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Hyp-hens; Fun with Hyphenations

Examples of when hyphens can change the meaning of a sentence

Some words that can be fractured into several words (like Bundle Words) may cause problems when hyphenated incorrectly.  (For more about hyp-hens, see Eric Shackle’s page.)

If words are not hyphenated correctly, they change the intended meaning of a sentence.

If you are an orphan, pa-

rental experience can be challenging.

After seeing the results of the brains-

canner, Igor made some thoughtless remarks.

Intelligence is passed on through the gene-

rations, according to Sigmund Fraud.

Heck Ovit was upset by what he heard in the men-

swear section of Auschuck's Department Store.

Lt. Lou Tenant was the only not-

able person on the police force.

Olive Pitt, the music teacher, believed disco-

very often leads to effective learning.

Mr. Coffee knew it was cup-

id that attracted him to Miss T.

Ever the clown, Mack Aronie loved gig-

antic laughs and custard cream pies.

What Floyd saw in Mona’s green eyes was hat-

red instead of her usual blue mood.

The Psyonara Institute provides the-

rapists for private consultations.

The angry veterans put on a flag-

rant display for higher benefits.

Anna went to the farm to pray for the heat-

hens but found they had all flown the coop.

The pixies wiggled their ears and with imp-

unity swore to obey the laws of North Urgas.

The track star popularity was due to the new-

sprint rather than jumping hurdles.

The president of Local 518 knew that to un-

ionize the electricians would cause static.

Kurt Cee gave up hockey and became an off-

icer of in a small town near Toronto.

The old parking structure had ramp-

ant destruction as well as termite damage.

Tad Poal, the Red Sox lefthander sang ball-

ads on TV during the off-season.

Sue Shee seldom saw a seas-

hell at the Shreveport seashore.

The Joker’s worst crime was the mans-

laughter on April Fool’s Day.

The members of the House of Lords are tit-

led gentlemen who keep abreast of things.

Bud Abing just did not find the leaders-

hip at Nerds Anonymous to his liking.

Maid Daly said she preferred a wee-

knight when Sir Loin asked her to the afternoon joust-off.

Pat Onaback insisted he would beg-

in his campaign for mayor.

Looking for incompetence? You’ll find it now-

here in this organization.

The English teacher gave her usual pronoun-

cement to the nameless children.

The minister compiled his past-

oral sermons into a book nobody bought.


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Even if hyphenated correctly, some hyp-hens can change the intended meaning of a sentence

"The Meating Place" is a no-

table restaurant with a long-standing reputation.

Kook-Rite Products is known for its break-

fast appliances such as toasters and coffee makers.

As for the future, the subcommittee will deter-

mine if Dick Shunary should remain chairperson.

Jerry Mander, the horse trainer, had to rein-

force the steed's need for attention.

The temperance movement suffered a bar-

rage of verbal abuse and misunderstanding.

Len Daneer was surprised when his male-

mute barked for the first time.

Ever the loving wife, Fanny Pax put car-

rot in her husband's salad because of his iron deficiency.

At all his parties, Guy Zandolls had a man-

date that everyone ridiculed behind his back.

Even though the Choka-Cola brand was ad-

mired, sales were less than expected.

Hal Mett, the new UM football coach, had a pro-

state condition which no one knew about.

The workers in the garden were only peas-

ants who lived in the colony on the hill.

Mark Mewordz expressed opposition to a use-

less strategy on energy consumption.

Della Cuttessan was regarded as an unbearable man-

ager because of her constant nagging.

Commercial promotions and ad-

vice is where the money is.

Nick Oteen asked his lawyer to read-

just his fees on the new contract.

Two-for-one drinks is a bar-

gain, which is why it's called "happy hour."

You can tell by his hand-

shake that Otto Krat didn't belong to a bomb disposal team.

Deb O'Nare cringed at the male-

dictions she heard aboard ship.

You should have heard the cur-

sing when Charlie Hoarse stepped on the dog's tail.