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Prefix Daffynitions

New definitions for old words

Some words which appear to have prefixes like auto- or pre-, or un- often make what I call Prefixed Daffynitions.  (Also see Daffynitions and More Daffynitions.

antelope — stretches before jogging

autocrat — car buff

autonomy — study of cars names

antiseptic — opposed to the number 7

bishop — double jump

cogent — fellow nobleman

confront — swindler’s cover

concourse — prison education

counterman — census taker

decadent — having ten teeth

descent — clear the air

device — criminal rehabilitation

discover — take the lid off

explain — now decorated

expert — no longer lively

illiterate — moan and groan repeatedly

incontinent — not abroad

injury — trial phase

intent — camping

invent — take a deep breath

maximum — speechless

minimum — talkative

minister — midget

mistress — cowlick

nonplus — subtract

observe — bus tables (undo what the waiter did)

postpone — after the corn bread

preamble — leg stretches

prediction — baby talk

prefix — break

prepared — with the rind still on

preserve — preheat and prepare

pretension — before the argument

pretext — table of contents

prolong — in favor of length

procure — medicine for money players

protraction — against bald tires

rebelled — rang again

repast — de ja vu

semiconductor — truck driver

solitude — sunshine

submerge — put together a big sandwich

superintend — really, really mean to

supervisor — long billed cap

transmitted — shook hands

trivia — three lane road

understand — crouch down a little

unfounded — lost again

unison — half of a bison

universe — one line poem

unrest — exercise