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Imps and Ages

A look at words that start with imp- or end with -age

Words beginning with “imp” or ending with “age” are particularly vulnerable to being bundle words.

impact — devilish deed

impair — scent of evil

impale — demon beverage

impart — demon culture

impend — fairy tail

implies — fairy tales

implode — fairy ore find

implore — fairy tale

import — devilish morsel

improper — mischevous cowboy

improver — gypsy demon

impunity — devil’s compact

Now for some human history.

message — infancy

spillage — babyhood

breakage — early childhood

blockage — middle childhood

wreckage — late childhood

roughage — early teen years

bandage — middle teen years

average — late teen years

manage — for males, 18 years old

bondage — married life

pillage — senior years

shrinkage — late senior years

postage — afterlife