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Funny Barbershop and Hair Salon Names

The pun names of hair stylist, like Ali Barber and American Hair Lines

(Read about barbershop names at " An Old Lady and a Mop")

Barbers and cosmetologists are the absolute aces when it comes to pun names. What do you call a barber shop in an airport concourse?  The Hair Port, of course.  Any phrase you can think of that can be twisted into a scalp reference probably already has been adopted by some hair place somewhere.  Did you say "Mane Street?"  Taken.  "Hair-O-Dynamics?"  Already owned.  "Shear Luck?"  Done.  I wonder if there is a barbershop in the country called Kut-Rite.  No, I guess it just does not have the "hair" of respectability.

Ali Barber

American Hair Lines

Best Little Hair House

Choice Cuts

Clip Joint

Clippity Do Da


Comb One Comb All

Combing Attractions

Curl Up & Dye

A Cut Above

Cut Me Loose

Cutter Shark

The Cutting Edge

Dye Hard

From Hair To Eternity

The Greatful Head

Hair & Now

Hair & There

Hair Apparent

Hair Loom

Hair O' Dome

The Hair Port

Hair of Respectability

Hair To Stay

Hair We Are

The Hair-After




Hairforce One



Hairs Johnny

Hairs To You

The Hairtaker

Hairway To Heaven

Heads Up

Heads You Win

His and Hairs

Homecombing Queen

Julius Scissor

Locks of Luck

The Locks Smith

Loose Ends

Making Waves

The Mane Attraction

Peter's Mane Concern

Mane Event

The Mane Man

Mane Street

The Million Hairs

Miss Tress

Now Hair This

Parting Ways

Shear Delight

Shear Happiness

Shear Joy

Shear Luck

ShearLocks Home

Shears To You

Soul Scissors

Upper Cuts

Wave Hello

Well-Comb All

Yankee Clipper

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