church-07;  church music-01;  churches-19;  circles-31;  circumstance-06;  citation-36;  claimed-40;  clarification-32;  class-31, 38;  classic-05;  clause-39;  claws-39;  cleave-36;  climb-39;  clime-39;  clip-36;  clipper-32;  clockwise-20;  closet-19;  clowns-19;  coalition-06;  coarse-39;  cockpit-28;  codification-32;  coffee-25;  coffer-25;  cogent-08;  coincide-06;  cold-02;  collect your thoughts-03;  collection-19;  colon-05;  colonist-05;  comeback-33;  committee-04, 07;  committed-02;  company-19;  complement-39;  complex-19, 38;  compliment-39;  concession-25;  concourse-08;  concrete-38;  conduction-25;  conductor-09;  confessional-25;  confident-05;  confidential-05;  confound-25;  confront-08;  confrontation-28;  confusion-25;  congress-25;  comprehend-01;  comprehensive-01;  consciousness-07;  considerable-04;  constitution-25;  contestant-25;  continent-27;  contraband-27;  contractor-09, 25;  contravene-26;  confidential-05;  considerable-04;  contentious-05;  convent-05;  conventional-05;  converse-20;  convoke-25;  cook-01;  cool-36;  copulation-32;  cornice-23;  coroner-04;  counterfeit-26;  counterman-08;  counterproductively-40;  countertop-27;  counts-19;  course-39;  courteous-35;  cover-31;  cowardly-04;  cowards-19;  cowboy-33;  cowling-06;  crack of dawn-03;  cracked-40;  cracker-16;  creature-32;  cross-eyed-02;  crosstalk-41;  crowd-19;  crower-16;  crows-19;  cruelties-23;  cryptically-40;  cuff-31;  cup-01, 19;  cupboard-01, 43;  cupid-22;  cur-31;  cured ham-03, 43;  curfew-28;  curious-02;  current affairs-38;  current-31;  curser-39;  cursing-22;  cursor-39;  curt-35;  curtailment-23;  cuss-07;  custom-36;  customer-24;  cut in two-03;  cynical-32;  cynics-07.

D  —    dads-31;  dam-39;  damn-39;  damnation-20, 41;  dampest-20;  darkly-40;  dash-19;  daybreak-03;  days-39;  days are numbered-03;  daze-39;  dead giveaway-03;  dead reckoning-38;  dead serious-38;  dead space-30;  deadly-04;  dear-39;  death-07;  debriefed-13;  debunked-13;  decadent-08;  deceased-01;  deception-32;  decimated-05;  deck-19;  decreased-13;  dedication-32;  deer-32, 39;  default-13;  defender-13;  defile-13;  definitions-11;  deity-32;  delay-13;  delegation-32;  delete-26;  deliberation-13;  delighted-13;  delivered-13;  demeaned-13;  demolish-26;  demonstrate-10;  demote-24;  demotion-13;  denizen-32;  denomination-27;  denote-13, 24, 27;  dentist-09;  denuded-13;  departed-13;  department-04;  departmentally-20;  depot-10;  depress-13;  deranged-13;  descent-08;  desert-35;  deserved-13;  dessert-35, 38;  detailing-13;  detective-24;  detention-32;  detergent-23;  determination-13;  determine-22;  device-08;  devoted-13;  dew-39;  diamond ring-41;  dicey-38;  dictionary-07, 11;  dietician-06;  dignify-03, 38;  death-07;  diner-16;  dinner-06, 16;  diplomacy-06;  diplomat-07, 09;  directed-40;  disappointed-14;  disbanded-14;  discarded-14;  discharged-14;  disclosed-14;  disconcerted-14;  discounted-14;  discouraged-14;  discover-08;  discovery-22;  discredited-14;  discreet-26;  discriminating-14;  discuss-05;  discussed-14;  disenchanted-14;  disfigured-14;  dish it out-Job Jokes;  dishes-01;  dishwasher-01, 43;  disillusioned-14;  disintegrated-14;  disinterested-14;  disjointed-14;  dislodged-14;  dismantled-14;  dismayed-14;  dismembered-14;  dismissed-14;  disorderly-14;  disoriented-14;  dispatch-27;  dispatched-14;  displayed-14;  disposed-14;  disrupt-26;  dissected-14;  dissolved-14;  distilled-14;  distorted-14;  distracted-14;  distressed-14;  distrusted-14;  divergent-20;  divine-31;  division-19;  doff-25;  dogcather-31;  doggedly-40;  doggone-28;  dogma-20, 41;  dogmatic-06;  dog-sledding-24;  dogwood-25;  domestic-04;  domination-32;  don't do-30;  doodoo-39;  doorbell-4143;  dote-27;  double take-03;  doubtful-04;  doughnut-20;  down up-30;  downfall-25;  download-06;  downright-25;  downspout-20;  downtrodden-18;  draftsman-09;  draw-38;  draw blood-02;  drawers-24;  drawing board-43;  drill-38;  drive-in movie-07;  drive-through-30;  driveways-01;  drove-19;  drums-19;  dual-39;  due-27, 39;  duel-39;  dumfounded-28;  dust-07, 36;  dyslexic-11, 02.

E  —    early-05;  earnest-18, 23;  earring-03, 04;  eat your hat-03;  echo-18;  egg on your face-03;  eggplant-20;  eight-39;  either-35;  elders-31;  election-32;  electrician-09, 31;  elephants-24;  elevator-43;  eleven-18;  elope-06;  embedded-05;  emcees-19;  emergency-02;  encrypted-04;  endanger-23;  endear-23;  ending-32;  engraver-09;  enlightenment-06;  entertaining-28;  enthrall-36;  entrails-04;  escalator-24;  escape-06;  esoteric-07, 43;  esthetic-27;  evacuataion center-43;  evaporated-01;  even-01, 35;  evenhanded-04;  evening-18, 30;  everyone-33;  example-05;  exception-25;  excite-25;  excrement-25;  expert-08;  explain-08;  explore-25;  expressed-06, 40;  expression-04, 07;  extend-25;  exterminate-24;  extinct-25;  extraordinary-24, 33;  extravaganza-28;  extremely-28;  eyedropper-23.

F  —    face-01;  fact-35;  faction-32;  factory-06;  fairy-06, 39;  falsehood-20;  fame-32;  fancy-27;  farfetched-28;  farms-35;  farsighted-02;  farther-01;  fast-30, 35, 36 01;  fastidious-28;  fat chance-03;  fatally-23;  father-23, 31;  faux-39;  faze-39;  feast-35;  feat-39;  feature-32;  feckless-28;  fed up-03;  feet-39;  feet smell-03;  ferry-39;  fever-02;  few lots-30;  field-38;  fiend-35;  fill in-03;  fill out-03;  finance-07;  finger-16;  fireman-01;  firewater-33;  first aid-02;  fists-19;  fix up-30;  fix-36;  flabbergasted-07;  flagrant-22;  flap-31;  flashlight-07, 19, 43;  flatly-40;  flats-01;  flattery-01;  flatulent-05;  fleet-19;  flew-31;  flight-31;  float an idea-03;  florist-31;  flower-10;  flush-19;  fly-01;  flying-35;  foe-39;  fondue-06;  foot-30;  football-19, 37, 41;  forbid-20;  forego-28;  foreground-20;  foreman-09;  forest-06;  forget-25;  forgive-25;  formality-25;  fort-42;  forthwith-28;  fortress-42;  fortune teller-07;  foul-39;  fouling-37;  founder-25, 36;  foundry-06;  fountain-32;  foursome-39;  fowl-39;  fraction-25;  frank-40;  frantic-32;  fraternity-19;  free gift-03;  free of charge-03;  friend-35;  friendship-28;  frill-32;  from to-30;  frozen-01;  fruit-32;  fruitless-01, 40;  fulfill-28;  fullback-37;  fun-32;  funeral-01;  funny-32;  furious-05, 10;  furlong-20;  furthermore-28  future-38.

G  —    gaff-39;  gaffe-39;  gaiety-32;  gale-31;  gallant-23;  gallop-28;  game-37;  garage sale-03;  garbage-03;  gardner-31;  gastric-06;  gastronomic-32;  gays-19, 39;  gaze-39;  general-42;  generally-23;  generation-32;  gent-27;  germinate-06;  germination-32;  getaway-25;  ghastly-18;  ghost-35;  gift-32;  gigantic-22;  gimmick-32;  gin-25;  gingerly-40;  gist-01;  give in-30;  give off-25;  giveaway-25;  giving-27;  glee club-03, 43;  glib-35;  glut-19, 32;  go-30;  goatee-06;  God speed-03;  god-32;  go-getter-01;  going around in circles-03;  good figure-38;  goods-24, 36;  gory-32;  gossip-07;  gout-25;  government-07;  governmental-24;  grade-27>, 31, 36;  graphite-06;  grave-38;  gravely-40;  graveyard shift-03;  gravity-04;  greeting-32;  grimace-20;  grocers-16;  gross-19;  gruesome-18;  gullible-35;  guns-19;  gust-31;  gut-32.

H  —    habits-05;  hack it-38;  had-39;  hail-39;  hair-39;  hale-39;  halfback-37;  half-baked-01;  half-heartedly-40;  haltingly-40;  hammerhead-30;  hammers-16, 19;  hamper-19;  hand saw-43;  handful-19;  handicap-36;  handily-04;  hands-01;  handshake-22;  handsome-28, 31;  hangnail-20;  hanging-07;  hangover-07, 29;  hapless-24;  horseback-28;  harbor-32;  hard hat-30;  hard knocks-30;  hard to beat-03;  hardened criminal-03;  hardly-04, 30, 25;  hare-39;  harm-05 35;  harmful-32;  harmony-05;  hatred-22;  headache-07;  headlines-20;  headquarters-07;  heals-39;  hear-25;  heard-30, 39;  hearing-01;  heart attack-02;  heartlessly-40;  heath-25;  heathen-22;  heave-25;  heaven-10;  heel-31;  heels-35, 39;  height-18;  heirloom-07;  hell-25;  helpers-19;  herd-39;  herd mentality-38;  here-35;  hereafter-25, 28;  heretofore-18;  heroin-39;  heroine-39;  herring-25;  hex-32;  hides-39;  high-handed-03;  high-rise-01;  higher-25;  highway-30;  hijack-18;  hill-19;  hinder-10;  hindsight-04, 06;  hiss-32;  hissing-25;  horseback-28;  history-18;  hoarse-39;  hockey puck-37;  hole-35, 39;  holy-24;  homo sapiens-24;  honeymoon-07;  horse-39;  horseback-28;  horseplay-37;  hospital-02;  hospitality-02;  host-19, 35;  hostage-01;  hostile-01;  hostility-06;  hot water-37;  hound-31;  hour-39;  house-32;  houseboat-33;  how-18;  how come do-03;  how do you do-03;  howitzer-18;  human race-41;  humanitarian-01;  humdrum-20;  humbug-20;  humerus-39;  hummingbird-18;  humorous-39;  hunch-07;  hunting-37;  hypocondriac-07;  hysterical-36.

I  —    idle-39;  idol-39;  ignorance-04;  ill humor-03;  ill-advised-02;  ill-gotten-02, 28;  illiterate-08;  illusion-26;  illustrate-26;  imitation-32;  immune-27;  impact-21;  impair-21, 25;  impale-21, 25;  impart-21;  impeach-06;  impeached-04;  impend-21;  implies-21;  implode-21;  implore-21;  implied-40;  imply-10;  import-21;  important-04;  improper-21;  improve-27;  improver-21;  impunity-21, 22;  in front-30;  in out-30;  in the end-03;  inane-26;  inception-25;  incite-25;  income-25;  incontinent-08, 27;  incorporate-36;  increment-25;  indentured-04;  indisposed-24;  individual-04;  inertia-07;  inexpensive-24;  infancy-27;  infantry-01;  infraction-06, 25;  ingrown-25;  in-house-25;  injury-08;  ink-05;  inkling-05, 24;  in-law-25;  inlay-25;  inning-25, 37;  input-30;  insect-27;  instinct-25;  intake-25;  intend-25;  intent-08, 40;  interest-04, 31;  internist-09;  interrupt-18;  interstates-01;  invalid-24;  invaluable-25;  invent-08;  inventory-04;  inversely-04;  iron-01;  ironwood-33.

J  —    jar-19;  joint venture-03;  jump start-03;  jump to conclusions-03;  jury-07;  just the ticket-38  justice-23.


K  —    keep-32;  kernel-07;  kettle-19;  key-38;  kick the bucket-03;  kickstand-33;  kidding-01;  kidding around-38;  kidnapping-01, 41;  kilter-24;  kindergarten-01;  kindred-28;  kisses-19;  kitchen sink-41, 43;  kitty litter-4143;  knead-39;  kneed-39;  knew-39;  knight-39;  know-how-33;  knows-39;  knuckle-31;  kook-01.

L  —    lady-32;  largely-04;  largesse-28;  lately-04;  lateral-37;  lather-16;  latitude-32;  laughter-24, 35;  lavatory-20, 43;  lawyer(s)-07, 19;  lax-05;  laxative-05;  lay people-01;  layer-16;  layoff-25;  layover-29;  lay-up-33;  lays-39;  laze-35, 39;  lazy Susan-01;  leadership-22;  leak-32;  lean-04, 39;  leap to conclusions-38;  leaving-31;  left hander-01, 30;  left right-30;  left-36;  leftover-30;  legend-23;  leis-39;  lemondrop-41;  less-27;  letter bombs-07;  letters-38;  levity-32;  librarian-19;  license-36;  licking-04;  lie-38;  lied-40;  lien-39;  lies beyond-03;  life-07;  lightheaded-07, 01;  lighthouse-41;  lights out-03;  lightweight-33;  likely-04;  lime-05;  limitation-32;  limply-40;  liposuction-06;  lipstick-01, 41;  liquidated-01;  lisp-11;  list-19;  listening-30;  listless-05, 40;  literally-04;  literate-10;  litigation-32;  litter-19;  livid-36;  living room-30;  loaf-19, 38;  loafer-31;  loan-39;  lobster-06;  local-32;  location-32;  locomotive-07; ;  log-31;  lone-39;  long-30;  longevity-28;  longshoreman-09;  loose ground-03;  lose your temper-03;  loser-25;  lot-19;  lots-38;  lottery-07;  lovely-04;  low means-30;  lowball-25;  lowdown-01;  lower-16;  lukewarm-18;  lumberjack-31;  lustrate-27;  lying-35;  lymph-07.

M  —    mad-36;  made-39;  magic-32;  maid-39;  mail-39;  maize-39;  major-42, 30, 39;  make ends meet-03;  male-39;  malediction-23, 22;  malefactor-23;  malemute-22, 41;  malice-23;  mall-39;  manage-21;  manager-22;  man-child-33;  mandate-22, 28;  manger-16;  manicurist-05, 31, 07;  manner-39;  manor-39;  man's best friend-03;  manslaughter-22;  march-32;  mare-05;  marine-42;  mass-19;  massacres-23, 41;  massive-01;  mater-25;  mathematicians-19;  matrimony-01;  matrix-25;  matron-25;  mattress-25;  maul-39;  manual-18;  mayhem-18;  maximum-08;  maze-39;  mean-36, 39;  meanly-40;  meanwhile-20;  meat-39;  measure-19;  medal-39;  meddle-39;  medic-42;  medication-32;  medium-38;  meet-39;  men-35;  menswear-23;  mess-19, 38;  message-21;  metal-39;  meteorologist-19;  mettle-39;  microphone-43;  midwife-06;  mien-39;  milestone-18;  millionaires-19;  mimic-32;  miner-09;  minimum-08;  minister-08, 32;  minor-30;  mischief-27;  mischievous-26;  miscreant-26;  misery-06;  misgive-25;  misgiving-27;  miss-32;  missed-39;  missiles-42;  missing link-38;  mist-39;  mistake-25;  mistress-08;  mitigation-32;  mixed blessings-03;  mobility-32;  mock-32;  modification-32;  molest-10;  molestation-23;  moll-39;  moment of truth-03;  money-32;  monopoly-33;  monosyllabic-11;  monsoon-18;  mood-39;  mooed-39;  mope-32;  morning-39;  morticians-19;  mosquito-07;  mother-10;  motive-24;  motorcycle-43;  mound-19;  mountain-32;  mourning-39;  mouse-32;  moving experience-03;  much less-30;  mummy-25;  murderers-19;  mushroom-24;  musical chairs-4143;  musicians-19;  mustache-23;  mutt-31;  mythological-33.

N  —    nailed-31;  name-32;  napkin-20;  national-32;  naval-39, 42;  navel-39;  navy-42;  nearer-01;  nearly-28;  nearsighted-02;  neck and neck-03;  necktie-03;  need-32, 39;  needless to say-03;  neighborhood-20;  neighboring-05;  neither-35;  net income-38;  nevertheless-28;  newsprint-22;  night-39;  nightfall-01;  nightlight-33;  nightmare-05, 20;  no strings attached-03;  nobility-01, 32;  noise-39;  nomination-27, 32;  nonchalant-26;  none-35;  nonplus-08, 27;  non-stop-01;  normal-07;  nose-39;  noses run-03;  noses-19;  notable-22;  note-27;  noted-40;  noteworthy-38;  noticed-23;  novel-11, 38, 39;  novice-23;  nowadays-28;  nowhere-23, 28;  number-11, 16, 19, 06.

O  —    oar-39;  oblivious-35;  oblong-28;  observe-08;  obvious-35;  occupation-04;  odd-30, 32;  odds-01;  odds and ends-03;  off on-30, 36;  offal-39;  offend-25;  offense-18;  offhandedly-40;  officer-22, 16;  offing-28;  offset-25;  offspring-24;  offsprings-20;  old cars-19;  one-35, 32;  on-end-27;  onlooker-28;  only-10;  onomatopoeia-11;  onset-25;  onus-35;  open-35, 40;  operation-02;  operator-02;  ophthalmology-02;  opposite-11;  optimist-07, 09;  ordered-40;  ore-39;  organic-01;  organize-04;  orient-01;  ort-27;  others-35;  otherwise-20;  our-39;  ours-35;  out in-30;  out-31;  out of whack-03;  outcome-25;  outgrown-25;  outhouse-25;  outing-25;  outlaw-25;  outlay-25;  outlying-25;  outrageous-28;  outs-37;  outside-30;  outstanding-01, 25, 28;  outtake-25;  ovation-06;  over under-30;  overacting-29;  overage-29;  overall(s)-29;  overawed-29;  overbite-29;  overboard-29;  overcast-29;  overcoat-29;  overcome-25, 29;  overdoing-29;  overdose-29;  overdrive-29;  overdue-29;  overeat-29;  overhand-29;  overhang-29;  overhaul-28, 29;  overhead-29;  overhear-29;  overjoy-29;  overjoyed-01;  overkill-29;  overlap-29;  overlay-29, 30;  overlook-29, 36;  overlord-29;  overly-29;  overnight-29;  overpass-29;  overplay-29;  overpowered-29;  overrate-29;  overreaction-29;  overruled-29;  overrun-29;  overseas-29;  oversee(r)-29;  overshadowed-29;  oversight-29, 36;  overstate-29;  overstep-29;  overtake-25;  overtime-29;  overtones-29;  overture-29;  overturn-29;  overview-29;  overweight-29;  overwhelm-29;  overworked-29.

P  —    pacification-32;  pack-19;  packed-39;  pact-39;  pageant-23;  pail-32;  pair-25, 39;  paitent-38, -40;  pajama-18;  pale-25;  paleontologist-09;  palette-06;  palindrome-11;  palmists-19;  pan-19;  panache-23;  pandemonium-06;  pant-31;  panther-16;  panties-01;  pants-24;  paper-01;  par-05;  parable-23, 32;  parade-32;  parchment-04;  pardon-20;  pare-39;  parent-31;  oarish-39;  parkways-01;  parole-20;  part-01, 31;  partakes-05;  particle-35, 32;  parting-32;  partly-05;  party-01, 19;  passover-29;  pastoral-20, 41, 22;  patch-27;  patently-38;  pathetic-24;  pathologist-09;  patience-39;  patient-02, 39;  patrimony-01;  patron-25;  patronize-36;  pawnshop-4143;  peace-39;  peak-32;  pear-39;  peasant-22;  peat-31;  peck-15, 19;  pedals-39;  pedantries-19;  peddles-39;  peeped-40;  peer-16, 32;  pen-35;  penchant-20;  pending-32;  penknife-33;  pensive-24;  peptide-20;  period-11;  periodically-04;  perish-39;  personality-01;  peruse-36;  pessimist-07;  pest-35;  pester-16;  pet-35;  pet peeve-03;  petroleum-07;  petulant-06;  phase-39;  phonetic-11;  phrase-11;  phraseology-11;  piece-39;  pigeon-23;  pile-19;  pill-32;  pillage-21;  pinch-19;  pine-31;  pinnacle-32;  pipe dreams-Job Jokes;  pit-36;  plaintiff-20;  plant-4143;  plaster-16;  play-01;  playwright-38;  plethora-19;  pliers-16;  plot-19, 38;  plumber-09;  plus-27;  poetry-05;  poker player-19;  pointless-01;  pole vault-37;  poles apart-38;  politician-07;  pollution-32;  pooper-scooper-16;  pop ups-37;  popery-39;  population-32;  portly-42;  pose-38;  postage-21;  posthumously-28;  postpone-08;  pot-19;  potpourri-39;  pound-19;  pout-35;  practice-36;  practicing-02;  practicing what you preach-03;  prayer-16;  preacher-32;  preaching-10;  preamble-08;  precarious-02;  precaution-01;  precocious-28;  predate-06;  predestination-07;  prediction-08;  predisposed-01;  preeminence-04;  preempt-18;  preface-10;  prefix-08;  prelate-23;  premeditated-24;  preoccupied-06;  preparation-32;  prepared-08;  preposterous-24;  present-10;  presently-36, 40;  preservation-32;  preserve-08;  president-32;  pretender-05;  pretension-08;  pretext-08;  prevaricate-28;  priceless-01;  pride-32;  priests-19;  primitive-06;  principal-39;  principle-39;  private-42, 39, 40;  prize fighters-19;  procession-25;  procrastinate-28;  procure-08;  producer-09;  production-25;  professed-40;  professional-25;  profit-39;  profound-25;  profusion-25;  progress-25;  prolong-08;  promptly-04;  pronographers-19;  pronoun-11;  pronouncement-23, 22;  prop-31;  property-01;  prophet-39;  pros-39;  prose-39;  prosecute-23;  prostate-22;  prostitution-25;  protestant-25;  protraction-08;  protractor-25;  proud-32;  prove-27;  proverb-11;  provoke-25;  prudent-06;  psychoanalyst-09, 19;  pull strings-03;  pulpit-06;  pun-32;  pungent-20;  pupils-31;  puppy-25;  purse-19;  put-down-25;  put-off-25;  put-on-25;  put-up-25;  putter-16.

Q  —    Quakers-19;  quarterback-19, 20, 37, 41;  quicksand-01;  quota-19.

R  —    racism-06;  radioactive-04;  raft-19;  rage-32;  rail-32;  rain-39;  ramification-06;  rampage-20;  rampant-22;  rampart-20;  range-19;  ranger-10;  rapid-20;  rapture-32;  rarely-01;  rarity-32;  rash-19;  rash judgment-02, 38;  rational-32;  rave-32;  react-15;  read-39;  readjust-22;  ream-19;  rearing-01;  rebelled-08;  rebellion-28;  rebuff-15;  rebutted-15;  recall-15;  recant-15;  recapitulate-15;  reception-32;  recite-01;  reckless-28;  recollection-15;  recording-15;  recounted-40;  recovery-02;  recreation-15;  red-39;  redeem-15;  redoubt-15;  redraw-10;  redundancy-18;  refined-15;  reflection-40;  refreain-36;  refrigerate-18, 43;  register-01;  rehearsal-15;  reign-35, 39;  rein-39;  reinforce-22;  relegation-32;  relentless-07;  relied-15;  religion-07;  relish-40;  remarkable-15;  remember-15;  remiss-15;  remote-24;  removed-15;  rent-36;  repair-15;  repast-08;  repeal-15;  repenting-15;  reporter-15;  repose-15;  repossessed-15;  represent-24;  repulsed-02;  research-15;  reservation-04, 32, 40;  reserved-15;  resident-32;  resign-15;  responsible-04;  rest room-03;  restart-23;  resting-10;  restitution-06;  restive-05;  restless-04;  restoration-06, 20;  restore-10;  restroom-43;  retailing-15;  retaliation-18;  retention-32;  retire-15;  retorted-40;  retreat-15;  retrograde-27;  retrospect-26;  revamp-15;  revealing-15;  reverberation-11;  reverse-15;  revolting-42;  revolutionary-01;  reward-15;  rib-38;  ride-32;  right-39;  right under-30;  right-winger-30;  ring finger-03;  rite-39;  roadblock-33;  roadrunner-30;  rock-36;  roomers-39;  rooster-16;  rootcap-33;  rose-39;  roughage-21;  roughly-40;  round-19, 37, 39;  rows-39;  rude-39;  rued-39;  rulers-19;  rumors-39;  run-19,  37, 32;  rundown-25;  runners-19;  runoff-25;  run-on-25;  run-up-25;  rush-19;  rush hour-03;  rustic-04;  ruthless-18.

S  —    sack-19;  sadism-06;  safe-37;  safecracker-20;  safety first-37;  sagacity-23;  sagely-40;  sailors-19;  sandal-06, 32;  sane-32;  saw-30;  sayings-19;  scalpel-02;  scan-25;  scandal-32;  scant-25;  scarcity-23;  scatterbrained-03;  scene-31, 39, 38;  scene of battle-42;  scent-39;  scheme unravel-03;  school-19;  scold-25;  scope-32;  score-19;  scratch-01;  screen-36;  screw up-38;  script-31;  sculptor-31;  sea-19;  sealing-39;  seashell-22;  seashore-33;  second-39;  secret-38, 07;  secretary-09;  sect-2739;  seed-36, 31;  seen-39;  sees-30;  seesaw-18;  seething-20;  selection-32;  semiconductor-08, 01, 38;  seminary-06;  semi-professional-38;  Semite-06;  sentence-04;  separation-32;  serial-39;  seven-35;  sex-3239;  shadows-19;  shady-32;  shampoo-18;  shamrock-20;  sharply-40;  shear-25;  shear luck-38;  sheath-25;  sheave-25;  sheepishly-40;  shell-25;  shiftless-05;  shin-25, 07;  shindig-41;  shipment-01;  ships-19;  shock-31, 32;  shoe-32;  short stop-37;  short-30;  shortcoming-28;  shortly-28;  shot-25;  shot back-40;  shout-25;  shower-10, 19;  shrinkage-21;  shut-in-25;  shutout-25;  sick-32;  sick jokes-03;  side-27;  sideline-37, 38;  sight-32, 39;  sightsee-18;  sightseers-19;  simulation-32;  singer-10;  sinister-32;  sinking-23;  sinks in-03;  sires-31;  sister-18;  sit-30;  sit down-25, 03;  sit out-25;  sit up-03;  sit-in-25;  sit-up-25;  site-39;  sitting-01;  skin tight-03;  skinny dipping-37;  skinny-24;  skipper-32;  slacks-24;  slang-11;  slaughter-24, 35;  sleep-07;  sleepwalk-33;  sleeve-31;  slew-19;  sliced bread-43;  slim chance-03;  sling mud-03;  slippery-06;  slobs-19;  slow-01;  slow/fast-30;  slow down-03;  slow up-03;  slowly fix-30;  slug-19;  slugfest-06;  slumber-06, 07;  small-minded-01; , 41;  smarting-18;  snapped-40;  snorted-40;  soapstone-33;  soar-39;  soft shoe-30;  soft touch-30;  softly-30, 25;  solder-10, 42;  soldiers-16;  sole-31;  solely-04;  solitude-08;  solution-32;  solve-27;  sore-39;  sound asleep-03;  soundly-04;  spanking-01;  sparking-20;  sparrow-23;  speakers-01, 19;  special-30;  speculated-40;  speechwriting-33;  spell trouble-03;  spellbinding-11;  spillage-21;  spin-25;  spinster-05;  spoke tirelessly-40;  spokesman-05;  spout-25, 35;  spray-19;  sprinters-19;  spruce-31;  square off-37;  square-31;  squash-37;  stack-19;  stage-32;  stage an attack-42;  stage coach-38;  stagger-16;  stalemate-04, 24;  stand-01, 30, 27;  stands-01;  stand-in-25;  standoff-25;  standout-25;  staple-35;  starch-32;  starting-32;  startle-25;  stationary-39;  stationery-39;  statistics-07;  stay-35;  stereotype-06;  stew-32;  steward-06;  stick-07;  stick your neck out-03;  still kicking-03;  still shaking-30;  stilling-32;  stimulation-32;  stock-31;  stockade-20;  stocking-38;  stoned-31;  stop-30;  stopgap-28;  stopple-25;  stopwatch-04, 18;  store-36;  storm-31;  story-32;  stoves-19;  straight face-40;  strange-32;  stranger-16;  stray-35;  streetwalker-30;  stretch the truth-03;  stretcher-02;  strike-37;  strike a happy medium-03;  string along-38;  string-19;  strokes-02;  stuff-38;  subconscious-20;  subdue-06, 27;  sublime-05;  submerge-08;  subside-27;  substantial-18;  substitute-26;  subterfuge-26;  subtraction-05, 27;  suburban-05;  suburbia-07;  suit-31;  suitable-04, 31;;  suitcase-19, 24;  suite-39;  summary-11;  summer-06;  sundown-01;  sunshade-33;  superintend-08;  superstitions-28;  supervisor-08;  surgery-02;  surplus-28;  swallow your pride-03;  swear-16;  swear-01;  sweep-19;  sweet-39;  sweetbread-01;  sweetmeat-01;  swiftly-40;  swimmers-19;  swimmingly-02;  swingers-38;  sword-35;  syndication-32;  syntax-11.

T  —    tact-07;  tactical-05;  tadpole-20;  tail-39;  tailor-31, 38;  tailspin-28;  take on-25;  takeoff-25;  takeout-30;  tale-39;  talk turkey-03;  talk-32;  tall tale-03;  tangent-20;  tape-35;  tavern-32;  taxidermist-09;  taxonomy-06;  teacher-19, 31, 32;  tech-32;  teed off-37;  teenager-07;  telephone-43;  television-43;  teller-09;  temper-03, 36;  temptation-05;  tender-05;  terminal-02;  terminate-24;  termination-32;  tern-39;  terrible-32;  terrific-36;  testicle-06;  textile-06;  thane-32;  theater of war-42;  therapists-22;  there-35;  therefore-25;  thesaurus-11;  thin ice-37;  think-36;  thinking-20;  thoughtful-04;  thoughtlessly-40;  threat-35;  thrift-32;  throne-39;  throwback-37;  throwing up-37;  thrown-39;  timber-39;  timbre-39;  tired-04;  title-35;  titled-22;  titter-16;  tittle-35;  toad-39;  toed-39;  toenail-30;  toilet-43;  tomboy-28;  tomorrow-07;  tongue in cheek-03;  tooth and nail-38;  toothbrush-02;  top-27;  topical-28;  tornado-07;  touchdown-37;  towed-39;  tower-10;  towing-10;  tracked-39;  tract-39;  traction-05, 27;  tragic-32;  traitor-04;  transmitted-08;  transparent-04, 40;  trash-32;  treat-02, 35;  treaty-25;  tree bark-41;  tree leaves-41;  triangle-31;  trick-32;  trickle-06;  tricky-25;  trigger-16;  triple-06;  tripped-36;  triumph-18;  triumphant-20;  trivia-08;  trophies-19;  trousers-24;  truck driver-08;  trunk-19;  trussed-39;  trust-39;  truth-07;  tugboat-01, 43;  tuners-01;  turn-39;  turn up-25;  turned down-30;  turned up-30;  turndown-25;  turnover-29;  tutu-39;  TV set-03, 43;  twelve-18;  two-39;  two way street-03;  two-faced-03;  typewrite-33.

U  —    udder-16;  ulterior-24;  umlaut-11;  unarmed-17;  unbalanced-17;  unbecoming-17;  uncanny-01;  unclear-17;  uncommitted-17;  uncooked-24, 26;  uncounted-17, 26;  under oath-01;  under the weather-03;  underdogs-28;  undergo-25;  underhanded-04;  underlie-25;  underneath-18;  understand-08, 25, 27, 28, 30;  understood-26;  undertake-25;  undertaker-01;  underwater-01;  undoing-17;  unearthly-17;  uneasiness-17;  uneasy-02;  uneaten-17, 26;  unfairly-17;  unfinished-26;  unfolding-17;  unfounded-08, 17;  unionize-22;  unique-25;  unison-08;  unit-10;  universe-08;  unless-27;  unlit-26;  unpainted-26;  unpeeled-36;  unquestionably-17;  unrest-08, 17;  unruly-26;  unsaid-17;  unsavory-17;  unseemly-17;  unsold-26;  unsound-17;  unsung-17;  untenable-17;  untold-17;  untoward-05;  unwashed-26;  unwitting-17;  unwritten-17, 26;  upheld-40;  upholstered-28;  upright-25;  uprise-25;  upschooled-28;  upset-28;  upstanding-01, 28;  upstart-28;  urban-05;  use-39;  useless-22;  usher-16;  utmost-28;  uttered-40;  utterly-04.

V  —    vacuum cleaner-01, 43;  vain-39;  valuable-25;  vandals-19;  vane-39;  vassal-32;  vegetables-01;  vegetarian-01, 43;  vein-39;  veneration-32;  venison-32;  verb-11;  verbatim-11;  verbose-11;  verification-32;  vial-39;  vice-39;  vice-president-09;  vile-39;  vindication-32;  vine-31;  violator-10;  violin-03, 19;  virtual-04;  virtuoso-06;  vise-39;  visitor-25;  vocation-32;  voice-32;  volume-19;  volunteer-07.

WXYZ  —    waist-39;  waiter-16;  waiver-39;  walk around-30;  walk-37;  walk on water-38;  wanton-20;  warden-20;  wardrobe-04;  ware-39;  warmly-40;  warrant-20;  waste-39;  watch-30, 43;  watch over-29;  waver-39;  weak-39;  weakling-28;  wealth-19, 07;  wear-39;  weather-03;  weathered-36;  weatherman-31;  week-39;  weekday-33;  weeknight-22;  welcome-28;  well done-01;  wheel spoke-41;  wheels-19, 35;  white lie-41;  whole-35, 39;  wholesome-33;  wick-05;  wicked-05, 06, 38;  willingly-40;  wind up-36;  window-18;  wise guy-03;  wise man-03;  within-25;  without-25;  without question-03;  witness-04;  woefully-40;  women-35;  wonderful-24;  wood-39;  woodwork-41;  word-11, 35;  work-30;  worthless-01;  wreckage-21;  wright-32, 39;  wrist-01;  wristwatch-41;  write-39;  write down-03;  write up-03;  yews-39;  yokel-32;  yours-35;  zipper-16