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including ships in history, of tragedy, in movies, on TV, and in books

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Famous Ships and Boats P-S


Pacific Princess

 Pacific Princess (named Sea Venture before 1976)American cruise ship

The ship featured in the TV series Love Boat from 1977 to 1986. In 1998 the Pacific Princess was impounded by police in Piraeus, Greece after 25 kg of heroin was found on board.

LAUNCHED: 1970 May 9 FATE: sold to be scrapped in March of 2012


 Pamir German barque, four-masted steel-hulled windjammer

Last commercial sailing ship to round Cape Horn in 1949. Over her life at various times, she flew under the flags of Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Finland.

LAUNCHED: 1905 July FATE: Caught in Hurricane Carrie and sank off the Azores, September 21, 1957

Patrick Henry, SS

 Patrick Henry, SS American liberty ship; cargo ship

First of 2,751 liberty ships built during World War II. Liberty ships were built in a mass production method, each typically in 70 days or less. SS Patrick Henry made 12 voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

LAUNCHED: 1941 September 27 FATE: Went aground off the coast of Florida, July of 1946, scrapped in 1960


 Pequod American whaling ship

Fictitious 19th-century Nantucket whaling ship in the 1851 novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville and in several movies. In the novel, the ship's captain is the one-legged, monomaniacal Ahab.

LAUNCHED: 1851 decades before FATE: Destroyed by a whale prior to 1851.


 Perserverance American steam boat

First steam boat that operated using a series of vertical paddles. Invented by John Fitch, an improved model carried passengers on round-trips between Philadelphia and Burlington, New Jersey, summer of 1790.

LAUNCHED: 1787 FATE: Unknown

Pewabic, SS

 Pewabic, SS (known as "Ghost Ship of Thunder Bay")American lake steamship; cargo ship

Worst shipwreck on the Great Lakes with the loss of an estimated 125 lives, hundreds of tons of copper, silver, and iron ore. Over the years five divers died attempting to salvage the cargo. Some of the copper was recovered during World War I, the rest in 1974.

LAUNCHED: 1863 FATE: Collided with SS Meteor in Michigan's Thunder Bay and sank August 9, 1865


 Pilar American fishing boat

Ernest Hemingway's fishing boat. Pilar was a nickname for the American novelist's second wife, Pauline, and the heroine in For Whom the Bell Tolls.

LAUNCHED: 1934 April FATE: On display at Hemingway's former home, Finca Vigía, near Havana, Cuba


 Pilot (Pailot in Russian)Russian icebreaker

World's first steam-powered and metal-ship icebreaker. Originally been built as a steam-powered propeller tug.

LAUNCHED: 1864 FATE: Unknown

Pinta, (La)

 Pinta, (La) (meaning "The Painted One")Spanish three masted caravel

One of Columbus' ships of discovery. The fastest of Columbus' three ships to America in 1492, and Columbus' flag ship on the return trip to Spain in 1943. She was among the fleet of 17 ships for Columbus' second voyage.

LAUNCHED: 1441 circa FATE: 1501 circa

Pioneering Spirit

 Pioneering Spirit (formerly Pieter Schelte)Swiss catamaran construction ship, Korean built

The world's largest ocean vessel, designed for the single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms. Displacing 1 million tons, the vessel operates as a semi-submersible. Using ballasts, she is able to lower herself when installing payload or raise herself when removing payload.

LAUNCHED: 2013 January 26 FATE: Still in service

Ponce, USS

 Ponce, USS American amphibious assault ship

First "Afloat Forward Staging Base" (AFSB) ship. She was refitted in 2012 to serve as floating port for helicopters and patrol craft.

LAUNCHED: 1970 May 20 FATE: Still in service

Portland, SS

 Portland, SS American sidewheel steamer

Known as the "Titanic of New England" and considered New England's worst maritime disaster, she went down with 192 passengers and crew. The storm that sank her, killed more than 400 persons and sank more than 150 other boats and ships.

LAUNCHED: 1889 FATE: Sank in the Portland Gale off of Cape Ann November 27, 1898

Poseidon, SS

 Poseidon, SS American cruise ship; British ocean liner

Subject of a ship sinking in the 1969 novel The Poseidon Adventureand four movie adaptations, 1972, 1979, 2005, and 2006. In each version of the story, the ship is capsized and several survivors try to make their way to the top of the overturned ship.

LAUNCHED: 1969 original story FATE: Unknown


 Potemkin (Prince Potemkin of Tauris)Russian battleship

A rebellion of the crew against their cruel officers in 1905 signaled the coming of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Following the mutiny, the name was changed to Panteleimon after Saint Pantaleon, later restored to Boretz za Svobodu (Fighter for Freedom).

LAUNCHED: 1904 FATE: Scuttled by interventionists at Sevastopol April of 1919

President, SS

 President, SS (not the river steamboat President)British paddle steamship, with sails; ocean-going

First steamship lost at sea on a transatlantic run, taking with her all 136 on board. Constructed with a third deck on top of the hull and designed with luxurious staterooms, she was top heavy and rolled excessively.

LAUNCHED: 1840 August FATE: Lost during a gale off Nantucket Shoals March of 1841


 Preußen (Preussen in English)German windjammer, five-masted

The largest sailed ship ever built and the only five-masted, full-rigged, ship built until the 21st century. She was built entirely of steel. She was used in the saltpeter trade with Chile, setting speed records in the process.

LAUNCHED: 1902 May 7 FATE: Swept onto rocks and sank near the White Cliffs of Dover November 6, 1910.

Prince of Wales, HMS

 Prince of Wales, HMS British battleship

She and Repulse were the first capital ships to be sunk solely by naval air power on the open sea. She was involved in several key actions of the World War II, including the Battle of the Denmark Strait against the German battleship Bismarck.

LAUNCHED: 1939 May 3 FATE: Sunk on December 10, 1941 by Japanese air attack off Kuantan, South China Sea.

Principessa Jolanda, SS

 other image 

 Principessa Jolanda, SS Italian ocean liner

She was to be among the first transatlantic vessels with Marconi telegraphy, electric lighting and telephones. She never sailed, but capsized during initial launch and sank.

LAUNCHED: 1907 September 22 FATE: Sank September 22, 1907

Prins Willem replica

 other image 

 Prins Willem replica Dutch brig; replica of a full-rigged ship

This replica of a ship built in 1649 and sunk in 1662 was lost in fire. In 2004, the replica became part of the theme park Cape Holland in Den Helder, the Netherlands.

LAUNCHED: 1985 FATE: Burned and sank at Den Helder, Netherlands July 30, 2009

Prinzessin Victoria Luise

 Prinzessin Victoria Luise German passenger ship

First purpose-built cruise ship. Not only did she look more like a private yacht, she had 120 first class cabins, a library, gymnasium, and darkroom.

LAUNCHED: 1900 June 29 FATE: Declared a loss December 19, 1906 after running onto rocks at Kingston


 Proteus American catamaran

First vessel of the wave adaptive modular vessel-type. Developed by Marine Advanced Research, she has been nicknamed "The Spider Ship" because four legs connect the superstructure to the outriggers.

LAUNCHED: 2007 FATE: In active service

PT 109

 PT 109 American motor torpedo boat

Commanded by Lieutenant John F. Kennedy. Rammed inadvertently by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri on a moonless night.

LAUNCHED: 1942 June 20 FATE: Rammed and sunk in the Solomon Islands August 2, 1943 during World War II


 PT-73 (depicted by several boats)American PT boat

Patrol boat in the TV sitcom McHale's Navy. The real-life PT-73 was built on August 12, 1942, and was destroyed by the crew in January, 1945.

LAUNCHED: 1962 - 1966 FATE: Unknown

Quaker City, USS

 Quaker City, USS American paddle steamship, side-wheeler

During a trip to Europe in 1867, she was the scene of some of the tales related by Mark Twain in his book The Innocents Abroad. During the American Civil War, she one of the most active and effective ships in the Union Navy's blockade of Chesapeake Bay.

LAUNCHED: 1854 FATE: Sold to the Haitian Navy in February of 1871, renamed République, lost at sea off Bermuda in March of 1871

Queen Anne's Revenge

 other image 

 Queen Anne's Revenge English sloop

Flagship of pirate Blackbeard (Edward Thatch). Originally named La Concord, it was captured by the French in 1711 and by pirates in 1717.

LAUNCHED: 1710 FATE: Run aground near Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina in May, 1718

Queen Elizabeth, HMS

 Queen Elizabeth, HMS British aircraft carrier

Largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft. With no catapults and catch wires she carries only V/STOL aircraft, F-35B Lightning II fighters and Merlin helicopters.

LAUNCHED: 2014 July 17 FATE: In service 2017

Queen Elizabeth, RMS

 other image 

 Queen Elizabeth, RMS British ocean liner

With sister ship Queen Mary, dominated the transatlantic passenger service. She was used in World War II as troop transport. After being converted to a university and renamed Seawise University, she was destroyed by fire. The charred wreck was featured in the 1974 James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun.

LAUNCHED: 1938 September 27 FATE: After a fire, capsized in Hong Kong Harbor, January 9, 1972

Queen Mary, RMS

 Queen Mary, RMS British ocean liner

Once dominated transatlantic passenger service with sister ship Queen Elizabeth. Used in World War II as troop transport. Featured in the 1972 movie The Poseidon Adventure and the1981 movie Goliath Awaits.

LAUNCHED: 1934 Septmber 26 FATE: Retired in 1967, berthed in Long Beach, California as a museum ship and hotel from 1974 to present

Red Rover, USS

 Red Rover, USS American Confederate paddle steamboat, side-wheeler

First ship fitted and staffed as a hospital ship. During the American Civil War, she was a Confederate barracks ship until the Union captured and refit her in March of 1862.

LAUNCHED: 1859 FATE: Decommissioned and sold at public auction November 29, 1865

Reuben James, USS

 Reuben James, USS American destroyer

First US ship to be sunk in World War II. She was torpedoed while escorting an Atlantic convoy of supply ships to Britain; 159 crew were lost, 44 survived.

LAUNCHED: 1919 October FATE: Sunk October 31, 1941

Rhone, RMS

 other image 

 Rhone, RMS British packet ship

Jacqueline Bisset

Sunk during a hurricane with the loss of approximately 123 lives. The wreckage is now a popular diving site and was used in the 1977 film The Deep that featured Jacqueline Bisset in a wet T‑shirt.

LAUNCHED: 1865 FATE: Wrecked in the British Virgin Islandson October 29, 1867


 Riptide American yacht

Boat in the TV series by the same name about two detectives. She was first shown at the 1938-39 New York Boat Show.

LAUNCHED: 1939 FATE: Restored and still in use as Southwind

Robert E. Lee

 Robert E. Lee American paddle steamboat, side-wheeler

Won a steamboat race against the Natchez VI, going from St. Louis, Missouri to New Orleans, in 3 days, 18 hours and 14 minutes. The speed record still stands. A replica of the ship was built but it also burned in 2010.

LAUNCHED: 1866 FATE: Caught fire and lost north of New Orleans September 30, 1882


 Rochambeau (originally the USS Dunderberg)American frigate, ironclad

The longest wooden ship ever built. When the French thought Otto von Bismarck might be interested in the ship, they hurriedly bought her from the Americans and commission her in 1867.

LAUNCHED: 1862 July 22 as Dunderberg FATE: The French scrapped her in 1874

Royal Clipper

 Royal Clipper German tall ship; steel-hulled five masted fully rigged design

The largest and only five-masted full-rigged sailing ship in service. Her design was based on Preussen, but was configured for passenger comfort rather than cargo carrying.

LAUNCHED: 2001 FATE: Still in service

Royal George, HMS

 Royal George, HMS English first-rate ship of the line

One of the most serious maritime losses to occur in British water, sinking while undergoing routine maintenance taking more than 800 lives. She was the largest warship in the world at the time of launching.

LAUNCHED: 1756 February 18 FATE: Sank while anchored off Portsmouth August 29, 1782

São Gabriel

 São Gabriel Portugese caravel

Flagship of Vasco da Gama's armada which carried the first Europeans to the coast of India. Along with ships São Rafael, Bérrio, and São Miguel, the round trip took two years.

LAUNCHED: 1497 FATE: Unknown

São Martinho

 São Martinho Portuguese galleon

Flagship of Duke of Medina Sedonia, commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armada. Among the Armada ships to make it back to the port city of Santander, Spain, September, 1588, half of the fleet did not.

LAUNCHED: 1580 FATE: 1589?

Sailrocket 2

 Sailrocket 2 (a.k.a. Vestas Sailrocket 2)Australian speed sailboat

Built to capture the class D sailing speed record, piloted by the project leader Paul Larsen at 65.45 knots in Walvis Bay, Namibia. In 2008, before crashing, the first Sailrocket reached a reported unofficial speed of 52.22 knots.

LAUNCHED: 2011 March FATE: Still racing


 Saluda (image is an uncertain representation)American river paddle steamboat, side-wheeler

Worst river steamboat accident in US; a tragedy for Mormon Church. Over 100 passengers out of 175 were killed, including 28 Mormons. There were several dozen survivors.

LAUNCHED: 1846 (sunk in 1847, raised and repaired) FATE: Boilers exploded and destroyed the boat on the Missouri River near Lexington, Missouri, she sank April 9, 1852


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famous ships Szent István, SMS of Hungarian
San José

 San José (image is an uncertain representation)Spanish galleon,60-gun

Sunken treasure ship with 7 to 10 million Spanish pesos on board. She was discovered in 2015 with treasure estimated to be worth between 4-17 billion US dollars.

LAUNCHED: 1696 FATE: sunk in battle off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia in 1708

San Pablo

 San Pablo (modeled after USS Villalobos)American gunboat

Featured in the movie Sand Pebbles starring Steve McQueen. After filming was completed, she was sold and renamed the Nola D, received significant modifications, and eventually used as a base camp for a seismic exploration company.

LAUNCHED: 1966 movie release FATE: Broken up in 1975

Santísima Trinidad

 other image 

 Santísima Trinidad (nicknamed La Real)Spanish ship of the line, first-rate

After refitting in 1804, the largest and heaviest-armed ship in the world with 140 guns on four decks. A full-size representation in on display in the harbour of Alicante, Spain as shown in  other image .

LAUNCHED: 1768 FATE: Sank at the Battle of Trafalgar in October of 1805.

Santa Maria

 Santa Maria (La Santa María de la Inmaculada Concepción, originally La Gallega)Spanish carrack

The largest of Columbus' ships of discovery. The anchor of the Santa María now resides in the Musée du Panthéon National Haitien, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

LAUNCHED: 1460 circa FATE: Ran aground and lost near Cap-Haitien, Haiti, December 25, 1492


 Santana (fictional movie boat)American commuter yacht

The boat in the 1948 movie Key Largo, starring Humphrey Bogart. The boat used in the movie, with Bogart's character at the helm, was the name of Bogart's personal sailing yacht.

LAUNCHED: 1926 probably FATE: Unknown

Savannah, SS

 Savannah, SS American paddle steamship, side-wheeler with sails

First steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. After ocean crossing, her steam plant was removed and she continued sailing up and down the east coast.

LAUNCHED: 1819 March FATE: Ran aground off Long Island, NY in 1823

Scandinavian Star, MS

 other image 

 Scandinavian Star, MS (originally named MS Massalia)Scandinavian ferry for cars and passengers

The ship was set on fire by an arsonist in 1990, killing 159 people. She had at various times the names of MS Massalia, Stena Baltica, Island Fiesta, Scandinavian Star, MS Candi, MS Regal Voyager, and finally MS Regal V.

LAUNCHED: 1971 January 19 FATE: Broken up May, 2004

Scorpion, USS

 Scorpion, USS (SSN-589)American Skipjack-class nuclear submarine

Went missing at sea with 99 crewmen, one of two nuclear submarines the U.S. Navy has lost, the other being USS Thresher (SSN-593). She carried two nuclear-tipped torpedoes. In November 2012, the U.S. Submarine Veterans asked the US Navy to reopen the investigation on the sinking.

LAUNCHED: 1959 December 29 FATE: Sank on May 22, 1968 in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of the Azores

Sea Shadow

 Sea Shadow (IX-529)American stealth warship

U.S. Navy experimental stealth ship, never intended to be mission capable and never commissioned. The ship was the inspiration for the stealth ship in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

LAUNCHED: 1985 March FATE: As of June, 2011 the ship is still being stored at Suisun Bay in northern California awaiting its fate

Sea Venture

 Sea Venture English merchant ship; purpose-built

First dedicated emigration ship as part of the Third Supply mission to the Jamestown Colony. During the storm, massive leaks developed because of faulty construction. All 150 people aboard and one dog made it to shore safely.

LAUNCHED: 1609 FATE: Damaged in a hurricane and scuttled at Discovery Bay, June 1609

Seawise Gian

 Seawise Gian (later Happy Giant, Jahre Viking and Knock Nevis)Japanese supertanker, variously owned

Longest ship ever built at 458.46 meters or 1,504 feet. She was damaged during the Iran-Iraq War by an Iraqi Air Force in the Strait of Hormuz in May 1988.

LAUNCHED: 1979 FATE: Scrapped in January of 2010

Seeadler, SMS

 Seeadler, SMS (meaning Sea Eagle)Scottish windjammer, three-masted; American owned

One of the last sailing ships used in a war; as a German merchant raider disguised as a Norwegian wood carrier. Originally named Pass of Balmaha before capture by a German submarine.

LAUNCHED: 1888 FATE: Wrecked on a reef at the island of Pacific, August 2, 1917

Sequoia, USS

 Sequoia, USS American yacht, 104-foot wooden

Served as the U.S. presidential yacht from 1933 until it was sold in 1977. She was purchased in 1931 by the U.S. Department of Commerce for Prohibition patrol and decoy duties.

LAUNCHED: 1926 FATE: Refurbished many time; now privately owned

Seraph, HMS

 Seraph, HMS British submarine

Known as "the ship with two captains," briefly became the USS Seraph. During World War II, released a corpse ("The Man Who Never Was") onto the shores off Gibraltar carrying decoy papers to fool the Nazis as part of "Operation Mincemeat."

LAUNCHED: 1941 October 25 FATE: Scrapped in December of 1962

Sewol, MS

 other image 

 Sewol, MS Korean ferry brought from Japan

Worst Korean loss of life at sea. The provisional conclusion is that a sudden turn and the consequential shift of cargo caused the accident.

LAUNCHED: 1994 FATE: Capsized and sank April 16, 2014

Shenandoah, CSS

 Shenandoah, CSS American Confederate full-rigged ship, iron-clad

During the US Civil War, she captured and/or sank 38 Union merchant vessels. She fired the last shot of the Civil War off the Aleutian Islands,then was surrendered to the British.

LAUNCHED: 1863 August 17 FATE: As El Majidi, beached during hurricane near Zanzibar, 1872

Slo-mo-shun IV

 Slo-mo-shun IV American racing hydroplane

Winner of the 1950, 1952, and 1953 APBA Gold Cup Races; also set two straightaway speed records. Its hull was designed to lift the top of the propellers out of water at high speed, a technique called “prop riding,” which reduced drag.

LAUNCHED: 1949 October FATE: Wrecked in a pre-race test run in 1956; rebuilt and on exhibit at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry

Solar Bark

 Solar Bark (also Solar Barque and Sun Boat)Egyptian barge, or bark; Ancient funeral

The world's oldest intact ship; built for Khufu, King Cheops. She was discovered in 1954 sealed into a pit at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

LAUNCHED: 2500 BC, circa FATE: On display in a museum at the Giza pyramid complex since 1982

Solar Sailor

 Solar Sailor Australian passenger ferry

First vessel to be efficiently powered by both wind and sun. Unique hybrid ferry propelled by solar or wind energy, battery, or diesel.

LAUNCHED: 2000 FATE: Currently operating in Sydney Harbour

Somers, USS

 Somers, USS American brig

The only U.S. Navy ship upon which a conspiracy of mutiny took place.  Known as the "Somers Affair", it was the basis for several books and dramatizations. December 1, 1842, three of the mutineers who intended to take over the ship and use it forpiracy were found guilty of "intention to commit a mutiny," hanged and buried at sea.

LAUNCHED: 1842 May 12 FATE: Capsized and foundered in a sudden squall off Vera Cruz December of 1846

South Carolina, USS

 South Carolina, USS American dreadnought, battleship

The first American dreadnought and the first of any nation to have its main guns in a superfire arrangement. She was part of America's Great White Fleet that circumnaviagted, December, 1907 to February, 1909.

LAUNCHED: 1908 July 11 FATE: Sold for scrap on April of 1924

Sovereign of the Seas, HMS

 Sovereign of the Seas, HMS (later renamed Sovereign, then Royal Sovereign)English full-rigged warship

The most extravagantly decorated warship in the early Royal Navy. She was armed with 102 bronze guns.

LAUNCHED: 1637 October 13 FATE: Burnt to the water line, January 27, 1697

Spirit of Chartwell, MV

 Spirit of Chartwell, MV English hotel barge

The Royal Barge used for Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, June 3, 2012. She originally sailed the Rhine River as the Van Gogh, designed to sail the waterways of Europe and venture into coastal waters. She was refitted in for the 2011 jubilee

LAUNCHED: 2009 FATE: Still afloat

St. Louis, SS

 St. Louis, SS German ocean liner

In 1939, her captain, Gustav Schröder, tried to find homes for 937 German Jewish refugees after denied entry to Cuba. Subject of a 1974 book, Voyage of the Damned, and adapted for a film in 1976.

LAUNCHED: 1928 August 2 FATE: Scrapped in Hamburg, Germany, 1952

St. Roch

 St. Roch Canadian schooner

The first ship to completely circumnavigate North America, and first to complete passage through the Northwest Passage west to east. She was also the first vessel to pass through the more northerly route of the Northwest Passage, and was also the first to navigate the passage in a single season.

LAUNCHED: 1928 May 7 FATE: On exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Star Princess

 other image 

 Star Princess Italian cruise ship; American-British owned

Fire amidship produced smoke, killing one passenger and injuring 13 others. With the fire initiated, highly combustible polycarbonate partitions, polyurethane deck tiles, and the plastic furniture produced large amounts of thick black smoke.

LAUNCHED: 2001 May 10 FATE: Damage repaired and still in service

Staten Island Ferry

 Staten Island Ferry American passenger ferry boats

A fleet of ferry boats sailing free of charge between Manhattan and Staten Island in New York. Eight boats make up the fleet; pictured is the Spirit of America built with steel from the World Trade Center Towers.

LAUNCHED: 1819 FATE: Still in service

Stockholm, MS

 other image 

 Stockholm, MS Swedish luxury cruise ship (ocean liner)

Collided with the SS Andrea Doria in heavy fog off the coast of Nantucket. She sailed under dozens of other names, and is currently MS Athena.

LAUNCHED: 1948 FATE: Still in use

Sultana, SS

 Sultana, SS American paddle steamboat, stern-wheeler

Tragically collided with the SS Narragansett. An estimated 1,800 of 2,400 passengers were killed when the ship's boilers exploded,earning her the appellation "Titanic of the Mississippi."

LAUNCHED: 1863 FATE: Sank April 27, 1865

Surprise, HMS

 Surprise, HMS (originally HMS Rose)Canadian tall ship based on the 1757 HMS Rose, a sixth-rate frigate

As HMS Rose, she appeared in the 2003 movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and was officially re-registered as HMS Surprise in honor of her role in the film. In 2010, she portrayed HMS Providence in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

LAUNCHED: 1970 FATE: Since 2007, based in Maritime Museum of San Diego

Susan Constan

 Susan Constan British fully-rigged ship

The largest of three ships of the English Virginia Company sailing to establish the new Colony of Virginia, Jamestown. Replicas of Susan Constant, shown in image, and her sister-ships are docked in the James River at Jamestown Settlement.

LAUNCHED: 1607 FATE: 1615, fate unknown

Sussex, HMS

 Sussex, HMS English ship of the line, third-rate

One of the most valuable wrecks ever with possibly 10 tons of gold coins and other valuables on board. Besides Sussex, 12 other ships of her flotilla sank with about 1,200 casualties making the disaster one of the worst in Royal Navy history.

LAUNCHED: 1693 April 11 FATE: Sank in a violent storm near the Strait of Gibraltar February 27, 1694

Symphony of the Seas, MS

 Symphony of the Seas, MS American cruise ship

Largest cruise ship, replacing her sister ship, MS Harmony of the Seas. Costing $1.35 billion, the 227,700-ton, 6,360-passenger ship has multi-deck water slides and other unique features.

LAUNCHED: 2019 April FATE: Now in service


 Syracusia Greek cargo ship

The largest transport ship of antiquity. It sailed only once to berth in Alexandria where it was later given to Ptolemy.

LAUNCHED: 240 BC, circa FATE: circa 240 BC

Szent István, SMS

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 Szent István, SMS Hungarian dreadnought

The only battleship whose sinking was filmed during World War I. Having spent most of the war at anchor or out on gunnery training, she was sunk in her first and only mission; 89 sailors died.

LAUNCHED: 1914 January 17 FATE: Torpedoed off Premuda Island June 10, 1918

The number of Ships and Boats P-S listed is 75

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