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Contraps or Consecutive Antonym

Pairs of antonyms in a sentence that do not contradict each other

Sometimes antonyms can work together in a sentence without contradicting each other.  I call these instances contraps.  On occasion, the words end up being an oxymoron (like much less), but not always.

By cutting out ice cream, Wes Tindies thought he was on a slow fast.

As soon as she saw her ex, Erna Living left right  away.

Jay Walker didn’t know enough to come in out  of the rain.

Just as Bo Dayshush returned with the hotdogs, time ran out in  the second quarter.

Shirley Ujest married the man she was after before  he had time to think about it.

Why is it we know much less  than when we were teenagers?

Before you go, stop  playing with your mustache.

Bart Ender was a foot ahead  of the others when he hit the telephone pole.

The earthquake was so strong, the gelatin was still shaking  the next day

When the police showed up, it turned into an odd evening.

With Dinah Sower as the lead actor, the director could not make the play work.

In a nightmare, Major Ett dreamt he was at the front back  where he started.

Basketball players used to be short long  time ago.

A lover of long weekends, Joe Friday always took off on  Fridays.

Don’t do  as I do; do as I dictate.

Where I come from to  err is hunam.

Fitz Tuatee had, when the divorce was over, under  ten dollars.

Candice can’t can candy cantaloupes, can she?

The realtor sold few lots  while wearing his clown nose.

The way Barb Dwyer played the tuba was hardly softly.

Seymour Uvmy prefers to slowly fix breakfast on Monday mornings.

The fact that Gen. Store never wore shoes made him a special general.

Shorter than his army buddies, Jan Uary was viewed as a minor major.

After refusing to pay the bill, Nan Neegote found herself in front outside.

Because he was a soft touch, hard knocks  were inevitable.

Yuri Nary had to write down up  to ten reasons why he shouldn’t be fired.

On bad days, Tom Peeper only sees blinds.


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Sometimes we have to allow a few words inside the contrap… but this only opens up the possibilities.

In the forest, no one heard  the saw, so it didn’t exist.

Because of his medical problem, Bubba Gumm can’t stand  to sit.

When the hammerhead  landed on his toenail, Dan Druff said some unholy things.

Rita Bookertoo insisted she was not taken aback  by the affront, even as she wept.

During committee meetings, Vanna Tee liked listening  to her watch.

As Herb Ivor lectured, he struggled to understand  the overlay on the projector.

You wouldn’t expect to find dead space  in the living room.

Believe it or not, a birddog is not good at catching catfish, or the other way around.

Dr. Didlittle uses schlock therapy to fix up  a breakdown.

Being an omnivore, Evan Gelic had no input  on the takeout  order.

Since it was their anniversary, Jill Tidd refused to give in  to takeout  food.

Ben Dairdundat liked to walk around  thedrive-through  in a silly hat.

Eve Ning found his false eye right under  the leftover lasagna.

It’s news when a streetwalker  bites a roadrunner.

Ma Cheti couldn’t believe the right-winger  was a left hander.

It was hilarious seeing Gene Poole in a hard hat  doing the soft shoe.

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