Essays about the American Life

mostly on the lighter side

Cars should be perfect since they've been making them for 100 years.

Music, I love it like chocolate cake… but.

Street Names, let's not change them.

People are curious because they do things I don’t.

Designing safety. Please don’t save me from myself.

Smart House — who needs it?

Body Art, why bother?

The Right To Dog Paws. Owning a dog is constitutionally guaranteed.

For Good Measure. A look at the names of measuring instruments.

Sexy Language. Fixing the sexism in the language

Reflections. Epigrams for an optimist and pessimist.

mostly on the serious side

A Wishful Memory brings a moment of happiness.

Improving Football — a few suggestions.

Perfection wins over expedience.

Who am I? What am I?

You Won’t Believe This. Truth revealed.

The Ten Commandments. What do they really say?

Capitalism, sometimes isn’t so efficient.

Improving Democracy; some fresh ideas.

Change isn’t always bad.

Flag Desecration. A burning issue.

Lottery Logic. Why buy a ticket?

Improving Education. A hypothetical example

Cross Country, an adventure by three friends travelling across the U.S. in 1955, by Linda Myers Wegryn.