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Words Beginning with Dis

As with dis-appoint and dis-closed

Adjectives beginning with the prefix “dis” seem to be especially vulnerable to puns.  Have you heard about the…

disappointed  chairman?

disbanded  rock group?

discarded  communist?

discharged  cavalry?

disclosed  doors?

disconcerted  orchestra leader?

discounted  blessings?

discouraged  hero?

discredited  shopper?

discriminating  convict?

discussed  blasphemer?

disenchanted  witch?

disfigured  mathematician?

disillusioned  magician?

disintegrated  school?

disinterested  bond holder?

disjointed  marijuana smoker?

dislodged  Elk member?

dismantled  moose head?

dismayed  year?

dismembered  committee?

dismissed  bride?

disorderly  salesman?

disoriented  Chinese?

dispatched  trousers?

displayed  stage manager?

disposed  model?

dissected  religious cult?

dissolved  equation?

distracted  landowner?

distilled  cash?

distorted  chef (or attorney)?

distressed  Samson after he met Dahlia?

distrusted  banker?