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You Won't Believe This

Everybody things they know the truth

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I’ve observed a few things about human nature.

1)  Most people think they are capable of figuring out the truths of religion, politics, morality, and other such things.

2)  With confidence in their analytic ability, people form lots of beliefs they regard as certainty.

3)  On any one subject, beliefs amongst people are seldom identical, even in religious or advocacy groups.


Touch the clouds for the truth

4)  Every ego protects its beliefs against any disagreeable information.

These four observations lead to two conclusions.

1)  Since the various beliefs about something can’t all be true, most, if not all, must be wrong.

2)  Not one single belief will be discarded upon reading this.

So, you ask, what are my truths?  For me, truths exist in science as probable facts and approximate theories.  In morality, truths arise over time from a broad and enduring consensus.  In religion and politics, truths are like clouds in the sky.

But I’m not sure of any of this.