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Words Beginning with Re

Fun with words that begin with re

The cliché “peat and repeat” demonstrates that the prefix re- is not always used to imply the notion of “again.”  But if it were, we could make some re-markable statements.  So let’s peat a few examples.

What Mae Hemm disliked about the stage was having to react  all the time.

When Sal Evate asked to have his car polished, the dealer gave him a rebuff.

Whenever Norma Leenot argued with the goats, she was often rebutted.

When Flem went hoarse, Clem had to recall  the square dance.

The priest didn’t hear Elvira’s oaths the first time, so she had to recant  them.

Hearing the bully cry "uncle" was not enough—little Marvin wanted him to recapitulate.

After the sermon on tithing, the pastor called for a recollection.

The maid blushed when Dad came downstairs while recording  his bathrobe.

Like jigsaw puzzles, cloning is a form of recreation.

When it started raining, little Eric had to redeem  his plan of running away.

As a born-again skeptic, Millie Yonair defended her redoubt.

Phil Harmonik was a refined  person because he tore up the traffic ticket in front of the cop.

Being at the wrong grave site meant there would be a rehearsing.

Asked again about the missing cash, Jack Anjill relied  on the truth.

Miss Nomer wiped the whiteboard with her hankie and found it remarkable.

When Stan and Ollie quit, the Possum Club had to be remembered.

After her second divorce, Sandy Feet was remiss  again.

Hearing Dom Ino tell again how he was framed by his foreman, we were removed.

Having lost one boot, Harry Leggs could not repair  the other.

Barry Abone, the bell ringer, thought his birthday deserved a repeal.

Howie Dewing was repenting  because he left the gate open and the pigs got out.

Needing his baggage carried a second time, the hotel guest called for a reporter.

Every time the doorbell rang, the artist had to repose  his model.

After Angel refused to pay the exorcist, her child was repossessed.

The day the rats escaped in the lab, it was nothing but search and research.

After the waiter tripped with his food, Chester Field found his table reserved.

Having spilled coffee on the contract signature, Penny Lofer had to resign.

One thing Kit Chen didn’t like about being a private eye was the retailing  aspect.

Earl Eeburd would retire  every time he tried anything strenuous.

On Halloween night, Les Philling was determined not to retreat.

Not quite a pro yet, June Ipper had to constantly revamp  her lovers.

At the all-you-can-eat buffet, Barack's intentions were revealing.

Averse to alliteration, the elder editor urged Ed Abul to reverse  his poetry.

Uncle Lectable’s job at the Institution was to reward  the patients that got loose.