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An Entertaining Look at Names and Naming in America

How we name things in America; including famous dog names, ships, streets and detectives, as well as sports team names.

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We all get to name something in our lifetime.  We can treat the occasion as a solemn duty, a mindless chore, or a chance to express our creativity or our sense of humor.  In any case, we seldom realize what power there is in naming something—in creating a string of syllables that others must use.  It is like inventing a new word for the language.  Even if the sounds and spelling are old, that new label you assign to someone or something gets a new definition, a new meaning for the people around you—and maybe, if fate dictates, for the whole world.

Famous Cowboy Names

Famous Cowboys Actors — Notable personalities of film and TV whose fame was predominantly in westerns

Famous Cowboy Characters on Screen — Notable cowboy characters in western movies and TV series

Legends of the Old West — Notable personalities of the West

Sports Team Names

Baseball Team Names — A list of professional baseball team names, past and present.

Major League Baseball Team Standings — Sort MLB teams by statistics from 1901 to the present.

Basketball Team Names — A list of professional baseball team names, past and present.

National Football Team Names — A list of professional football team names, past and present.

National Football League Team Standings — Sort NFL teams by statistics from 1933 to the present.

Hockey Team Names — A list of professional hockey team names, past and present.

All Professional Team Names; Sortable — A list of all professional sports team, past and present.

Best List of American Colleges & Universities — A complete list of American colleges and universities.

Other Name Lists

Best List of Famous Dog Names — Dog movie stars, and other famous canines.

Best List of Famous Ship and Boats — Best list of famous sailing vessels.

Famous Fictional Detectives — Private detectives in books, movies and TV.

Best List of Famous Streets, Roads and Byways — Famous Street and Roads the around the world.

Best List of Respectable U.S. Presidents — Sort by biographical facts, like number of siblings, heigth, BMI, etc.

State Names — Origins and meanings of the American state names and other facts.

Renaming the States — What if we could rename the States...

Famous Masked Heroes — What were they called during their day job?

Name Generators

Boat Name Maker — Got a boat to name?

Street Name Maker — Want to invent a pastoral name for a street?

Fictional Name — Create your own fictional name

Indian Name — Create your own Indian name

Naming Fun

Hair Raising Names — Barbers are great at creating pun-ishing names for their businesses.

Silly Business Names — Some clever business names aren’t so clever.

Jack O’ Words — The name Jack is part of many common English phrases.

Fun With Names — Funny Names Unless One of Them is Yours.

Articles about Names

What is a Name? — That question is finally answered.

Strong Names/Weak Names — Why are some names stronger than others?

Commercial Names — You don’t buy a good commercial name, you sell it.

Place Names — Surveying the names of states and cities in the United States.

Street Names — The story of street names in the United States.

Sports Team Names — A look at the game of naming sports teams.

Surnames and Her-Names — The history and future of last names.

Common Surnames in the U.S. — Most common surnames, 2000 compared to 1790.

Naming Odyssey — How we name pets, boats, churches, newspapers and more.

The Johnson Formula — How many people do you know? Try this.

You Are Not Your Name — Don’t take your personal name personally.



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