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This is a list of occupations and people that can be found in Fun with Words sections shown by the MENU icon in upper left corner.  Locate the occupation or person type in this list, then go to the associated page and do Ctrl + F, then type in the occupation to locate it on that page.  Also see the complete Index of Words.

Accountant - Job Jokes

Actor - Wonder Phrases

Analyst - What Do You Call...

Archeologist - Job Jokes

Archer - Er-rant Words

Army cook - Job Jokes, Collective Nouns

Army general - Wonder Words

Army major - Wonder Words

Army private - Wonder Words

Arsonist - Say Again

Artist - Job Jokes

Autocrat - Prefix Daffynitions

Baker - Job Jokes

Ballerina - Job Jokes

Banker - What Do You Call...

Barber - Job Jokes, Er-rant Words, Prime Rhymes, What Do You Call..., Butterflies

Baron - Dittograms

Bartender - Bundle Words

Baseball pitcher - Collective Nouns

Baseball player - Sport Orts, Job Jokes

Basketball player - Sport Orts

Beach bum - Bundle Words

Beachcomber - What Do You Call...

Bell ringer - Say Again, Re-Collection

Bishop - Collective Nouns

Bouncer - What Do You Call...

Bride - Dis-connections

British politician - Bundle Words

Broker - Er-rant Words

Bums - Collective Nouns

Bureaucrat - Collective Nouns

Butcher - De-tour, Er-rant Words, Job Jokes

Butler - Er-rant Words

Cab driver - What Do You Call...

Cabinet makers - Job Jokes

Calligrapher - Dittograms

Candidate - Fractured Definitions

Candle makers - Job Jokes

Car buff - Prefix Daffynitions

Car dealer - Collective Nouns

Cardinal - Collective Nouns

Cardiologist - What Do You Call...

Caregiver - Wonder Words

Caretaker - Wonder Words

Carpenter - Job Jokes

Cashier - Job Jokes

Cellist - Say Again

Cemetery worker - Job Jokes, Wonder Phrases

Chairman - Dis-connections

Chef - Daffynitions, Dis-connections, Job Jokes

Chinese - Dis-connections

Clown - Collective Nouns

Communist - Dis-connections

Conductor - What Do You Call...

Contractor - What Do You Call...

Convict - Dis-connections

Cook - Job Jokes, Wonder Words

Cop - Job Jokes

Coroner - Job Jokes, Demeaned Words

Coward - Collective Nouns

Cowboy - Imps and Ages

Customer - Curious Words

Deaf person - Wonder Words

Dentist - Job Jokes, What Do You Call...

Dermatologists - Job Jokes, Collective Nouns

Detective - Curious Words

Dietician - Goofinitions

Diplomat - What Do You Call...

Doctor - Ask Your Doctor, Job Jokes

Draftsman - What Do You Call...

Driller - Job Jokes

Editor - Job Jokes

Emcee - Collective Nouns

Electrician - Job Jokes, What Do You Call...

Elk member - Dis-connections

Engraver - What Do You Call...

Farmer - Job Jokes

Father - Bundle Words Aloud

Fireman - Wonder Words

Fishermen - Collective Nouns, Job Jokes

Florist - Job Jokes

Football coach - Hyp-hens, Job Jokes

Football player - Sport Orts

Foreman - What Do You Call...

Fortune teller - Dittograms, Job Jokes, Daffynitions, Wonder Phrases

Fraternity man - Collective Nouns

Funeral director - Job Jokes

Gambler - Job Jokes

General - Wonder Words

Gardener - Job Jokes, Dittograms

Golfer - Bundle Words, Job Jokes

Governor - Job Jokes

Graduate - What Do You Call...

Grocers - Er-rant Words

Hero - Dis-connections

Heroine - Dittograms

Historian - Job Jokes

Hitchhiker - Curious Words

Hockey player - Job Jokes

Horse trainer - Hyp-hens

Hostage - Wonder Words

Humanitarian - Wonder Words

Hunter - Sport Orts, Er-rant Words

In-law - Mock Antonyms

Internist - What Do You Call...

Inventor - Job Jokes

Landowner - Dis-connections

Lawyer - Hyp-hens, Job Jokes, Collective Nouns, Daffynitions

Lay people - Wonder Words

Librarian - Job Jokes, Collective Nouns

Lineman - Job Jokes

Longshoreman - What Do You Call...

Maestro - Job Jokes, Wonder Words

Magician - Dis-connections

Maid (housekeeper) - Dittograms

Mail carrier - Job Jokes

Major - Dittograms, Contraps, Wonder Words

Manicurist - Fractured Definitions

Mathematician - Dis-connections, Job Jokes, Collective Nouns

Meteorologist - Collective Nouns

Microbiologist - Bundle Words Aloud

Millionaire - Collective Nouns

Miner - What Do You Call...

Minister - Prefix Daffynitions, Prime Rhymes

Mistress - Prefix Daffynitions

Model (artist’s) - Dis-connections, Wonder Words, Job Jokes

Mortician - Collective Nouns

Murderer - Collective Nouns

Musician - Say Again, Job Jokes, Collective Nouns

Nurse - Ask Your Doctor

Officer - Hyp-hens, Er-rant Words

Old lady - Prefix Daffynitions

Operator - What Do You Call...

Optimist - What Do You Call..., Wonder Phrases

Orchestra leader - Dis-connections

Palmist - Collective Nouns

Pathologist - What Do You Call...

Patient - Ask Your Doctor, Unreal Meanings

Peleontologist - What Do You Call...

Philosopher - What Do You Call...

Photographer - Job Jokes

Plasterer - Er-rant Words

Playwright - Job Jokes

Plumber - Job Jokes

Poet - Dittograms

Poker player - Collective Nouns

Podiatrist - Dittograms

Pornographer - Collective Nouns

Preacher - Prime Rhymes

Prelate - Bundle Words Aloud

President - Prime Rhymes

Press secretary - Fractured Definitions

Priest - Re-Collection, Collective Nouns

Prinicipal - Dittograms

Prize fighter - Collective Nouns

Proctologist - What Do You Call...

Producer - What Do You Call...

Protestant - Mock Antonyms

Psychiatrist - Collective Nouns

Psychoanalyst - Job Jokes, What Do You Call...

Quaker - Collective Nouns

Quarterback - Collective Nouns, Bundle Words

Rancher - Job Jokes

Realtor - Job Jokes

Reporter - Re-collections

Rhinologist - Dittograms

Roofer - Job Jokes

Safecracker - Bundle Words

Sailor - Fractured Definitions, Collective Nouns

Salesman - Dis-connections, Fractured Definitions

Secretary - What Do You Call...

Shoe sellers - Job Jokes

Shopper - Dis-connections

Sightseer - Collective Nouns

Singer - Say Again

Skipper - Prime Rhymes

Slob - Collective Nouns

Soldier - Say Again, Dittograms

Speaker - Collective Nouns

Spinster - Fractured Definitions

Stage manager - Dis-connections

State trooper - Job Jokes

Supervisor - Prefix Daffynitions

Swimmer - Collective Nouns

Tailor - Job Jokes

Taxi driver - Job Jokes

Taxidermist - Job Jokes, What Do You Call...

Teacher - Hyp-hens, Job Jokes, Prime Rhymes, Collective Nouns

Teenager - Daffynitions

Teller - What Do You Call...

Tennis player - Goofinitions, Pun-nishing Adjectives

Therapist - Hyp-hens

Tightrope walker - Unreal Meanings

Truck driver - Prefix Daffynitions, Job Jokes

Typist - Job Jokes

Umpire - What Do You Call...

Undertaker - Wonder Words, Job Jokes

Vandal - Collective Nouns

Vegetarian - Wonder Words

Violinist - Job Jokes

Volunteer - Daffynitions

Waiter - De-tour, Er-rant Words

Warden - Bundle Words

Webmaster - Job Jokes

Wise man - Wonder Phrases

Witch - Dis-connections