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A Confusion of Collective Nouns

A look at words for collection of things

There seems to be a collective noun for just about any group—like a pride of lions, a ream of paper, a stand of trees, or a stack of bibles.  Some are oddly named and imply no quantity—like “a murder of crows.”  Wouldn’t it be more logically to call such a group “a crowd of crows?”  Here are some other collective nouns that would make sense.

A barrel  of guns

A battery  of flashlights

A body  of morticians

A bowl  of football games

A box  of prize fighters

A bundle  of babies

A carload  of clowns

A case  of lawyers

A cast  of fishermen

A closet  of acrophobics

A collection  of churches

A company  of chaperones

A complex  of psychoanalysts

A crowd  of crows

A cup  of trophies

A dash  of sprinters

A deck  of cardinals

A deck  of sailors

A division  of mathematicians

A drove  of old cars

A fleet  of runners

A flush  of toilets

A glut  of doughnuts

A gross  of pornographers

A hamper  of helpers

A handful  of palmists

A hill  of beans

A host  of emcees

A jar  of Quakers

A kettle  of drums

A list  of ships

A litter  of slobs

A loaf  of bums

A lot  of car dealers

A mass  of priests

A measure  of rulers

A mess  of army cooks

A mound  of baseball pitchers

A number  of counts

A pack  of suitcases

A pan  of sightseers

A party  of fraternity men

A peck  of chickens

A pile  of carpets

A pinch  of pickpockets

A plethora  of pedantries

A plot  of conspirators

A pot  of poker players

A pound  of hammers

A purse  of kisses

A quota  of sayings

A raft  of swimmers

A range  of stoves

A rash  of dermatologists

A ream  of bureaucrats

A round  of wheels

A run  of cowards

A run  of noses

A rush  of fraternity men

A sack  of quarterbacks

A sack  of vandals

A school  of teachers

A score  of musicians

A sea  of bishops

A shower  of meteorologists

A slew  of murderers

A slug  of fists

A spray  of cats

A stack  of librarians

A string  of violins

A sweep  of brooms

A trunk  of elephants

A volume  of speakers

A wealth  of millionaires

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