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Fun with Words Beginning with De

As with de-bunk or de-briefed

The prefix “de” is often used to reverse or negate the root meaning of a word, as in “derail” or ”decompose.”  What if we made negation a hard and fast rule?

It was embarrassing to see Ron Chee debriefed  in public.

Finding Private Partz still in bed, the sergeant found it necessary to debunk  him.

Jumping into the lake always decreased  Verge Enwool’s suit.

By constantly nagging her husband, Teri Kloth thought she could default  him.

Mia Kulpa testified she saw the Toyota defender  on impact.

Mr. Mason insisted that Della defile  the E. S. Gardner case.

Though a sound sleeper, a bucket of water would delay  Matt Triss instantly.

Justin Tyme’s violation of parole required his deliberation.

When she blew out all 59 of her birthday candles, Katy Didd was delighted.

Bella Kose the butcher took a knife and delivered  the chickens.

Crueller, the Rottweiler, turned out to be a lovable dog after it had been demeaned.

The passengers could not deplane until the aircraft’s demotion  was complete.

Laryngitis will denote  a good singer every time.

Nicole Odian stepped out of the shower, dried off, and denuded  herself.

Mrs. DePoint placed her hand on Leo’s head and departed  his hair.

The trouble with elevator buttons is that you can’t depress  them.

The sheep had to be deranged  before shearing.

The waiter deserved  Annie Mayshun because she was a lousy tipper.

Boxer puppies typically undergo detailing.

After Rudy Mentary was fired, he was determined to get his determination.

After the recount, Mayor Maenot was devoted  out of office.