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Demeaned Words

Words which appeal to some original meaning

As a word ages, sometimes its meaning evolves and after a while, the literal meaning, like with “hardly,” seems rather strange.  You might say the word was de-meaned, if you get my meaning.  Check out some common words as they take on literal definitions in strange contexts.  (If you don’t get these, look beyond the obvious meaning.  For example, what does the word “occupation” have to do with occupying?)

Having grown tired of Juliet, Romeo longed for their apartment.

Having grown tired of Romeo, Juliet longed for his department.

Having been found guilty, the defendant turned to his lawyer and found him appealing.

After the chase, police work is usually apprehensive  and clerical.

Sporting a tam, goatee and sandals, Bobby Soks thought he looked artful.

What Doris Ajarr did after running up five flights of stairs was breathtaking.

Sitting in the shade of an elm tree, sipping iced tea, without a worry in the world, Alfredo was careless.

The staff at the mental institution found Meg Afone a reluctant committee.

To marry him or not, that was a considerable  question for Karen Agrudge.

Wanting a first class coronation, the king hired a first class coroner.

The bull saw his mate and moved cowardly  with excitement.

The fly floated deadly  in Murray's cream of asparagus soup.

Most igloos have a domestic  quality about them.

When it came to reincarnation, Luke Warm’s opinions were doubtful.

At really loud rock concerts, all of the people leave with earrings.

Ray Deo took the body to the cemetery and encrypted  it.

The National Parks Service often entrails  the parks for tourists.

Looking at Captain Hook, you could tell he wasn’t evenhanded.

Drivers on the German autobahn enjoy freedom of expression.

As Ty Tannic leapt from the window, he realized the gravity  of his situation.

After his lewd gesture, Diane B. Berried slapped the doorman handily.

When Jim Nasium ran into the brick wall, he hardly  stopped.

Levi Tate and Joyce Tick ended their crime spree with a joint  venture.

Karen Agrudge could watch her weight through hindsight.

Jane couldn’t sleep since ignorance  of Tarzan’s snoring was impossible.

Cora Nairy discovered her fruit salad had been impeached.

The plaster penguins in the gift shop were important  rather than domestic.

Every morning after getting out of bed, old Mr. Byamile became indentured.

When Aunt Tenna spilt honey on the magazine, the pages became individual.

Being a hedonistic materialist, Theo Retical lost interest  in his savings account.

Rob Burry dreamt up his ideas in the lavatory and built them in the inventory.

Being dyslexic, the young poet wrote inversely.

Because of her obesity, Cindy Kation was largely  ignored.


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Wanting to be noticed, Jules Price arrives at church lately.

With one leg a lot shorter than the other, Brad was a lean  man.

When Sally Mander brought a dog home, she got a licking.

Her feelings for Den Churs were likely  rather than lovely.

The stingy old man thought he could become rich by practicing misery.

When asked his occupation, Mel Encolli replied that it was a small cubical.

When flu struck the choir, Pastor Bye had to organize  the music.

On hot summer days, Friar Muck could feel the parchment  on his lips.

Though she loved commas, Eliza Lott ended her sentences periodically.

Bea Stille couldn't remember her lines, so she played her role promptly.

The now eminent Col. Uvtrooth talked about the early years of preeminence.

Whenever Pa Thetic lent him the car, Junior always left it radioactive.

The one time Arlo went to church, he went religiously.

Chief Pony Tail had reservations  about making reservations at the reservation.

After taking the fifth amendment before the grand jury, Van Illa was no longer responsible.

Having crammed all night for the test, Ima Teepot was restless.

Stu Piddity left his tools in the rain and now they were quite rustic.

Without ballet shoes, Kate Urdinner danced solely  for fun.

During Act IV, Will Pauer was sleeping so soundly,nobody could hear the actors.

The fight between two black widow spiders lasted so long it ended up in a stalemate.

Ken Tucky found out that wearing a stopwatch  did not cure his voyeurism.

My Uncle Lectable was a tailor who had trouble finding suitable  customers.

When Lord Knowse referred to the king as “your heinous,” he made a tactical  mistake.

"Wait a minute" is timely  advice.

After the car rolled over her foot, Eva Lewshun’s leg was tired.

Sam Onella’s head ached because it was so thoughtful.

The fact that Stan Doffish likes to characterize people makes him a traitor.

Because of the divorce, the children displayed transparent  affection.

Compared to other people, Captain Hook was an underhanded  guy.

The sounds in the library were utterly  annoying.

While at the monastery Gil O’Tean led a virtual  existence.

When she got to maternity, Kay Kwalk was given a wardrobe  that tied in back.

In Europe, Angie Osperm found the price of petrol very high literally.