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Words Beginning with Er

We all know a farmer farms, a runner runs and a baker bakes. So…

… why doesn’t a butcher butch and an archer arch?

… if you crack a cracker, aren’t you the cracker?

… do animals get mange from a manger?

… aren’t you the zipper when you zip a zipper?

… is your broker more broke than you?

… do big numbers make you numb?

… does a pitcher throw to a pitchee or does a catcher get the ball from a catchee?

… how come a diner dines on dinner in a diner?

… why don’t hammers ham and pliers ply?

… can you make lather on a lathe?

… isn’t it odd that a prayer sayer says a prayer?

… if you work in an office, doesn’t that make you an officer?

… shouldn’t a bird that crows be called a crower?

… wouldn’t a sweater that does what it is supposed to, stink?

… did you ever hear a bladder blad or an udder udd?

… shouldn’t the customer of a barber be called a barbee?

… instead of saying a plasterer plasters, why not a plaster plasts?

… is a peer someone who urinates?

… does a butler butle or an usher ush?

… how come a stag can stagger, but so can a staggerer stagger?

… shouldn’t someone attending be called an attender instead of an attendee?

… why is a laid piece called a layer instead of a layee?

… when the finger fings won’t the trigger trig?

… how strange is a stranger?

… if a rooster roosts, shouldn’t a beaver beave or a panther panth?

… would you rather be a putter or a putterer?

… why does a pest pester instead of a pester pest?

… what does a teller tell?

… couldn’t titter or butter describe a man charmed by a woman’s physique?

… is it the pooper you scoop with the pooper-scooper?

… when you wait for a waiter, aren’t you the waiter?

… why can you lower your voice but not higher your voice?

… if you pick up a hitchhiker, aren’t you a hitchhikee?