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Bundle Words Aloud

A different meaning when words are spoken differently than when read

It is only when the components of some bundle words are distinctly (and perhaps incorrectly) pronounced aloud that they give new meaning to the whole word.  Say the following words aloud so that you get the Daffynitions shown.

asphalt — snake barrier

aspire — snake anger

ballad — way to sell sports equipment

bedevil — nightmares

begone — how to get cup of coffee

bravest — odd chest garment

briefly — cheese loving insect

cornice — frozen treat made of maize

cruelties — arranged marriages

curtailment — brief illness

detergent — a kick in the groin

earnest — home for listeners

endanger — counting to ten and taking a deep breath

endear — last one to hear a rumor

fatally — chubby friend

father — big lady over there

gallant — an audacious insect

generally — microbiologists convention

justice — scotch on the rocks, hold the scotch

legend — the toes

malediction — basso voice

malefactor — y chromosome

malice — lousy mothers

massacres — open air church

menswear — locker room language

misery — penny pinching

molestation — part of an underground railroad

mustache — mandatory pain

noticed — room temperature

novice — good behavior

nowhere — currently present

pageant — calling insect

panache — cooking pain

parable — 180 yard hole

pigeon — era of slobs

prosecute — not a knockout beauty

prouncement — name-brand concrete

restart — the knack of relaxing

sagacity — town with a tale

scarcity — the burn ward

sinking — Satan

sparrow — boxing argument