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Pun-ishing Adjectives

A look at puns as adjectives

I’d like to make a toast,” Tom said warmly.  This is an adverb pun and is called a Tom Swiftly as a ridicule of the writing style found in the old Tom Swift adventure books.  A variation of the Tom Swiftly is the pun-ishing adjectives.  Here’s a sampling.

When Willy Nilly joined the track team, he was considered a dash ing young man.

There was a man from Limerick who disliked diversified  poetry.

When Minnie Mumm stuffed a baloney sandwich in her mouth, she looked gorge ous.

When Captain Crook lost one hand, his other was, of course, impaired.

Rusty Steele found the jail bars a bit too iron ic.

The fact that it was blurry did not mean it was a mistaken  picture.

The Bumsteads had a pet ty argument over Daisy the dog.

As inmates miles apart, Eb and Flo could only enjoy a phone y relationship.

Igor Beever found chasing patients around the sanitarium a rewarding  job.

Tim Burr was so sens ible that the dogs could easily track him down.

Because of elf noises, the tent ative camper never did hike into the woods.

After his pie shop tantrum, Hank O’Hare went through tort uous legal proceedings.

It’s a myth that Native Indians used to talk ug ly.

Even though he lost often, Cy Clopps was still an unloved  tennis player.

During the War, the government instituted a ration al gasoline policy.

At nudist camps, people are bare ly comfortable.

Casting her ballot for Senator Snooze gave Lotta Flem an elect ric feeling.

When Sela Bessey had triplets, her mater ial instincts went into overdrive.

During elections, candidates rely on poll ution results.

Strange women often slapped Doc Trin because of his lust rous looks.