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Images of Famous Ships and Boats

including ships in history, of tragedy, in movies, on TV, and in books

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Famous Ships and Boats A-C


Achille Lauro

 other image 

 Achille Lauro (originally the Willem Ruys)Dutch cruise ship

Hijacked in 1985 by 4 men representing the PLF; one passenger killed and thrown overboard. On January 6, 1953, she collided in the Red Sea with MS Oranje, heading in the opposite direction.

LAUNCHED: 1947 July 1 FATE: Sank in the Indian Ocean on December 2, 1994 due to fire

Admiral, SS

 other image 

 Admiral, SS American river steamboat (cruise ship; converted to diesel in 1974)

Was the largest river cruise ship in the world, sailing the Mississippi from St. Louis; in 1979 converted to a land-based casino. She started out as the side-wheeled steel hulled steamboat, the Albatross; became the Admiral in the 1940s.

LAUNCHED: 1907 FATE: Dismantled and sold for scrapped, 2011

Adriyatik, MS UND

 other image 

 Adriyatik, MS UND Turkish cargo ship

Cargo ship that caught fire off the coast of Istria, Croatia and burned for 2 days. She was sailing from Istanbul to Trieste carrying 200 trucks, nine tons of dangerous material, and 100-200 tons of ship fuel. In spite of fears, there was no environmental damage.

LAUNCHED: 2001 June 29 FATE: Being repaired

Adventure Galley

 Adventure Galley English galley

Captain Kidd's flag ship. Because she had become worm-eaten and leaky, Kidd ordered her to be burnt.

LAUNCHED: 1695 FATE: Burnt and sunk at Saint Mary's Island, 1698


 AE1, HMAS Australia E-class submarine, British built

The first Royal Australian Navy submarine and the first allied vessel lost in World War I; she had a crew of 35. She was assigned to the capture of the German Pacific colony of assigned to the capture of the German Pacific colonies at the outbreak of the World War I.

LAUNCHED: 1913 May 22 FATE: Lost at sea, September 14, 1914; her wreckage located at a depth of 300 meters off the Duke of York Islands


 Aeolus British cruise ship; movie set creation

A mysterious ship in the British movie Triangle. The movie scenes include the exterior of the cruise liner which the director insisted on constructing to avoid shooting everything with green screens

LAUNCHED: 2009 movie release FATE: Unknown

African Queen

 other image 

 African Queen (actually the L.S. Livingston)American steamboat

Boat used in the 1951 movie The African Queen, an adventure set during World War I, starring Humprey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. From 1912 to 1968, she shuttled cargo and passengers across Lake Albert in Africa. The steam engine in the movie was a prop and its original diesel engine was hidden under crates of gin and other cargo.

LAUNCHED: 1912 FATE: Refurbished to service as a tourist boat in Key Largo, Florida.

Alabama, CSS

 Alabama, CSS American Confederate screw sloop-of-war

A successful commerce raider that attacked Union merchant and naval ships during the American Civil War. She boarded nearly 450 vessels and captured or burned 65 Union merchant ships.

LAUNCHED: 1862 July 2 FATE: Sunk in June 1864 by USS Kearsarge at the Battle of Cherbourg.

Albacore, USS

 Albacore, USS American submarine

Research submarine that pioneered the teardrop hull of modern submarines. For more than two decades she provided the US Navy information and experience in making submarines faster, quieter, safer and more agile.

LAUNCHED: 1953 August 1 FATE: Decommissioned December 9, 1972. When being towed to a permanent display site in April 1984, she became stuck in the mud of Portsmouth Harbor. In 1985, she was dedicated there as a memorial.

Albert M. Boe

 other image 

 Albert M. Boe American liberty ship

Last Liberty ship built. Though currently landlocked, she is still in use as the home of Trident Seafoods as seen in other image.

LAUNCHED: 1945 September 26 FATE: In 1964, converted to a fish cannery ship, renamed Star of Kodiak


 Alligator American submarine

First U.S. Navy submarine. The first American submarine, called Turtle (1776), never served in the U.S. Navy. The first commissioned U.S. submarine was the USS Hollandin 1862.

LAUNCHED: 1862 May 1 FATE: Sank in bad weather off Cape Hatteras April 2, 1863

Allure of the Seas

 Allure of the Seas Norwegian cruise ship

Largest passenger ship ever constructed. She is actually about 50 millimeters longer than her sister ship, the Oasis of the Seas.

LAUNCHED: 2010 November 20 FATE: Still in service

Alvin, DSV

 other image 

 Alvin, DSV American research vessel; submersible

First Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) able to dive to 4,500 meters or 14,800 feet. She was lost October of 1968 when she accidentally sank in 1500 meters of water; was recovered in August of 1969 and refurbished.

LAUNCHED: 1964 June 5 FATE: Still in service


 America American racing yacht; schooner

Won the Royal Yacht Squadron's 53 mile regatta around the Isle of Wight, August 22, 1851. The international sailing trophy, America's Cup, is named after her.  During the American Civil War, she served in the Union blockading squadron off Charleston, then after the war as a training ship at the Naval Academy.

LAUNCHED: 1851 May 3 FATE: In disrepair, her remains burned in Annapolis in 1945

American Queen

 American Queen American river paddle steamboat; stern-wheeler

Largest steamboat ever built, as of 2012. In 2012 she participated for the first time in the Great Steamboat Race and came in second.

LAUNCHED: 1995 FATE: Still in operation on the Mississippi River

Amethyst, HMS

 Amethyst, HMS (F-116)British modified Black Swan class sloop

Subject of the 1957 movie Yangtse Incident, an actual event in April of 1949 during the Chinese Civil War. In the movie, she played herself. During World War II, she was deployed mostly on anti-submarine patrols and escort duties.

LAUNCHED: 1943 May 7 FATE: Scrapped January 19, 1957

Ancon, SS

 Ancon, SS American steamship

First ship to officially transit the Panama Canal on August, 15 1914. (Sister ship Cristobal made the first unofficial transit on August 3, 1914). She was acquired by the US Navy from the US Army for troop transport just after the end of World War I.

LAUNCHED: 1902 FATE: As the USS Ancon (ID-1467), she was decommissioned on July 25, 1919

Andrea Doria, SS

 other image 

 Andrea Doria, SS Italian ocean liner

Collided with the MS Stockholm in the Atlantic and sank; 52 people died. Of all Italy's ships at the time, she was the largest, fastest and supposedly safest. She was the last major transatlantic passenger ship to sink.

LAUNCHED: 1953 January 14 FATE: Sank July 26, 1956

Andrea Gail

 Andrea Gail American fishing vessel

Lost at sea off the coast of Massachusetts with six crew during The Perfect Storm of 1991. The tragedy was the basis of the 1997 book and 2000 movie The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger.

LAUNCHED: 1978 FATE: Lost at sea October 28, 1991

Antonia Graza

 Antonia Graza Italian ocean liner

A fictional ship in the movie Ghost Ship. The plot follows a salvage crew that discovers a long-lost passenger ship floating lifeless in a remote region of the Bering Sea... and horrors abound.

LAUNCHED: 1962 first scene takes place in May FATE: Last scene takes place in 1966

Archimedes, SS

 Archimedes, SS British steamship

First ship propelled by a screw drive. The advantages over side paddlewheel propulsion persuaded the Royal Navy to build the steam sloop-of-war HMS Rattler, the first British warship to adopt a screw propeller.

LAUNCHED: 1839 October 18 FATE: Sank in the Meuse River during a storm on March 1, 1864


 Argo Greek galley, legendary

The ship on which Jason and the Argonauts are said to have sailed from Iolcos to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Legend has it that the Argo was built by the shipwright Argus, and its crew were specially protected by the goddess Hera.

LAUNCHED: 1300 BC, perhaps FATE: Unknown

Argus, HMS

 Argus, HMS British aircraft carrier

First Aircraft carrier to have a full flight deck and a lift. She was built from the incomplete Italian ocean liner Conte Rosso and served extensively in both world wars.

LAUNCHED: 1917 December 2 FATE: Scrapped December 1946


 Ariel English clipper ship

Famous for almost winning The Great Tea Race of 1866, an unofficial race between Fuzhou, China and London. On September 6, 1866, the Taeping docked twenty minutes ahead of Ariel.

LAUNCHED: 1865 FATE: Went missing in early 1872

Arizona, USS

 other image 

 Arizona, USS (BB-39)American battleship

The sunken ship lies in Pearl Harbor with a memorial above it honoring the lost of 1177 crew. The sunken ship continues to leak about a quart of oil per day into the harbor.

LAUNCHED: 1915 June 19 FATE: Sunk during the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack

Ark Royal, HMS

 other image 

 Ark Royal, HMS (originally named Ark Raleigh)English galleon

English flagship that fought against the Spanish Armada. During the reign of James VI and I, she was renamed Anne Royal. Several British aircraft carriers have been named Ark Royal.

LAUNCHED: 1587 FATE: Accidentally sunk in April of 1636; raised and broken up in 1638

Arthur Foss

 other image 

 Arthur Foss (originally named Wallowa)American tugboat

One of the oldest wooden-hulled tugboats afloat in the United States. She was cast by MGM to play in the 1933 movie Tugboat Annie as seen in other image.

LAUNCHED: 1887 FATE: Renovated and on display at Seattle's South Lake Union Park

Association, HMS

 Association, HMS British second-rate ship of the line

After serving with distinction at the capture of Gibraltar, she ended up lost in a storm and wrecked with 3 other ships with the loss of nearly 2,000 lives. The rediscovery of the Association and so many historical artefacts led to legislation such as the Protection of Wrecks Act to preserve British historic wreck sites.

LAUNCHED: 1697 FATE: Wrecked of the Isles of Scilly October 22, 1707

Atlantic, RMS

 Atlantic, RMS English ocean liner with sails and steam

One of the deadliest civilian maritime disaster in history killing 535 people. The greatest disaster for the White Star Line prior to the loss of Titanic 39 years later.

LAUNCHED: 1871 June 8 FATE: Ran onto rocks and sank off the coast of Nova Scotia April 1, 1873

Australia II

 Australia II Australian racing yacht

First winning challenge to the New York Yacht Club's 132 year hold on the America's Cup during the 1983 America's Cup Race. The legality of her winged keel, which gave her advantage in maneuverability and heeling moment, was challenged by the NYYC but upheld.

LAUNCHED: 1982 FATE: On display at the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle


 Azzam Emirati luxury yacht, 180 meters (590 ft) in length; German built

As of 2017, the world's largest private yacht with extravagant features and accommodations. At an estimated cost of US $605,000,000, she has a top speed of over 32 knots and carries a submarine and a missile defense system.

LAUNCHED: 2013 April 5 FATE: At sea, but not for charter


 B-39 Russian foxtrot-class submarine

A museum ship on display at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, California. In 2012, she was used as a prop in the movie Phantom. Another B-39 is rusting in England. See Black Widow.

LAUNCHED: 1967 April 15 FATE: Decommissioned April 1994; now a museum ship at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, California

Balao, USS

 Balao, USS American submarine

Featured as the "pink submarine" in the 1959 movie Operation Petticoat, co-starring with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. She served ten patrols in World War II, then in training exercises afterwards.

LAUNCHED: 1942 October 27 FATE: Sunk as a target off Florida on September 6,1963

Ballantrae, USS

 Ballantrae, USS (portrayed by USS Twiggs)American Town-class destroyer

A fictional ship in the movie Gift Horse on a one-way mission in World War II to destroy a German-held dry dock in France; based on HMS Campbeltown and the St Nazaire Raid. The USS Twiggs was turned over to the Royal Navy in 1940 to become HMS Leamington. From 1944-1949, she served under the Russian flag, then was returned to Great Britain in 1950 where she appeared in the movie

LAUNCHED: 1951 movie release; USS Twiggs launched September 1918 FATE: After appearing in the movie, she was scrapped at Newport, Wales in 1951.


 Batavia (image is the replica)Dutch galeon

The original ship was made famous by the mutiny and massacre of over 125 crew and passengers . The replica was built with traditional materials using the tools and methods as in the original Batavia's construction.

LAUNCHED: 1628 original ship; replica completed 1995 FATE: Wrecked on Houtman Abrolhos, June 1629; replica is on exhibit at Leystad, Netherlands.

Baychimo, SS

 Baychimo, SS (originally the Angermanelfven)German cargo ship, then British; steel-hulled

Known as a ghost ship and seen numerous times since, her last sighting in 1969. She was taken by Great Britain as part of Germany's WW I reparations and acquired by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1921.

LAUNCHED: 1914 FATE: Abandoned and lost along the Alaska coast, November, 1931

Beagle, HMS

 Beagle, HMS English sloop, or brig-sloop, two-masted

She carried Charles Darwin on his historic expedition beginning in 1831. Robert FitzRoy was captain during thehistoric round-the-world trip. In 1845 the Beagle was refitted as a static coastguard watch vessel.

LAUNCHED: 1820 May 11 FATE: Sold for scrap in 1870

Belle of Louisville

 Belle of Louisville (originally named the Idlewild)American steamboat, paddle, stern-wheeler

Oldest continually operating river steamboat in the United States. She competes every year in the Kentucky Derby Festival event The Great Steamboat Race.

LAUNCHED: 1914 FATE: Restored in 1964, still in use at Louisville, Kentucky

Birkenhead, HMS

 other image 

 Birkenhead, HMS British frigate, steamer

The protocol "women and children first" originated on this sinking ship. Only 193 of the 643 people on board survived. Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to salvage the gold thought on board.

LAUNCHED: 1845 December 30 FATE: Struck a hidden reef and sank February 26, 1852


 other image 

 Bismarck German battleship

At the Battle of Denmark Straits, May, 1941, sunk the British battlecruiser HMS Hood. Relentlessly pursued and sunk by the Royal Navy following Winston Churchill's order “Sink the Bismarck”.

LAUNCHED: 1939 February 14 FATE: Sunk by British forces May 27, 1941 in the North Atlantic


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Black Widow

 Black Widow (Foxtrot B-39 U-475)Russian foxtrot-class submarine

The rusting boat had been a museum ship for several years in England but now is privately owned awaiting. Sold by the Soviet Navy in 1998, she became a museum ship in England in the early 2000s in Folkestone and in Strood on River Medway. Another Foxtrot B-39 is moored at San Diego as a museum ship (see B-39).

LAUNCHED: 1966 December 24 FATE: Decommissioned in 1994 and sold; she is in a state of disrepair currently awaiting restoration.

Bluebird K7

 other image 

 Bluebird K7 British hydroplane, jet powered

Set 7 world water speed records between 1955-1964, reaching 276.3 mph or 444.7 km/h. Developed and piloted by Donald Campbell.

LAUNCHED: 1955 FATE: Flipped and disintegrated at high speed on Coniston Water January 4, 1967, killing Donald Campbell


 other image 

 Bluenose Canadian schooner, fishing and racing

Featured on the Canadian dime and once on a Canadian 50 cent postage stamp and appears on the Nova Scotia licence plate. During its racing career Bluenose was never beaten and held the International Fisherman's Trophy for 18 consecutive years.

LAUNCHED: 1921 March 26 FATE: Struck a coral reef and abandoned off Haiti on January 28, 1946

Bonhomme Richard, USS

 Bonhomme Richard, USS American frigate

Warship commanded by John Paul Jones. Defeated HMS Serapis in the Battle of Flamborough Head.

LAUNCHED: 1766 FATE: Sank in battle off the coast of Yorkshire September 25, 1779


 other image 

 Boudeuse ("Sulky Girl") French frigate

First woman to circumnavigate the globe on board, Jeanne Baret, disguised as man. She is also famous as the exploration ship of Louis Antoine de Bougainville, 1766-1769. Other image is commemorative stamp issued.

LAUNCHED: 1766 March 25 FATE: Broken up for firewood at Malta in early 1800

Bounty (replica)

 other image 

 Bounty (replica) Canadian collier, three-mast (American owned)

A reconstruction of the original 1787 Royal Navy ship built for the 1962 movie Mutiny on the Bounty. She also appeared in the 1989 movie Treasure Island and the 2006 and 2007 movies Pirates of the Caribbean. Over the years, she was also used for promotion, entertainment, education.

LAUNCHED: 1960 August 27 FATE: Sank near North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012

Bounty, HMS

 Bounty, HMS English collier, three-mast

Mutiny aboard ship, April 28, 1789, led by Fletcher Christian against Captain William Bligh. Its mission was to pick up breadfruit plants from Tahiti and transport them to the West Indies.

LAUNCHED: 1784 FATE: Was burned by the mutineers on January 23, 1790

Britannia, HMY

 Britannia, HMY British yacht

Former Royal Yacht of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and where Prince Charles and Diana took their honeymoon. During her service as Royal Yacht conveying members of the Royal Family and various dignitaries, she steamed 1,087,623 nautical miles or 2,014,278 km.

LAUNCHED: 1953 April 16 FATE: Decommissioned December 11, 1997, now a museum ship at Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Britannic, HMHS

 other image 

 Britannic, HMHS British ocean liner

Largest ship lost during the World War I. Launched just before the start of the World War I, she was put to use as a hospital ship in 1915.

LAUNCHED: 1914 February 26 FATE: Struck a mine and sank off the Greek island of Kea November 21, 1916, with the loss of 30 lives

Caine, USS

 Caine, USS American destroyer minesweeper

The vessel captained by Queeg in the 1951 book The Cain Mutiny and the 1954 movie. In the movie, the USS Thompson (DD-627) was used as the USS Caine.

LAUNCHED: 1951 (movie, 1954) FATE: Unknown

Cairo, USS

 Cairo, USS American gunboat ;ironclad

First ship sunk by a naval mine; first vessel of the City class ironclads. Served with the Army's Western Gunboat Fleet during the American Civil War. Remnants of the gunboat are in a museum in the Vicksburg National Military Park.

LAUNCHED: 1861 FATE: Sunk by a naval mine in the Yazoo River, December 12, 1862

Calypso, RV

 other image 

 Calypso, RV American minesweeper built for the British; refitted for research

Oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau sailed her as a mobile laboratory for field research. During World War II she served as a minesweeper. Carried advanced equipment, including mini submarines.

LAUNCHED: 1941 March 21, converted in 1950 FATE: Sank in 1996, raised, neglected, and now being restored in Brittany

Campbeltown, HMS

 Campbeltown, HMS (originally USS Buchanan)American Wickes-class destroyer

A most famous ship in the St. Nazaire Raid in 1942 when, packed with explosives, she was rammed into a German port and detonated. The ship and the raid were depicted in the movie Gift Horse. (See Ballantrae, HMS)

LAUNCHED: 1919 January 2 as USS Buchanan; given to Britain and recommissioned as HMS Campbeltown in 1940 FATE: Destroyed March 28, 1942 in the Saint Nazaire Raid, World War II.

Cap Arcona, SS

 other image 

 Cap Arcona, SS German ocean liner

Her sinking was one of the biggest maritime losses of life during World War II. Only 350 of the 4,500 former concentration camp inmates aboard the ship survived.

LAUNCHED: 1927 May 14 FATE: Sank on 3 May 1945 after being attacked by an RAF squadron.


 Carpathia British ocean liner; (Cunard Line passenger steamship)

Became famous for rescuing survivors of RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912. After sailing through dangerous ice fields, she arrived at the sinking Titanic at 4:00 am and took on 705 survivors from lifeboats.

LAUNCHED: 1902 August 6 FATE: Sunk in the Atlantic on July 17, 1918 during WW-I by a German U-boat

Carroll A. Deering

 Carroll A. Deering American five-masted commercial schooner

A famous maritime mystery after she was found with her crew of 11 missing. Theories of her demise include piracy, mutiny, hurricane, and paranormal events. Nine other ships also disappeared without a trace in that same area at about the same time.

LAUNCHED: 1919 FATE: Found wrecked off Cape Hatteras on January 31, 1921; scuttled on March 4

Cassin Young, USS

 Cassin Young, USS (DD-793)American destroyer in World War II

One of only four surviving Fletcher-class destroyers still afloat. Named for Captain Cassin Young (1894-1942), who was killed in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

LAUNCHED: 1943 September 12 FATE: Docked at the Boston Navy Yard as a museum ship as a museum ship.

Central America, SS

 other image 

 Central America, SS American paddle steamboat, stern-wheeler; three-masted

Sank in a hurricane in 1857, along with 400 passengers and crew and 30,000 pounds of gold. Originally named SS George Law; came to be known as “the ship of gold”.

LAUNCHED: 1852 October 28 FATE: Sank September 12, 1857 about 160 miles east of Cape Hattera

Cerberus, HMVS

 other image 

 Cerberus, HMVS Australian breastwork monitor; iron-clad

On her maiden voyage from Chatham, England to Melbourne, Australia, she traveled 123 days and over 12,700 miles (20,400 km) with the assistance of temporary sails and frequent stops to refuel wherever possible. During her life, she never left Port Philip Bay and never fired in anger.

LAUNCHED: 1868 December 2 FATE: Sunk as breakwater September 2, 1926 off Half Moon Bay becoming a popular site for scuba diving.

Challenger, HMS

 other image 

 Challenger, HMS British corvette; steam-assisted

Undertook the first global marine research expedition. Flagship of the Australia Station between 1866 and 1870.

LAUNCHED: 1858 February 13 FATE: Broken up for her copper end in England, January, 1921

Champion of the Seas

 Champion of the Seas English clipper ship

On her maiden voyage, she set a record for the fastest run in 24 hours of 465 nautical miles or 861 km. She was the speedy passenger ship built for the run from Liverpool, England to Melbourne, Australia.

LAUNCHED: 1854 April 19 FATE: Abandoned off Cape Horn in leaking condition in 1877

Charles W. Morgan

 other image 

 Charles W. Morgan American whaling ship

World's oldest surviving merchant vessel; America's only surviving wooden whaleship. After a 5-year, multi-million dollar restoration, she set sail again, July, 2013.

LAUNCHED: 1841 FATE: On exhibit at the Mystic Seaport museum in Mystic, Connecticut

Charlotte Dundas

 Charlotte Dundas Scottish steamboat using paddlewheels

First towing steamboat and first practical steamboat (second overall); the boat demonstrated the practicality of steam power for ships. Develop by William Symington, the boat employed a horizontal steam engine directly linked to a crank.

LAUNCHED: 1801 FATE: Unknown

Christina O

 other image 

 Christina O (formerly HMCS Stormont, K327 & Argo)Greek luxury yacht

Famous yacht of Ari Onassis and his wife, former first lady, Jackie Kennedy. Originally a Canadian built anti-submarine River-class frigate, after WWII, she was purchased by Onassis, refitted as one the largest yachts in the world, and hosted many famous personalities.

LAUNCHED: 1943 July 14 FATE: Available for charter cruises from many ports

City of Adelaide

 City of Adelaide English clipper ship

The world's oldest surviving clipper ship. From 1923-1948, she was commissioned in the Royal Navy as HMS Carrick. She is part of the National Historic Ships of the United Kingdom.

LAUNCHED: 1864 May 7 FATE: Out of service since 1948, current being restored


 Clermont (officially North River Steamboat)American river steamboat

First enduring and financially successful steamboat, running on the Hudson River. She was never known as Clermont at the time, but North River Steamboat. After it was lengthened and refitted in 1808 at Clermont, NY, it was named the North River.

LAUNCHED: 1807 August 17 FATE: Retired in 1814, scrapped

Cole, USS

 other image 

 Cole, USS American aegis-equipped guided missile destroyer

Suicide attack against it on October 12, 2000. Seventeen American sailors were killed in the incident while harbored in the Yemeni port of Aden.

LAUNCHED: 1995 February 10 FATE: Still in service

Color Magic

 Color Magic Norwegian cruise ferry

The largest cruise ferry in the world. The ship operates between Oslo, Norway and Kiel, Germany.

LAUNCHED: 2006 December 15 FATE: Still in service

Colossus, HMS

 Colossus, HMS British third-rate ship of the line

After many battles and much glory, she lost her way and ran aground and sunk with one fatality. In 1974, fragments from the Colossus were discovered and reconstructed and are now displayed at the British Museum in London.

LAUNCHED: 1787 April FATE: Wrecked of the Isles of Scilly December 10, 1798

Columbia Rediviva

 Columbia Rediviva American full-rigged 3 masted sailing ship

First American ship to circumnavigate the globe. In 1792, Captain Robert Gray in command, she was the first ship to enter the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

LAUNCHED: 1787 FATE: Salvaged in 1806

Constellation, USS

 Constellation, USS (also see the original USS Constellation)American sloop-of-war

The last sail-only warship designed and built by the U.S. Navy. This flagship of the USN African Squadron from 1859-1861 disrupted the African slave trade off the coast of Africa.

LAUNCHED: 1854 August 26 FATE: On display at Annapolis, Maryland as a museum ship

Constitution, USS

 Constitution, USS (nicknamed Old Ironsides)American three-masted heavy frigate

Oldest commissioned ship afloat in the world. Larger and more heavily armed than the standard frigates of the period.

LAUNCHED: 1797 October 21 FATE: On display at the Boston Navy Yard as a museum ship

Costa Concordia

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 Costa Concordia Italian cruise ship

Largest cruise ship disaster; ran aground on a reef off Isola del Giglio and capsized; 32 people dead. In 2008, she suffered damage to her bow when high winds pushed the ship alongside its dock.

LAUNCHED: 2005 September 2 FATE: Capsized January 13, 2012

Cutty Sark

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 Cutty Sark English clipper ship

Lost China-to-London race to ship called Thermopylae. She is one of three remaining original composite construction (wooden hull on an iron frame) clipper ships from the nineteenth century.

LAUNCHED: 1869 November 22 FATE: Now preserved in dry dock in Greenwich, England

The number of Ships and Boats A-C listed is 74

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