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Fun with Military Words

Then there all those army, navy, and air force words that make you wonder

Why is a group of foot soldiers called an army  instead of a leggy?

Shouldn't the army infantry  be called the army adultery?

Did you ever see a marine  at a marina?

In the navy, is a portly  person left-handed?

How do we know navy  comes from naval  instead of navel?

What are portholes  called when the are on the starboard side of the ship?

Does the air force  specialize in forced air?

On an old sailing ship, is the poop deck  a shitty place to be?

Why doesn't the military call missiles  'hittiles' instead?

Is a fortress  a fort  without any guns sticking out?

Is a casualty  someone dressed in sweat shirt and jeans?

What do the British think an arsenal  is?

Does it seem reasonable for a soldier  to be a medic?

How come an army private  doesn't get any privacy?

Does an army major  get demoted to a minor?

Does an army general  do anything specific?

Aren't guys in the navy  basically water boys?

Why do privates  eat in the general mess and generals  eat in the private mess?

Was George Washington a revolting  general?

In a theater of war, at the scene of a battle, when they stage an attack  in an act of war, wouldn't they expect

the enemy to play  dead?