Prime Rhymes

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Prime rhymes are word pairs with identical sounds except for the leading consonants and which make sense together, like “hot spot.”  Such couplets of two syllables each, like “funny money” and “double trouble,” are a dime a rhyme.  However, prime rhymes of three and four syllables are a little rarer.  The real trick, though, is to find each rhyming pair a definition that is also a prime rhyme.

Two syllables

harbor barber — skipper clipper

funny money — trash cash

frantic antic — stage rage

harmful armful — brat cat

rapture capture — sex hex

shady lady — hiss miss

sandal scandal — shoe stew

champagne campaign — fun run

charade parade — starch march

mountain fountain — peak leak

tavern cavern — rave cave

teacher feature — chalk talk

tragic magic — sick trick

castle vassal — house mouse

Three syllables

banister canister — rail pail

cantaloupe antelope — fruit brute

cynical pinnacle — rip tip

deception reception — cheating greeting

detention retention — keep keep

charity rarity — thrift gift

venison denizen — deer peer

pollution solution — air care

attitude latitude — mope scope

resident president — local yokel

rational national — sane thane

sinister minister — creature preacher

terrible parable — gory story

gaiety deity — odd god

levity brevity — one pun

vocation location — wright sight

selection election — choice voice

particle article — piece piece

Four syllables

imitation limitation — mimic gimmick

medication dedication — pill frill

copulation population — breed need

preservation reservation — strange range

veneration generation — proud crowd

nomination domination — name fame

nobility mobility — pride ride

litigation mitigation — brief brief

simulation stimulation — mock shock

vindication syndication — action faction

separation preparation — parting starting

astronomic gastronomic — glut gut

delegation relegation — group stoop

termination germination — ending pending

Five syllables

verification clarification — tech check

pacification classification — stilling billing

codification modification — paper caper

stratification ratification — tiering clearing (a stretch, I admit)