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Funny Business Names

A list of humorous names for business; like Senior Moments for a retirment center

(Read about business names at “An Old Lady and a Mop”)

No doubt, someday someone will name a law firm Notable Attorneys not realizing it could be read as Not Able Attorneys.  But then again, who would have thought a startup car rental company could take the obviously absurd name of RentAWreck and succeed?  And if Lick A Chick restaurant makes a profit in Nova Scotia, then maybe the silly names below are okay, too.  (If you don’t see what’s funny about a particular name, say it aloud, slower or faster, or read it in syllables.  Also note the italized words.)





  Senior Moments

retirement center

  Ill Advisors

medical consultants


coffee dairy substitute

  Mash It

instant potatoes

  Dead Reckoning

funeral home

  Crazy For You

psychiatry center

  Air Head

waterless toilet

  Blow Hard

electric fan

  We Air


  Notable Attorneys

law firm

  Shamrock Diamonds

jewelry outlet

  All Over

tours and excursions

  Pro Fits Only

clothing store

  Go Away

travel agency

  Electro Cute

robotic dolls

  UseLess Gas

gas station

  Whites Only

laundry bleach

  Wreckless Drivers

chauffeuring service

  The Runs

sports bar

  Cold Comfort

air conditioners

  Imp Ale



hemorrhoid cream

  Gun Skill

shooting range

  Breakfast Coffee Maker

kitchen appliance

  Dead Ahead

GPS tracker

  Fowl Foods

chicken dinner label

  Cast Raters

talent agency

  Knot Forever

matrimony services

  Belly Acres

weight-loss farm

  Mass Acre

Boston mall


TV news program


cookware brand

  Mole Station



urinal brand


veterinarian services


drug for depression

  Kid Napping Center

children's preschool

  Lies On The Green

golf course

  Touching Moments

child care center

  Ale More

English pub


mattress sales center

  Try and Save

wine tasting store

  Pass Gas

propane gas cylinders

  Soiled Bloomers

potted plants outlet

  Robin’s Perm

Hair Salon

  West Ink

printing company


online movie database

  Waist Away

fitness center

  Dark Secrets

tanning salon


comedy club

  Pro Testers

scholastic testing service

  Feel Free

escort service

  Tiring Specialists

automobile tire store

  Beneath You

floor covering outlet

  The Pen Is Power

publishing company

  Way More

low calorie frozen dinners

  Do! Do!

motivation consultants

  Well Hung

draperies and curtains

  Handy Caps

disposable head covering


shelving hardware

  Che’s Will

gourmet restaurant

  Bed Wetter

automatic garden sprinkler

  Chef's Pit

gourmet restaurant

  Black's Cab

Taxi cab Company

  Colored Class

interior decoraters

  Town Sewers

quilters club

  Dairy Air

frothy ice cream treat

  Boring Enterprises

well drilling company

  New Clear Air

room freshner

  Berried Alive

zesty fruit drink

  I Am Lion

fortune teller

  Poise On the Menu

fancy restaurant


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