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Famous Private Detectives in Novels, Movies, and Television

Including P.I.s and sleuths, with information and images

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All Detectives Sorted by Detective Last Name

Adams detective of Coronado 9

Dan Adams – Portrayed by Rod Cameron

A former United States Navy intelligence officer turned private detective in the TV series Coronado 9. (Directed by Dann Cahn)

 TV series: 1960‑1961.

Addison detective of Moonlighting
(with Mattie Hayes)

David Addison – Portrayed by Bruce Willis

A fast-talking P.I. who partners with Mattie in the TV series Moonlighting. (Created by Glenn Gordon Caron)

 TV series: 1985‑1989.

Archer detective of Harper
(renamed to Harper in movies)

Lew Archer – Portrayed by Paul Newman

An often world-weary P.I. working in Southern California in books, a TV series and movies such as Harper. (Book written by Ross MacDonald)

 Books: 1949‑1976   TV series: 1975   Movies: 1966, 1974, 1975.

Bailey detective of 77 Sunset Strip
with partner Jeff Spencer

Stuart Bailey – Bailey portrayed by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Spencer portrayed by Roger Smith

Two private detectives and former government secret agents with an office on Sunset Strip in LA in the TV series 77 Sunset Strip. (Created by Roy Huggins)

 TV series: 1958‑1964.

Barton detective of Dick Barton: Special Agent

Dick Barton – Portrayed by Tony Vogel

An ex-Commando who solved all sorts of crimes in the radio series, movies and the TV series Dick Barton: Special Agent. (Produced by Raymond Raikes and others)

 Radio series: 1946‑1951   Movies: 1948, 1949, 1950   TV series: 1979.

Beresford detective of Partners in Crime

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford – TV portrayal of Tommy by David Walliams, of Tuppence by Jessica

A typical upper middle class couple in novels, short stories and in the TV series Partners in Crime. (Created by Agatha Christie)

 Novels: 1922‑1973   TV series: 2015.

Blackie detective of Meet Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie – Portrayed by Chester Morris

A reformed jewel thief in movies such as Meet Boston Blackie. (Written by Jack Boyle)

 Movie: 1918‑1949.

Boxer detective of Rosemary and Thyme
(with Laura Thyme)

Rosemary Boxer – Portrayed by Felicity Kendal

A gardening detective in British TV series Rosemary and Thyme. (Created by Brian Eastman)

 TV series: 2003‑2007.

Bradley detective of The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries

Beatrice Adela Bradley – Portrayed by Diana Rigg

A widowed socialite in the novel series and British TV series The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries. (Created by Gladys Mitchell)

 Novels: 1929‑1975   TV series: 1999‑2000.

Brodie detective of Case Histories

Jackson Brodie – TV portrayed by Jason Isaacs.

A tough former soldier and policeman in several novels and the TV series Case Histories. (Created by Kate Atkinson)

 Novels: 2004‑2010   TV series: 2011‑2013.

Brown detective of Father Brown

Father Brown – Portrayed by Mark Williams

A Catholic priest in several media including the TV series Father Brown. (Created by G. K. Chesterton)

 TV series: 1974, 2013.

Burma detective of Nestor Burma

Nestor Burma – Portrayed by Guy Marchand

French private detective in a series of books and the TV series Nestor Burma. (Created by Léo Malet)

 Books: 1943‑1983   TV series: 1991.

Cadfael detective of Cadfael

Brother Cadfael – Portrayed by Derek Jacobi

An early 12th-century monk in the novel series and TV series Cadfael. (Created by Ellis Peters also known as Edith Pargeter)

 Novels: 1977‑1994   TV series: 1994‑1998.

Campion detective of Campion

Albert Campion – TV portrayal by Peter Davidson.

An aristocrat in the early 20th century in several novels and the TV series Campion. (Created by Margery Allingham)

 Novels: 1930‑1965   TV series: 1989‑1990.

Casey detective of Casey, Crime Photographer

Jack Casey – Portrayed by Richard Carlye

A photographer who helps the police solve crimes in books, movies, radio, and the TV series Casey, Crime Photographer. (Created by George Harmon Coxe)

 Books: 1942‑1964   Movies: 1936, 1938   TV series: 1951‑1952.

Caution detective of La môme vert de gris

Lemmy Caution – Portrayed by Eddie Constantine

Witty, crafty womanizing private detective in the book series and French movies such as La môme vert de gris. (Created by Peter Cheyney)

 Books: 1936‑1945   Movies: 1953‑1991.

Charles detective of The Thin Man

Nick and Nora Charles – Movie portrayal of Nick by William Powell

An alcoholic former private detective and a wealthy heiress in the novel and several movie adaptations such as The Thin Man. (Created by Dashiell Hammett)

 Novel: 1934   Movies: 1934‑1947   TV series: 1957‑1959.

Chase detective of 21 Beacon Street

Dennis Chase – Portrayed by Dennis Morgan

Private investigator who would pass each case to the police after solving the crime in the TV series 21 Beacon Street. (Produced by Al Simon)

 TV series: 1959.

Corey detective of Checkmate
(with partners Jed Sills and Dr. Carl Hyatt)

Don Corey – Portrayed by Anthony George, with partners Doug McClure and Sebastian Cabot

Owner of a detective agency named Checkmate, Inc. in San Francisco in the TV series Checkmate. (Created by Eric Ambler)

 TV series: 1960‑1962.

Creek detective of Jonathan Creek

Jonathan Creek – Portrayed by Alan Davies

A creative consultant to a magician in the British TV series Jonathan Creek. (Written by David Renwick)

 TV series: 1997‑2004.


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Cross detective of Along Came a Spider

Alex Cross – Portrayed by Morgan Freeman

Even tempered psychologist and former FBI agent in several books and movies such as Along Came a Spider. (Created by James Patterson)

 Books: 1993‑2014   Movies: 1997, 2001.

Diamond detective of Richard Diamond, Private Detective

Richard Diamond – Portrayed by David Janssen

A former police officer and a hard-boiled private detective in the TV series Richard Diamond, Private Detective. (Written by Blake Edwards)

 TV series: 1957‑1960.

Drew detective of Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

Nancy Drew – Portrayed in the 2007 movie by Emma Roberts

A young teenager, then young woman in several novel series including Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. (Created by Edward Stratemeyer)

 Novels: 1930‑2003, 2002‑2012   Movie:2007.

Drummond detective of Calling Bulldog Drummond

Bulldog Drummond – Portrayed by Ronald Coleman

A gentleman adventurer in novels, short stories, and several movies including Calling Bulldog Drummond. (Created by H. C. McNeile)

 Novels: 1920‑1969   Short stories: 1937   Movies: 1922‑1969.

Dupin detective of The Murders in the Rue Morgue

C. Auguste Dupin – Image here as depicted in the comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

An upper class gentleman appearing in stories by such as The Murders in the Rue Morgue. (Created by Edgar Allan Poe)

 Novels: 1841,1842, 1844.

Falcon detective of The Gay Falcon
(and many aliases)

Gay Falcon – Portrayed by George Sanders, then his brother Tom Conway

A suave English gentleman detective solving mysteries in various venues, such as The Gay Falcon. (Created by Michael Arlen)

 Movies: 1941‑1949.

Fell detective of The Man Who Could Not Shudder

Dr Gideon Fell – Image cropped from the book cover

A lexicographer and drinker in a series of novels such as The Man Who Could Not Shudder. (Created by John Dickson Carr)

 Novels: 1933‑1967.

Feluda detective of Sonar Kella
(aka Prodosh Chandra Mitra)

Feluda – Portrayed in 1974 movie by Soumitra Chatterjee

An Indian detective of Bengali origin in novels and movies such as Sonar Kella. (Created by Satyajit Ray)

 Novels: 1966‑1997   Movies: 1974‑2014.

Fidelma detective of Sister Fidelma Mysteries

Sister Fidelma – Image cropped from book cover for Suffer Little Children

A Celtic nun in the middle of the 7th century who solves mysteries in the book series Sister Fidelma Mysteries. (Created by Berresford Ellis, aka Peter Tremayne)

 Books: 1994‑2015.

Fisher detective of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Phryne Fisher – Portrayed by Essie Davis

A wealthy aristocrat in a series of novels the TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. (Created by Kerry Greenwood and others)

 Novels: 1989‑2008   TV series: 2012‑.

Fletcher detective of Murder She Wrote

Jessica Fletcher – Portrayed by Angela Lansbury

A widowed writer residing in Cabot Cove, Maine in the TV series Murder She Wrote. (Written by William Link and Richard Levin)

 TV series: 1984‑1996.

Garrett detective of Old Tin Sorrows

Garrett – Image cropped from the book cover

A P.I. in a fantasy universe with his partner, the Dead Man, in a series of novels such as Old Tin Sorrows. (Created by Glen Cook)

 Novels: 1987‑2013.

Gently detective of Dirk Gently
(real name is Svlad Cjelli)

Dirk Gently – Portrayed by Stephen Mangan

a "holistic detective" and psychic in the book series and TV series Dirk Gently. (Created by Douglas Adams)

 Books: 1987, 1988, 2002   TV series: 2010, 2012.

Gray detective of An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

Cordelia Gray – Portrayed by Helen_Baxendale

A shy young woman who inherited a detective agency in two novels and several TV series including An Unsuitable Job for a Woman. (Created by P. D. James)

 Novels: 1972, 1982   TV series: 1997‑2001.

Gunn detective of Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn – Portrayed by Craig Stevens

A sophisticated, well-dressed P.I. in the TV series Peter Gunn. (Created by Blake Edwards)

 TV series: 1958‑1961.

Guster detective of Psych
(with Shawn Spencer)

Burton Guster – Portrayed by Dule Hill

Shawn's partner in the TV series Psych . (Created by Steve Franks)

 TV series: 2006‑2014.

Hammer detective of Mike Hammer, Private Eye

Mike Hammer – Portrayed on TV by Stacy Keach

A P.I. who doesn't shy away from violence in the series of novels, movies, and several TV series such as Mike Hammer, Private Eye. (Created by Mickey Spillaine)

 Novels: 1947‑2014   Movies: 1952‑2003   TV series: 1958‑1947, 1960,1984‑1987, 1998‑1998.

Hardy detective of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
(The Hardy Boys)

Frank and Joe Hardy – Portrayed by Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy

Teenage brothers and amateur detectives in a series of books and a TV series The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. (Created by )

 Books: 1929‑present   TV series: 1974‑1977.

Hart detective of Hart to Hart

Jonathan and Jennifer Hart – Portrayed by Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers

A millionaire couple in the TV series Hart to Hart. (Created by Sidney Sheldon)

 TV series: 1979‑1984.

Hayes detective of Moonlighting
(with David Addison)

Madelyn "Maddie" Hayes – Portrayed by Cybill Shepherd

A clever former model who owns a detective agency in the TV series Moonlighting. (Created by Glenn Gordon Caron)

 TV series: 1985‑1989.

Holmes-1 detective of The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes-1 – Portrayed in the 1983 movie by Ian Richardson

A renowned detective in four novels, 56 short stories, and many movies including The Hound of the Baskervilles . (Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

 Novels: 1887‑1915   Short stories: 1891‑1927   Movies: many   TV series: many.


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Holmes-2 detective of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes-2 – Portrayed in the 2009 movie by Robert Downey Jr.

A renowned detective in adaptations on stage and radio, in TV series, and movies, including Sherlock Holmes . (Directed by Guy Ritchie)

 Movies: 1900 and on   TV movies and series: 1951 and on.

Holmes-3 detective of Elementary
(with Joan Watson)

Sherlock Holmes-3 – Portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller

A modern-day version of the famous detective in the TV series Elementary . (Created by Robert Doherty)

 TV series: 2012‑.

Irish detective of Jack Irish: Bad Debts

Jack Irish – Portrayed by Guy Pearce

A former criminal lawyer turned P.I. in the three Australian TV movies inclucing Jack Irish: Bad Debts. (Created by Peter Temple)

 Books: 1996‑2003   TV movies: 2012, 2013.

Jane detective of The Mentalist

Patrick Jane – Portrayed by Simon Baker

A con artist and police consultant in the TV series The Mentalist. (Created by Bruno Heller)

 TV series: 2008‑2015.

Jones detective of Barnaby Jones

Barnaby Jones – Portrayed by Buddy Ebsen

A private eye who comes out retirement after his son is murdered in the TV series Barnaby Jones. (Developed by Edward Hume)

 TV series: 1970‑1983.

Little detective of Dog on It

Bernie Little – Image from 2015 book cover of Bernie's canine companion

A down-on-his-luck P.I. in the series of novels beginning with Dog on It. (Created by Spencer Quinn, aka Peter Abrahams)

 Novels: 2009‑2014.

Lockhart detective of The Shadow in the North

Sally Lockhart – Portrayed by Billie Piper

A teen-age girl in the novel series and TV movies such as The Shadow in the North. (Created by Philip Pullman)

 Novels: 1872‑1882   Movie: 2006,2007.

Lupin detective of Arsène Lupin

Arsène Lupin – Portrayed by Georges Descrières

Gentleman thief and master of disguise in books, stage, comics, numerous movies, and several TV series including the French show Arsène Lupin. (Created by Mauraice Leblanc )

 Books: 1907‑2012   Movies: 1908‑2011   TV series: 1971‑2007.

Magnum detective of Magnum, P.I.

Thomas Magnum – Portrayed by Tom Selleck

A private eye living a luxurious life in Hawaii in the TV series Magnum, P.I.. (Created by Donald P. Bellisario)

 TV series: 1980‑1988.

Mannix detective of Mannix

Joe Mannix – Portrayed by Mike Connors

An even tempered P.I. and former POW in the TV series Mannix. (Created by Richard Levinson and Willam Link)

 TV series: 1967‑1975.

Marlowe detective of The Big Sleep

Philip Marlowe – Portrayed in the 1978 movie by Robert Mitchum

A wisecracking, hard-drinking, tough P.I. in novels, TV series, and movies including The Big Sleep. (Created by Raymond Chandler)

 Novels: 1939‑1989   Movies: 1942‑1978   TV series: 1959‑1960, 1983‑1986.

Marple detective of 4.50 from Paddington

Miss Marple – Portrayed in movies by Margaret Rutherford

An old spinster is of independent means in a novels series, movies and TV series including 4.50 from Paddington. (Created by Agatha Christie)

 Novels: 1930‑1976   Movies: 1961‑1964   TV series: 1984‑1992, 2004‑2013.

Mars detective of Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars – Portrayed by Kristin Bell

A school girl whose father is a private detective in the TV series Veronica Mars. (Created by Rob Thomas)

 TV series: 2004‑2007   Movie: 2014.

Matula detective of Ein Fall für zwei (A Case for Two)

Josef Matula – Portrayed by Claus Theo Gärtner

A former police officer who becomes a private detective working with a defense attorney in the German TV series Ein Fall für zwei (A Case for Two). (Created by Karl Heinz Willschrei)

 TV series: 1981‑2013.

McGraw detective of Meet McGraw
(no first name mentioned)

McGraw – Portrayed by Frank Lovejoy

Hard-hitting detective in the TV series Meet McGraw. (Written by Blake Edwards)

 TV series: 1957‑1958.

Midnight detective of Johnny Midnight

Johnny Midnight – Portrayed by Edmond O'Brien

New York City actor turned private detective in the TV series Johnny Midnight. (Produced by Jack Chertok)

 TV series: 1960.

Millhone detective of "H" is for Homicide

Kinsey Millhone – Image from the cover of a Spanish edition of the novel.

A tough-talking former cop, P.I. in the alphabet mysteries series of novels including "H" is for Homicide. (Created by Sue Grafton)

 Novels: 1982‑2015.

Monk detective of Monk

Adrian Monk – Portrayed by Tony Shalhoub

A brilliant police consultant with obsessive compulsive disorder in the TV series Monk. (Created by Andy Breckman)

 TV series: 2002?2009.

Nash detective of The Dain Curse
(aka The Continental Op)

Hamilton Nash – Portrayed by James Coburn.

A master of deceit in the 36 short stories and two novels and the TV series The Dain Curse. (Created by Dashiell Hammett)

 Short stories: 1923‑1927   Novels: 1929   TV series: 1978.

Peabody detective of The Curse of the Pharaohs

Amelia Peabody – Image cropped from first edition cover

A rich Egyptologist in the novels series including The Curse of the Pharaohs. (Created by Elizabeth Peters)

 Novels: 1975‑2006.

Poirot detective of Agatha Christie's Poirot

Hercule Poirot – Portrayed in the British TV series by David Suchet

A dignified and meticulous Belgian detective in novels, short stories, movies and TV including Agatha Christie's Poirot. (Created by Agatha Christie)

 Novels: 1926‑1975   Movies: 1931‑1986   TV series: 1989‑2013.


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Queen detective of The Adventures of Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen – Portrayed in the 1975 TV series by Jim Hutton

A mystery writer and editor of a magazine in novels, movies, and several TV series including The Adventures of Ellery Queen. (Ghost writers as Ellery Queen)

 Novels: 1929‑1971   TV series:1950‑1952, 1954‑1956, 1975‑1976   Movies: 1940‑1942.

Randall detective of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

Jeff Randall – Portrayed by Mike Pratt

A womanizing P.I. in the British TV series Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). (Created by Dennis Spooner)

 TV series: 1969‑1970.

Randolph detective of Bourbon Street Beat
with partner Cal Calhoun

Rex Randolph – Randolph portrayed by Richard Long and Calhoun portrayed by Andrew Duggan

Couple of PIs with an office above the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans' French Quarter in the TV series Bourbon Street Beat. (Created by Charles Hoffman)

 TV series: 1959‑1960.

Robicheaux detective of The Electric Mist

Dave Robicheaux – Portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones

Former New Orleans officer and recovering alcoholic in the book series and two movies including The Electric Mist. (Created by James Lee Burke)

 Books: 1987‑2013   Movies: 1996,2009.

Rockford detective of The Rockford Files

Jim Rockford – Portrayed by James Garner

A veteran and peace-loving P.I. in the TV series The Rockford Files. (Roy Huggins and Stephen J. Cannell)

 TV series: 1974‑80.

Rouletabille detective of The Mystery of the Yellow Room

Joseph Rouletabille – Portrayed in the 1949 French movie by Serge Reggiani

A journalist in several movies and a novel series starting with The Mystery of the Yellow Room. (Created by Gaston Leroux)

 Novels: 1907‑1923   Movies: 1913‑2005.

Ryder detective of Riptide
(and his partners Cody Allen and Murray Bozinsky)

Nick Ryder – Portrayed by Joe Penny, Perry King, and Thom Bray

Three buddies and their boat-based detective agency in the TV series Riptide. (Created by Frank Lupo and Stephen Cannell)

 TV series: 1983‑1986.

Shaft detective of Shaft

John Shaft – Portrayed by Richarad Roundtree

A black P.I. in the style of James Bond in three movies beginning with Shaft. (Screenplay by Ernest Tidyman)

 Movies: 1971,1972, 1973.

Shayne detective of Michael Shayne, Private Detective

Michael Shayne – Portrayed in the movies by Lloyd Noland

Detective in old style, gathering suspects in one place and naming the murderer, in a series of books, TV series, and several movies such as Michael Shayne, Private Detective. (Created by Brett Halliday)

 Books: 1939‑1958   Movies: 1940‑1946   TV series: 1960‑1961.

Simon detective of Simon & Simon
(and brother A.J.)

Rick Simon – Portrayed by Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker

Brother detectives with contrasting ways in the TV series Simon & Simon. (Created by Philip DeGuere)

 TV series: 1981‑1989.

Smith detective of China Smith

China Smith – Portrayed by Dan Duryea

A tough, shrewd, charming, and disreputable private eye in Singapore in the TV series China Smith. (Written by Jack Laird and Robert C. Dennis)

 TV series: 1952‑1955.

Spade detective of The Maltese Falcon

Sam Spade – Portrayed in the 1941 movie by Humphrey Bogart

A hard and shifty P.I. in a novel, short stories, and movies, including The Maltese Falcon. (Created by Dashiell Hammett)

 Novel: 1930   Short stories: 1932   Movies: 1931‑1978.

Spencer detective of Psych
(with Burton Guster)

Shawn Spencer – Portrayed by James Roday

A wise-cracking sleuth in the TV series Psych . (Created by Steve Franks)

 TV series (2006‑2014).

Spenser detective of Spenser: For Hire

Spenser – Portrayed by in the TV series Robert Urich

A smart-mouthed tough P.I. in novels, movies and the TV series Spenser: For Hire. (Created by Robert B. Parker)

 Novels: 1973‑2014   TV series: 1985‑1988   Movies: 1999, 2000, 2001.

Staccato detective of Johnny Staccato

Johnny Staccato – Portrayed by John Cassavetes

A jazz pianist and private detective in the TV series Johnny Staccato. (Produced by Everett Chambers)

 TV series: 1959‑1960.

Steele detective of Remmington Steele

Remington Steele – Portrayed by Pierce Brosnan

A former thief and con man hired to be a front P.I. in the TV series Remmington Steele . (Created by Robert Butler)

 TV series: 1982‑1987.

Stone detective of Benefit of the Doubt

Jesse Stone – Portrayed by Tom Selleck

Former baseball shortstop and homicide detective in the book series and several movies, such as Benefit of the Doubt. (Created by Robert B. Parker)

 Books: 1997‑2015   Movies: 2005‑2012.

Styles detective of Jake and the Fatman

Jake Styles – Portrayed by Joe Penny

An investigator working with a fat prosecutor in the TV series Jake and the Fatman. (Created by Dean Hargrove and Joel Steiger)

 TV series: 1987‑1992.

Tanna detective of Vega$

Dan Tanna – Portrayed by Robert Urich

A private detective and Vietnam War vet whose clients include the owner of multiple hotel casinos in Las Vegas. Vega$. (Created by Michael Mann)

 TV series: 1978‑1981.

Templar detective of The Saint
(known as The Saint)

Simon Templar – Portrayed by Roger Moore in the TV series

A British amateur detective portrayed in books, radio, movies and TV by various actors over many years; for example, in the TV series The Saint. (Originally created by Leslie Charteris)

 Books: 1928‑1963   Movies: 1938‑1943   Radio: 1944‑1951   Comics: 1948‑1961.

Thorndyke detective of The Case of Oscar Brodski

Dr. John Thorndyke – Portrayed in the 1964 TV series by Peter Copley

A medical doctor and forensic specialist in a series of novels and short stories and TV series including The Case of Oscar Brodski. (Created by R. Austin Freeman)

 Novels: 1907‑1942.


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Thyme detective of Rosemary and Thyme
(with Rosemary Boxer)

Laura Thyme – Portrayed by Felicity Kendal

A gardening detective in the British TV series Rosemary and Thyme. (Created by Brian Eastman)

 TV series: 2003‑2007.

Vance detective of The Kennel Murder Case

Philo Vance – Portrayed in the 1933 movie by William Powell

An aristocrat of unusual culture and brilliance in novels and movies including The Kennel Murder Case. (Created by S. S. Van Dine)

 Novels:1926‑1939   Movies: 1929‑1947.

Wainthropp detective of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

Hetty Wainthropp – Portrayed by Patricia Routledge

A retired working-class woman in the British TV series Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. (Created by David Cook)

 TV series: 1996‑1998.

Warshawski detective of V.I. Warshawski

V. I. Warshawski – Portrayed in the movie by Kathleen Turner

A lean and athletic female P.I. appearing novels, short stories, and the movie V.I. Warshawski. (Created by Sara Paretsky)

 Novels: 1982‑2013   Movie: 1991.

Watson detective of Elementary
(with Sherlock Holmes-3)

Joan Watson – Portrayed by Lucy Liu

Holmes' former sobriety companion turned detective in the TV series Elementary. (Created by Robert Doherty)

 TV series: 2012‑.

West detective of Honey West

Honey West – Portrayed by Anne Francis

A detective and ocelot owner who communicates with her partner via a radio hidden in her lipstick case in a book series and the TV series Honey West. (Created by Gloria and Forest Fickling)

 Books: 1957‑1972   TV series: 1965‑1966.

Wild detective of Charlie Wild, Private Detective

Charlie Wild – Portrayed by John McQuade

A private detective in the TV series Charlie Wild, Private Detective. (Written by Peter Barry)

 TV series: 1950‑1952.

Wimsey detective of Strong Poison

Lord Peter Wimsey – Portrays in the TV 1987 series by Edward Petherbridge

A wealthy English gentleman in a series of novels, short stories and TV series including Strong Poison. (Created by Dorothy L. Sayers)

 Novels: 1923‑2014   TV series: 1972‑1975, 1987.

Wolfe detective of A Nero Wolfe Mystery

Nero Wolfe – Portrayed in the 2001 TV series by Maury Chaykin

An armchair detective in novels, short stories, movies, radio, and several TV series including A Nero Wolfe Mystery. (Created by Rex Stout)

 Novels: 1934‑1985   Movies: 1936, 1937   TV series: 1981, 2001‑2003.

The number of detectives in this listing is 92

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Adams, of 'Coronado 9'
Addison, of 'Moonlighting'
Archer, of 'Harper'
Bailey, of '77 Sunset Strip'
Barton, of 'Dick Barton: Special Agent'
Beresford, of 'Partners in Crime'
Blackie, of 'Meet Boston Blackie'
Boxer, of 'Rosemary and Thyme'
Bradley, of 'The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries'
Brodie, of 'Case Histories'
Brown, of 'Father Brown'
Burma, of 'Nestor Burma'
Cadfael, of 'Cadfael'
Campion, of 'Campion'
Casey, of 'Casey, Crime Photographer'
Caution, of 'La môme vert de gris'
Charles, of 'The Thin Man'
Chase, of '21 Beacon Street'
Corey, of 'Checkmate'
Creek, of 'Jonathan Creek'
Cross, of 'Along Came a Spider'
Diamond, of 'Richard Diamond, Private Detective'
Drew, of 'Nancy Drew Mystery Stories'
Drummond, of 'Calling Bulldog Drummond'
Dupin, of 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'
Falcon, of 'The Gay Falcon'
Fell, of 'The Man Who Could Not Shudder'
Feluda, of 'Sonar Kella'
Fidelma, of 'Sister Fidelma Mysteries'
Fisher, of 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'
Fletcher, of 'Murder She Wrote'
Garrett, of 'Old Tin Sorrows'
Gently, of 'Dirk Gently'
Gray, of 'An Unsuitable Job for a Woman'
Gunn, of 'Peter Gunn'
Guster, of 'Psych '
Hammer, of 'Mike Hammer, Private Eye'
Hardy, of 'The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries'
Hart, of 'Hart to Hart'
Hayes, of 'Moonlighting'
Holmes-1, of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles '
Holmes-2, of 'Sherlock Holmes '
Holmes-3, of 'Elementary '
Irish, of 'Jack Irish: Bad Debts'
Jane, of 'The Mentalist'
Jones, of 'Barnaby Jones'
Little, of 'Dog on It'
Lockhart, of 'The Shadow in the North'
Lupin, of 'Arsène Lupin'
Magnum, of 'Magnum, P.I.'
Mannix, of 'Mannix'
Marlowe, of 'The Big Sleep'
Marple, of '4.50 from Paddington'
Mars, of 'Veronica Mars'
Matula, of 'Ein Fall für zwei (A Case for Two)'
McGraw, of 'Meet McGraw'
Midnight, of 'Johnny Midnight'
Millhone, of '"H" is for Homicide'
Monk, of 'Monk'
Nash, of 'The Dain Curse'
Peabody, of 'The Curse of the Pharaohs'
Poirot, of 'Agatha Christie's Poirot'
Queen, of 'The Adventures of Ellery Queen'
Randall, of 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'
Randolph, of 'Bourbon Street Beat'
Robicheaux, of 'The Electric Mist'
Rockford, of 'The Rockford Files'
Rouletabille, of 'The Mystery of the Yellow Room'
Ryder, of 'Riptide'
Shaft, of 'Shaft'
Shayne, of 'Michael Shayne, Private Detective'
Simon, of 'Simon & Simon'
Smith, of 'China Smith'
Spade, of 'The Maltese Falcon'
Spencer, of 'Psych '
Spenser, of 'Spenser: For Hire'
Staccato, of 'Johnny Staccato'
Steele, of 'Remmington Steele '
Stone, of 'Benefit of the Doubt'
Styles, of 'Jake and the Fatman'
Tanna, of 'Vega$'
Templar, of 'The Saint'
Thorndyke, of 'The Case of Oscar Brodski'
Thyme, of 'Rosemary and Thyme'
Vance, of 'The Kennel Murder Case'
Wainthropp, of 'Hetty Wainthropp Investigates'
Warshawski, of 'V.I. Warshawski'
Watson, of 'Elementary'
West, of 'Honey West'
Wild, of 'Charlie Wild, Private Detective'
Wimsey, of 'Strong Poison'
Wolfe, of 'A Nero Wolfe Mystery'