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Any Word Is Funny

For orators, speechwriters, and teachers

So you are giving a speech and you want to make a joke with a certain word and you can’t find it on any page of Fun with Words. (See menu button in upper left corner)  After all, some words just aren’t that funny, like dolphin, education, honor, and computer.  What do you do?  Well, there are several ways to make fun of any word… hence, any word is funny.  (Of course discretion demands that some words like cancer, lynching and genocide not be used in jest.)  Let’s suppose the word you want to have some fun with is proxy.

Or type in the word you would like to make fun of:   

I offer the following suggestions:

“First of all, let me point out that is the only word spelled that way.”

“My wife uttered the word in her sleep not long ago.  The next day she said she had a nightmare.”

“There is nothing funny ha ha about — unless, of course, you say it 20 times really fast.”

“If you reverse the letters in , you get ‘,’ which, as you know, …

…is nonsense.”

…makes as much sense as .”

…spelled backwards is .”

“Did you know that is an old Eskimo word which they never use.”

“Did you realize that if were letters shorter we wouldn't be talking about it?”

“So what impact has had on the world?  It has made the dictionary just a wee bit bigger.”

“The first word I ever spoke was .  I was a junior in college.”

“Actually, my dog can say .  He says it whenever he has to go outside.”

“Growing up, I first came across the word in the Bible.  It was written in the margin in pencil, verse…”

“We all know what means.  Unfortunately we all can’t agree.”

“In fact, is not really very funny unless you misspell it.”

“A friend tells me that the word comes from the Pig Latin ‘.‘”

“Today is so controversial that people can’t even agree how to misspell it.”

“In the Garden of Eden, Eve was going to name one of the animals , but Adam said…

…‘No, save for something that’s inexplicable.’”

…‘No, save for something we can’t swallow.’”

…‘No, wait until something really hairy comes along.’”

…‘I’m already using for some imponderable notion I have.’”

“It’s an old Indian word.  They used to say, don‘t step in the .”

“My dog’s name is , but when I call her, she runs away.”

“My cats’s name is , but when I call her, she never comes to me.”

“The first word actually heard coming from space was followed by ‘nanoo-nanoo.’”

“I looked up in the dictionary and it said…

…any idiot knows what means.”

…there is no such word as .”

…comes from the Greek, which is why I don’t understand it.”

is short for ‘alopoly.’ I looked up ‘alopoly’ and it wasn’t there.”