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Words for Thingamagigs

Fun with words for various objects

Then microphones were first invented they were fairly large – so why weren't they called 'macrophones?' And why would the person who invented the flashlight call it that? (The British call it more aptly a torch.) Many of the things in our modern society get labels and idioms that can lead to some humorous questions.

When it was first invented, wasn't the microphone  really large?

Shouldn't the light from a flashlight  be out in a flash?

What gets 'frigerated' in a refrigerator  and why are we doing it again?

What is the logic in calling what obviously is a 'skyship' an airplane ?

Aren't motorcycle and automobile both apt names for either a motorcycle  or an automobile ?

If we call a television  a TV for short, why not call a telephone  a TP?

Why do they call it a TV set  when you only get one?

Is it okay to use the AM radio  after noon?

Are escalators  and elevators  working improperly when going down?

Does anybody really watch a watch ?

Will you find cell phones  in prison?

Is a cured ham  a formerly lousy actor?

Would a ball bearing  be a dance posture?

How do you chop something with chop sticks ?

When cars had running boards, did they come in board feet ?

Did you ever wonder if the hand saw  the same thing that the chain saw ?

Before the invention of the drawing board, what did they go back to?

How come you sleep while the alarm clock  is on and wake up when it goes off?

What was the best thing before sliced bread ?

Is it all right to put cups  in the dishwasher  and dishes  in the cupboard ?

Who would ever want to see their kitchen sink ?

Can you buy an entire chess set  in a pawn shop ?

Is a vegetarian  allowed to eat animal crackers ?

Does a glee club  ever sing sad songs?

How come the doorbell  is never on the door and is rarely a bell?

Isn't it ironic that a synonym for factory  is plant ?

If someone throws a cat out a car window is it kitty litter ?

What is the sound of musical chairs ?

Have you ever been alarmed by your alarm clock ?

Is it good if a vacuum cleaner  really sucks?

Why does a tugboat  mostly push things in the harbor?

And why can't we call a restroom, or bathroom  (where one bathes), or lavatory  (where one laves), or toilet  (a dressing room), or the men's room  (or women's room ) what it really is – an evacuation center ?